Save Money With Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers & Wedding Cakes

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I am so in love with the fact that we saved so much money with Sam’s Club Wedding. These premade flower collections and bulk flowers, as well as cupcakes and wedding cake, are a fabulous option when you’re looking to save money on your special day. You can even get a 3 tiered wedding cake for just $70, can you believe it?! Today I’m going to share a little information about Sam’s Club Wedding so that you can easily save money on your special day of going from a happy couple to a happily married couple.

Planning a Wedding can be a but task and can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. But we’re here to help you Save Money on Your Wedding in anyway we can!

How You Can Save Money With Sam’s Club Wedding

Wedding Flowers

Sam’s Club Wedding has an amazing selection of wedding flowers as well as tips for selecting the appropriate flowers for your wedding bouquets. From wedding flowers in white to Earth tones to Bohemian chic there are many color combinations of wedding flowers that will work for your various flower needs at your wedding. The prices are pretty affordable too, some of the top-rated flower options start at just $114.

We got our wedding flowers through Sam’s Club and they turned out absolutely perfect. We wrote all about our Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers where you can see exactly what we got and how most of it was even pre-made for us!

Check out these fun flower captions  or these flower jokes to use when you share your floral creations!

Cakes and Cupcakes

You can’t forget about the elegant cakes and cupcakes offered through Sam’s Club Wedding for your special day. The Member’s Mark 3-tier wedding cake is only $70 making it quite an affordable wedding cake option for anyone planning a wedding on a tight budget. From half sheet cakes to multiple cupcake options your wedding guests will be able to indulge in some sweet treats for less when you buy here.

We also did our cake and cupcakes through Sam’s Club and saved hundreds of what we could have spent. And it tasted delicious. Everyone was complimenting us on how good it all tasted! We went with a cake that was a bit more “us” and different, rather than the traditional white cakes, but they have tons of those available too!

Furniture and Tables

You can purchase your own foldable chairs, tables and other options at Sam’s Club Wedding for prices that start around $22 and going up from there. Getting a foldable table from Sam’s Club Wedding may not sound beautiful for a wedding reception but you can easily use a DIY tutorial to create a table topper that makes this affordable table look more elegant for your wedding day.

Reception Decor and Accessories

Sam’s Club Wedding offers many reception and accessory options to make this special day complete. Get your party favors, outdoor wedding décor and other options at a reasonable price while shopping for flowers, wedding cake, and cupcakes at Sam’s Club Wedding. The floral supplies section provides you with some fabulous wreath options to buy and make your own wedding wreath too.

Appetizers For Cocktail Hour

Sam’s Club has lots of great options for you to do appetizers during your cocktail hour. They have bulk meats and cheeses, that you can start creating a grazing table with, or you can get a pre-cut platter already done for you. Fruits and Veggie platters, nuts, meatballs, mini pizza bites, etc. They also have event sized drinks you can mix and have the refreshments flowing at the start of your reception.

All Your Tableware

Did you know Sam’s Club sells really stylish and durable plastic plates, cups, and cutlery? If you’re having an outdoor wedding, check out some of their styles to fit your theme. You’re sure to save lots of money on the tableware if you don’t do rentals and you don’t have to wash everything to return…or worrying about things getting broken!

Stock Your Bar

You can also stock your bar with all the Sam’s Club beer, wine, and alcohol. Depending on how you’re doing your wedding bar, you can pretty much get everything at Sam’s Club for a bulk store discount. Much better than paying full price anywhere else, and you’ll save tons of money by stocking your own bar too!

Don’t have a Sam’s Club around? Here’s another option on How to Save Money Stocking Your Wedding Bar.


If you’re doing your own bar, you’re probably in charge of ice. And at a big event like this, you’ll need lots of it. Buy your ice in bulk and have a friend pick it up on the way. Save yourself the crazy delivery fees.

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all about making it look festive and unique without breaking the bank. Having to plan a fabulous wedding on a budget is so much easier when you opt to get some of your wedding necessities at Sam’s Club Wedding.

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