Couples Bucket List Ideas: 100+ Activities & Things To Do With Your Love

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A bucket list is a written list of your dreams, goals, achievements and experiences you want to complete within your lifetime. Having a bucket list acts as a reminder of what is truly important to you and encourages a plan of action to get there. Setting up your own Bucket List for Couples together can be a fun way to experience lots of adventures together. If you’re looking for Couples Bucket List Ideas, continue on and start making yours today!

Couple's Bucket List Ideas You'll Want To Add To Yours!

Unlike a traditional ‘to-do’ list, which is usually constrained to a context such as work or chores, a bucket list allows you to explore all aspects of your life, big and small.

How To Create A Bucket List For Couples

Creating a couple’s bucket list is an enjoyable way to spend an at-home date evening. Compiling a list will solidify your joint ambitions and highlight the areas you have in common. This can help you bond and plan for the future.

A rewarding relationship will be based on all the experiences and memories that you create together. Planning your future adventures and events to look forward to will help you get to know each other better as a couple. Your list should bring you significant clarity in your relationship. 

Your bucket list can be as fun or serious as you wish, but it should contain items where you are both in agreement. Try to include as much variety as possible. Your bucket list should be a set of enjoyable goals that ignite a passion. Assembling a list of everything you want to do before you die may seem morbid at first, but you should think of it as a plan of all the future highlights you hope for in life. Some aspects you may wish to get started on straight away, whereas others on your list may be things you want to accomplish years from now.

Couples Bucket List Ideas

Your list should be unique to you as a couple, but here a few ideas to get you started!

  • – Travel- Travel is always no.1 on the majority of bucket lists! Perhaps there is a city, landmark or country you have always wanted to see. Pick places that excite both of you. Include as much detail as possible, like activities you will do, landmarks you will visit and even dishes you would like to try! Not sure where to choose? Add taking a random trip to your bucket list for a truly exhilarating experience! You could take a pin out and place it at random on a globe or in an atlas. Or you could show up to the airport and book tickets for the next available flight. 
  • – Marriage- For unmarried couples- perhaps this is a conversation you have already had, or if you are a newer couple, something you have shied around from!  Getting married is a common entry on bucket lists. Ensure you are both on the same page and have a mature conversation. It’s a pretty exciting one to add to your joint bucket list! You could even go a step further and talk about when you anticipate marriage happening for you, or where you would like to get married. 
  • – Children -Again, whether you want children is one of the significant issues couples face. If you do both want children in the future, it’s a thrilling life goal to add to your list. You could even have fun discussing how many children you want to have, and play around with baby names!
  • – Housing- Many people will have to improve their living situation on their wish lists! This could be something small like getting a new sofa or re-decorating your bedroom. Some couples may have larger housing goals, such as getting a larger property or even moving somewhere wholly new altogether! These things take time and financial planning so ensure you have a clearly defined goal and time scale.
  • – Career- It is essential as a couple that you understand and support each other’s professional goals. Ask each other how you can help and discuss what challenges you may find along the way. Many couples prefer to keep their personal and professional lives separate but discussing your career aspirations can deepen your connection and understanding of your parner. 
  • – Financial- Money is the number one cause of arguments and break-ups amongst couples. Avoid falling into this trap through clear communication and honesty. You may have financial goals to add to your bucket list such as paying off a debt or having a specified amount in your savings account.

  • Fun Activities – Although your bucket list should include some more serious, long-term goals, make sure you create some fun entries too! These may include activities and dates you have always wanted to try together.

    Some ideas you may wish to include:
    -A spa day or couples massage
    – Take a dance class
    – Try karaoke
    – See a show or concert
    – Visit a museum or art gallery

  • Personal- You may have personal or health goals which are shared as a couple. This could be for you both to lose weight or cut down on your alcohol consumption. Many couples have intertwined routines and develop similar patterns regarding health, food and activity. This means you are more likely to achieve your goals in these areas by committing to them together and holding each other accountable. Other personal bucket list goals may be to improve on a skill, such as cooking, or participating in charity or volunteer work. Personal aspirations may also include qualifications. 
Post it on cork board text reads "Bucket List" with categories

How Do You Make A Couple’s Bucket List?

Are you struggling for inspiration? Try asking each other the following questions: 

– What would you do if you had unlimited funds?

– What would you do if you found out you had a year to live?

– What are your biggest goals?

– What type of experiences do you want to have together as a couple?

– What are the priorities in your life?

– What would you change about yourself?

– What do you most highly value?

Bucket List Ideas For Couples Examples

Life Long Bucket List For Couples In Love

Fall In Love 

Go On A Double Date

Get Engaged 

Plan A Wedding 

Get Married

Have An Awesome Honeymoon 

Sex on the Beach 

Date Night Every Week 

Raise Children Together

Buy Our Own House

Make It Our Dream House

Adopt A Pet

Write Each Other Love Letters

Find A New Hobby Together

Create Photobooks Of Each Year Of Our Relationship 

Celebrate Our 50 Year Anniversary 

Write Our Story For Our Grandkids

Watch Our Grandkids Grow

Kiss In The Rain

Renew Our Vows 

Plan Our Future

Start A Business 

Spend Time With Family

Midnight Kisses On New Year’s Eve

Be Debt Free


Visit all 50 US States

Put Our Feet In Every Ocean

Step On All 7 Continents

Fly First Class

Drive Across The Country

See The Wonders Of The World

Live In Another Country For A Month 

Spend Our Whole Summer At The Beach 

Float In The Dead Sea

See The Glow Worms In A Cave

Take A Selfie With A Kangaroo

Do Mud Masks In The Blue Lagoon 

Drive The Road To Hauna In Maui 

Make A Wish In The Trevi Fountain 

Chase and Find The Northern Lights

Stand On Top Of The Eiffel Tower

Seattle Space Needle

Eat Dinner On Top Of The Sears Tower

Climb The Statue Of Liberty 

See Machu Picchu, Peru

Hold A Kuala Bear

Go Dog Sledding In Finland 

Ride Camels In Dubai 

Take An RV Road Trip 

Hike To Natural Hot Springs


Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Climb A Glacier

Pilot An Airplane 

Ride In A Helicopter 

Go Skydiving

Sleep On The Beach

Go On An African Safari

Swim With Dolphins 

Sleep In An Ice Castle

Go On A Cruise

Make A Date Jar

Stay In A Cool AirBnB

Ride Snow Mobiles

Fly First Class

Go Sailing 

Stay In An Overwater Bungalow

Swim In An Infinity Pool

Join The Mile High Club

Watch All The Best Picture Movies

Try The Craziest Foods 

Ride On A Yacht

Start Our Own Business 

Go Island Hopping

Surprise Someone With A Life Changing Gift

Sleep Outside 

Go Scuba Diving 

Go Camping

Go Parasailing 

Go Skinny Dipping

Go Shark Cage Diving 

Visit The Drive-In Theater

Surprise Someone 

Go Horseback Riding

Go Apple Picking 

Go Jetskiing 

Try Ice Fishing 

Go Ziplining 

Go Bungee Jumping 

Go On An Epic Road Trip

Go Whale Watching 

Sleep In A Castle

Go On A Wine Tour

Eat In An Underwater Restaurant 

Go Kayaking Together

Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Escape An Escape Room

Try Hoverboarding

Make A Time Capsule 

Ride On A Hovercraft

Enjoy A Weekend Away With No Phone

Have A “Yes” Day

Get A Couples Massage

Do Alphabet Dating 

Flip A Coin To See Where We End Up – Quarter Date

Go Paintballing 

Go Deep Sea Fishing 

Go To A Professional Game For Each Sport

See The Sunrise and Sunset The Same Day

Do An Obstacle Run Together

Shower In A Waterfall

See An Eclipse 

Climb A Volcano

Stay In A Tree House

Stay In A Tiny House

Sleep In A Glass Igloo

Visit Each Other’s Hometowns With A Tour

Surprise Each Other

Achieve An “Impossible” Goal

Go Cliff Jumping

See The Olympics

Go Hang-gliding

Take these ideas and get your own couples bucket list going. This could be a really fun date idea too. Pour yourself your favorite drink, put on some music, and enjoy thinking of fun things you want to accomplish together in your lifetime.

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