Sam’s Club Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes : A Bride’s Review

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Want to know our biggest secret to saving a ton of money on your wedding cake?! It’s Sam’s Club Wedding Cakes! (Yes, I know you saw the title.) But if you want to save money on your wedding, ordering a wedding cake from Sam’s Club is the perfect place to start!

Sam’s Club is a membership warehouse club, predominantly operating in the USA. This Club’s appeal is that you can purchase high-quality products at a lower cost than a traditional retailer. 

Sam's Club Cakes & Cupcakes - A Bride's Review

You must be a club member to take advantage of these offers, which includes an annual subscription fee.

Sam’s Club offers affordable cupcakes, cakes and cookies- so they are a great option to use for your wedding cake or party favors. Sam’s Club cakes have become more popular among those planning a wedding as they offer a wide variety, while keeping their prices low. There’s an array of sizes, designs and colors to choose from, ensuring you get your perfect choice every time. 

How To Choose A Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake should be one of the last things you do. Once decisions have been made regarding the dress, venue etc., you will be much clearer about which style of cake is best for you. Putting off the decision regarding your cake also allows you to work off a finalized guest list. 

When choosing your wedding cake, the first thing to consider is how many guests it will need to serve. You should also taste the cake first. Sam’s Club is super useful for this, as you can have smaller cupcakes made in a variety of flavours before committing.  

Sam’s Club Tiered Wedding Cakes

Sam’s Club allows you to choose:

  • The Size- These cakes come in many different sizes, allowing you to serve between 12 and 66 guests per cake.
  • Icing- Icing options include chocolate, white or marble.
  • Decoration- The writing within the cake can be in a number of styles, including rustic or watercolour.
  • Photo- A photo of the couple in icing can be added to these cakes
  • Tiers- Depending on how many guests you have, and your personal preference, your cake can have 2 or 3 tiers.
  • Icing Color- White and brown are the most popular, but there are endless options, such as green, pink and red. 

Personalized and unique order cakes can take up to 5-7 days to prepare, which is less time than most traditional cake makers.

The Club and its cakes are becoming wildly popular with customers, and much of their business is from word-of-mouth. The larger, three-tiered wedding cake is priced at around $70, making it much more affordable than a traditionally made cake. The average cost of a wedding cake in the USA is currently $540, so this is a significant saving. Weddings can be outrageously expensive! Sam’s Club allows you to save expense, without compromising on quality. 

Sam’s Club Wedding Cake Pictures

When it comes to saving money on your wedding, Sam’s Club Wedding Cake is the way to go! We saved so much by getting a cake from them. We decided to do an ice cream bar (since I am a HUGE ice cream fan), so we also knew we wouldn’t want/need a ton of cake. We got the 3 tiered cake, knowing we wanted to save the top tier for our one-year anniversary.

We also ordered their gourmet cupcakes because they are SO delicious, (and only $1 a piece) and we figured we would give our guests a choice on what they wanted to eat for dessert…correct answer, one of each!

I did go a little wild with our dessert options, but everyone knows I’m a sweets girl, so I had to have it all!

We also decided that the wedding cake could be a fun part of our personalities and didn’t opt for the traditional white wedding cake, and our guests loved it. As soon as I saw this mermaid cake, I knew it was perfect. We did a subtle fisherman and mermaid theme throughout our wedding, so it was the best choice!

mermaid 3-tiered cake from Sams Club Wedding Cake Collection

Another fellow bride, Sarah, also opted for a Sam’s Club 3 tier wedding cake, and did cupcakes (30 count for less than 50 cents each!) and cheesecake as well. What an awesome wedding with so many dessert choices! She’s our kind of people!

Sarah said they did a 3 Tiered Wedding Cake, and their florist gave them some flowers to add to the cake. It looked like a designer cake, and around $70?! How can you pass up such an awesome deal?!

Sam's Club Wedding 3 tiered Cake with flowers around it

Other Desserts For Your Wedding

The other cool thing about Sam’s Club, is you can get a variety of desserts for cheap and add them to your cake table! Like I said, we went with the gourmet cupcakes (even though we had an ice cream and shaved ice bar!) and barely had any left at the end!

Choose from their:
gourmet cupcakes
cheesecake sampler
sheet cake
cookie cake
-and so much more!

bride and groom at cake table with wedding cake and cupcakes from Sams club
tiered plate of Sams club cupcakes at a wedding
cheesecake sampler on a wedding dessert table

I mean, who doesn’t love a good dessert bar?!

Sam’s Club also offers party trays if you are looking for a low-fuss, additional wedding catering options. These include popular dishes such as sandwiches, wraps, pastries and fruits. 

You may also wish to explore Sam’s Club flower arrangement service. Options start at just $114. 

All About Wedding Cakes From Sam’s Club:

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