101 Romantic Honeymoon Ideas for the Best Honeymoon Destinations

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Start planning your dream honeymoon with these best honeymoon destinations. Take the most romantic trip of your life and visit one of these iconic places. The hard part will be deciding which to choose!

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101 Romantic Honeymoon Ideas for the Best Honeymoon Destinations

Planning your honeymoon should be your favorite thing. Just imagine all those romantic dinners, adventures you can have together, just you and your love.

So if you’re just kinda stuck on where to go this list is going to help you out! There are more than 100 places on this list. You are sure to find one you both like!

1. The Poconos

If you really enjoy extreme sports and having fun together, check out the Poconos Mountains area in Pennsylvania. There is a ton to do there – from skiing and snowboarding to hiking and a water park.

2. Disneyworld/Disneyland – Honeymoon Ideas in US

Lots of people enjoy celebrating imagination and true love in the most magical place on earth. This is a really fantastic honeymoon destination if Disney has a special connection to your relationship.

If you’re trying to stay in the US for your Honeymoon, but want a little bit of magic, this is a great honeymoon idea!

Check out Disney World for couples along with other things for couples to do in Anaheim.

Disney World castle.

3. Venice Italy

The most romantic city in Italy is the one surrounded by water, canals, and gandalas. As the sun sets, you can stroll hand and in hand through the streets and indulge in gelato from a street vendor. Of course you’ll want to take a ride down the canal and kiss under each bridge!

4. Cancun Mexico

If you want an all-inclusive resort with a private beach, then check out Cancun. It’s a really popular honeymoon destination. Resorts save you time when you are planning your trip because they take care of so many details.

5. Take a Cruise

Another idea if you want to save time planning is to book a cruise. Cruise ships have romantic dinners, onboard entertainment, and you get to experience things like swimming with dolphins! You can take a cruise to Alaska, Mexico, the Carribean, and even the Mediterranean Sea. Wherever you decide to go, taking a cruise can help relieve the stress of having to plan out an entire vacation. They already have your place to sleep and what to eat all done for you!

cruise ship in the water.

6. Virginia Beach, Virginia

There is something just incredibly romantic about sunset walks along the beach. Virginia Beach has a breathtaking view with some of the best hotels and restaurants around.

7. Napa Valley, California

On the other side of the country is wine country! You and your partner can experience wine tastings, a wine train, and even relax in some luxurious retreats. Napa Valley in California is one of the most romantic honeymoon destination ideas in California.

8. West Virginia Mountains

You might not think West Virginia is your first choice for a honeymoon, but it is a hidden gem. There are so many things to do in West Virginia. From Blackwater Falls waterfall to the stunning New River Gorge, you’ll have a relaxing and romantic time in the Appalachian mountains.

9. Honolulu Hawaii

Another popular honeymoon destination is Honolulu, Hawaii. Spend some time on the stunning Waikiki beach or go to a luau. There are so many scenic, beachfront restaurants. Plus you can go snorkeling and drive around the ocean highway. It’s breathtaking. Head on to the North Shore and swim with the sharks or jump out of an airplane for an even more adrenaline filled unique honeymoon ideas.

palm trees with beach.

10. Dallas, Texas

Dallas is often overlooked but it is such a beautiful city and there is so much to do there. This is a great option if you are on a budget. Quite a few airlines have hubs in the DFW area. Enjoy a steak dinner, nobody knows how to make a steak like Texas!

11. Toronto, Canada

Further up north Toronto is a huge tourist destination. Scare each other on the CN Tower, take a ferry to the island, and enjoy some hiking at nearby parks.

12. London, England

Whether you love the classic rock from Def Leppard or the Beatles or the authors Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters or you just really want to go somewhere new, London is a must! The architecture, the history, the culture, it’s all amazing in London.

13. Paris, France

Paris is called many things – the fashion capital of the world, and the city of love. Envelope yourself in romance and culture by planning a trip to Paris, but make time to visit the French countryside too, There is nothing like it. And of course walking in the city of love at night just in time to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night is a site you’ll remember for a long time!

Eiffel Tower at night.

14. Germany

You know those sweeping landscape photos of castles in the rocky hills? You’ll find them in Germany. If you love history, food, and culture, you’ll enjoy a trip to Germany.

Check out these hidden gems in Berlin or this 2 day Munich itinerary for more ideas.

15. New England

New England is comprised of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. You can literally book an entire honeymoon where you stay in one state and take a train to visit all the other states. Enjoy some New England clam chowder as you overlook the water, it’s so lovely.

16. Sweden

Stockholm is an absolutely pretty city. It sits right on the water and you’ll be able to enjoy Swedish food and art. It’s a supremely unique and romantic experience.

17. Seattle, Washington

If you want to visit the Pacific Northwest on your honeymoon, then put Seattle on your list! Even if you go when it is raining (which it does quite a lot there) you can snuggle up in your room and find something to do. Check out Pike’s Place for an awesome farmers market complete with live fish throwing show. Venture to the North Western Most Point of the lower 48, but hiking Cape Flattery.

18. Niagra Falls

If you plan a Niagra Falls honeymoon you will be able to visit both USA and Canada in one trip. The waterfall is breathtaking, there is nothing like the sheer size and power of the water. Plus, it’s really great for anyone on a budget. Board the ship and get even more up close and personal with this massive falls. It’s even beautiful in the winter, but you won’t be able to go down on a ship.

Niagara Falls waterfall.

19. Jamaica

Another fantastic option for anyone that wants to go to an all-inclusive resort is Sandals, Royal Carribean in Jamaica. This is a wonderful option if you want to capture some envious photos of your trip.

20. Montana

Yes – Montana is a really fantastic place for your honeymoon, and not just because it is affordable! If you love the outdoors and getting away from it all, then check out northern Montano near Canada. Glacier National Park is so picturesque.

21. Kansas City

Kansas City sits on the Kansas and Missouri border. Lots of sports and live shows are on the KCMO (Missouri) side. Go try some Kansas City BBQ, you will love it! This is a really fun place to spend time together because it’s a city that feels like a small town.

22. Asheville, NC

Asheville keeps popping up on “most romantic city” lists over and over. And for good reason. From the rolling mountains to the culture and arts that the town embraces, this place celebrates love and life. You’ll find so much to do here.

23. Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark is supremely romantic. Fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen is from here, so it’s no surprise. The architecture and food is sublime. But even better is the fact that this city isn’t overrun with tourists!

24. Iceland – Unique Honeymoon Ideas

Unlike Greenland, Iceland is actually green and not frozen over with ice…well, most parts. You can still hike a glacier, check out Glacier National Beach, and walk along a black sand beach while you’re there. You can’t miss the famous Blue Lagoon too. This is a must-visit place for all Game of Thrones fans. We have all your tips for Things to Know Before Visiting Iceland.

people doing an iceberg hike.

25. Ireland

You can also get lucky in Ireland! Dublin has everything for city-lovers. Or you can spend time in the countryside and just spend time together, away from it all.

26. Washington DC

To say there is always something to do in Washington D.C. is an understatement. From Georgetown to the downtown capital, you will always have something new to experience and something else to see together. Book early to tour the White House and the Capital Building. Spend a few days checking out all the National Monuments and the museums filled with our Nations history. Take a day trip to Arlington to see even more. There are so many things to do in Washington DC and Arlington!

27. Yellowstone National Park

Another fantastic option for outdoor enthusiasts on a budget is the 3rd largest national park in America, Yellowstone National Park. At around 3,400 square miles of wildlife and nature, you’ll always have something else to see on your trip. Yellowstone has some of the country’s most amazing wildlife and you’ll enjoy driving around this huge National Park.

28. Anchorage, Alaska

Even though the weather is pretty cold, Alaska is so awe-inducing. You will literally have so many chances to take gorgeous pictures. Go whale spotting or hiking. It’s a one-of-a-kind honeymoon. Or you can even take an Alaskan Cruise as well!

29. Scotland

The landscape and beauty of Scotland is unmatched. Plus, they have so many romantic all-inclusive hotels that will do all the planning for you.

Take a road trip and check off all these things to do on the NC500.

green landscape.

30. Ozarks, Missouri

Another place that is fantastic if you are on a budget is getting a cabin in the Ozarks. Springfield and Branson are pretty close together. Both of them offer entertaining shows and lots of outdoor fun.

31. Virginia Skyline Drive

Another camping experience that is perfect for honeymooners is the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. There are breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, tons of hiking and horseback riding options. The entire drive is 105 miles long and most people take about 4 hours to get through it.

32. The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

If you love mountains, then the Smoky Mountains are a must-see! They are called Smoky mountains because it describes the delicate way the clouds sit on the tops of them. You’ll have so many hiking and photography chances. Oh and check out Gatlinburg, it’s a fun and affordable resort.

33. Bali, Indonesia- Best Honeymoon Destinations

You’ve probably seen the pictures on Instagram. Bali really is that gorgeous in real life! This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you will never forget. We went for 30 days and it was the best trip ever. I can’t recommend enough that everyone should visit Bali at least once in their lives. We will definitely be back.

34. Bora Bora French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a group of Islands literally in the middle of the Pacific ocean. It sits in between Australia and South America. So if you want to literally get away from it all, this is the place to do it. Miles and miles of endless oceans surround you on all sides. There is nothing like it in all the world.

overwater bungalows.

35. Florida Keys

If you want to see the ocean but still be near the comforts of home, then the Florida Keys are perfect. You be able to indulge in fresh seafood and some real key lime pie! Here is the perfect 3-day itinerary for an awesome honeymoon in Florida Keys.

36. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is famous for the amazing surfing and scenic views. Hike in Table Mountain National Park and enjoy the waves at Cape of Good Hope.

If you’re heading to Cape Town, here’s a great 4 day Cape Town Itinerary you can follow.

37. San Diego, California

San Diego is a really laid back and beautiful place, so it’s perfect for a honeymoon. There are lots of places to shop and walk around. It’s called “America’ Finest City” because of the miles and miles of sandy beaches and amazing places to eat.

38. Chicago

Chicago is another budget-friendly place to take your honeymoon. It’s really easy to get around and enjoy the nightlife. Get a hotel near Millenium Park and you’ll be right in the middle of it all. We have lots of Chicago recommendations on the blog, but start here with our favorite things to do in a Weekend in Chicago. And don’t miss out on trying Dinner at the Top of the Willis Tower!

39. Maldives – Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

The Maldives are thousands of islands southwest of India. You will be surrounded by heavenly oceanic views all around you. Take time to enjoy a drink on the beach together and spend time on a boat. There are luxury resort islands where you can have an all-inclusive honeymoon in Maldives, or check out the local islands for cheap Maldives Holidays for the best honeymoon destinations on a budget!

aerial view of Maldives island.

40. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is another island that has mountains rising out of the ocean. It is one of the islands in between Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Go reef diving together and just soak up the sun.

41. Tuscany, Italy

Now if unforgettably fresh food and romantic scenery is your thing, then plan a trip to Tuscany. This area in Italy is known for the wine, olives, and fresh food. You’ll experience the Italian countryside and always remember this trip together.

Check out some of the other best food cities in Italy.

42. Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a short drive from both LA and San Diego. You can experience the wilderness of California like never before. I wouldn’t spend an entire honeymoon just in this park unless you both really love camping. But there is a ton to do all around it.

43. Carefree, AZ

If the name doesn’t entice you, then maybe this description will. Just outside of Phoenix and a short drive from the vast Coconino National Forest, Carefree is an inviting southwestern town. It’s a hospitable place with gorgeous views all around you.

44. Grand Haven Michigan

Next, put Grand Haven on your list! It has sweet lighthouses that sit right on the water overlooking Lake Michigan. The boardwalk is incredibly romantic and the entire little town is so budget friendly, you’ll have money left to splurge on gifts for each other.

45. NYC

On the opposite end of the financial spectrum is the Big Apple. New York City might be a very pricy place to visit, but it is the city that never sleeps! So you know you’ll always have a show to see, a place to eat, and things to do. New York City honeymoons are some of the most fun ones you’ll ever plan. Need ideas of what you can do? We’ve got you covered with our post Top Things to do in New York.

New York skyline at night.

46. Grand Canyon

There is always something to do and see at the Grand Canyon. Take a road trip to nearby Winslow and take a picture at the iconic Eagles sign. Or drive up to Las Vegas and party it up there.

47. Savannah GA- Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

When you think of “southern hospitality” chances are you are thinking of a place like Savannah. Movies like Forrest Gump and The Last Song were filmed in this iconic area. There are bed and breakfasts aplenty in this quaint little town.

48. The Bahamas

The islands of The Bahamas are synonymous with relaxation and beach vacations. And they are super easy to get to – just between Florida and Cuba. You have to put the Black Coral Gardens on your list – they are amazing.

49. Greece

From the Greek food to the stunning white buildings against the bright blue sea, this is a photogenic and memorable place for a honeymoon. Maybe you can even do some karaoke a la Mama Mia!

You’ll want to check out these best Greek islands for couples.

Greece buildings looking over the ocean.

50. Thailand

Thailand is a perfect getaway for foodies. Stay close to the water for some amazing early-morning views of the sunrise.

Check out the best places to stay in Phuket for the most romantic getaway.

51. Aruba

This is another island really close to Venezuela. It has lots of all-inclusive resorts that you should definitely take advantage of. From the flamingos to the lizards, snorkeling and all your water activities, Aruba is a great honeymoon destination idea. Check out what we did on our Honeymoon in Aruba!

52. Fiji

Fiji is a country in the south pacific near Australia. It has about 300 islands! People around the world fly here for the amazing waterfalls and see-through water.

53. Cayman Islands

Another island destination that should be on your list is the Cayman Islands, near Jamaica and Cuba. There are 3 islands that all belong together. The largest one, Grand Cayman, is known for the resorts.

54. Spain

Spain is known for the ancient architecture and memorable food. Madrid has to be one of the most popular places to go on a romantic getaway. From there you can see other nearby countries like Portugal too.

Spanish church in Spain.

55. St. Barts

St. Barts, also known as St Barthélemy, is located near St. Kits and the US and British Virgin Islands. It is known for its white sand beaches and quintessential shops.

56. Myanmar (Burma)

A little more off the beaten path is Myanmar. This is a destination for adventure-seekers. It is in between India and Thailand and has spectacular views of the Bay of Bengal.

57. Colorado Springs, CO

If you want shopping, amazing food, city life, and lovely mountain getaways all in one place then Colorado Springs is for you. It’s easy to stay within your budget and still feel like you splurged in this rocky mountain city.

58. Slovenia

Over in Europe is a well-kept secret, Slovenia. Snuggled in between Italy and Croatia, it has mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and ski resorts. Plus there is nothing like a Slovenian bakery for indulging in sweets together.

59. Switzerland

Or you can travel to Switzerland for a trip to the Swiss Alps and some authentic Swiss Chocolate. This is a really popular vacation destination, so it’s perfect for honeymoons too.

train driving through tunnel in snowy mountains.

60. Morocco

Right next to Spain is the lovely country of Moroco. If you love shopping you’ll enjoy the souks, or marketplaces, where you will find ceramics and jewelry.

61. Sri Lanka

Another island vacation you should look into is Sri Lanka. It is right off of India in the Bay of Bengal. You’ll enjoy water activities, incredible mountain hiking, and might even see some elephants!

62. Kyoto, Japan

Explore Buddhist temples together in Kyoto, the former capital of Japan. You’ll also see lots of beautiful traditional wood houses and enjoy real Japanese food!

63. Machu Picchu Peru

This place might take some time to reach, but it is worth it! You’ll see llamas and ancient Mayan temples. There is no place like this on earth.

64. Galápagos Islands

If you or your love are animal lovers then these islands should be on your short list. They sit right on the equator, close to Ecuador. There is hiking, sunbathing, and romance galore here.

If you’re stopping in Ecuador, you’ll want to check out Canoa, a beautiful beach town in Ecuador.

65. Sydney Australia

If you are going to visit Australia, you have to see Sydney. It is super close to the Great Barrier Reef with some stunning creatures. You’ll be in the city but also near some water exploring activities. Sydney is such a dream and a perfect place to honeymoon. We have a guide written by a local for all the top things to do in Sydney Australia.

Sydney Opera House.

66. Costa Rica

Literally in the middle of central America, Costa Rica is a honeymoon must! Explore the rainforest and see some unforgettable sights.

Make sure to add all these best places to visit in Costa Rica to your list.

67. Québec City, Canada

On the other hand, you could go north to Canada and see a place that dates back to 1608. Stay in the romantic Château Frontenac Hotel. It’s historic and memorable.

68. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Stay in a bed and breakfast in Nantucket and enjoy some fresh seafood. It’s an island that is 30 miles away from mainland, so you’ll have to take a ferry.

69. Philippines

Another Asian destination is the Philippines. Check out the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park while you are there, it’s an underground river and incredibly romantic! You can also hike through the Chocolate Hills. They are named Chocolate because they turn brown in the off season.

70. New Zealand

New Zealand has to be one of the most filmed locations in the world. It is most known for the site of the Lord of the Rings. People keep flocking here to see the untouched landscapes, so plan to go during the off-season. New Zealand is truly one of my favorite countries, and you’ll have fun doing everything you can there. We even went bungee jumping and floated down the river in the glow worm caves. Such an incredible trip. Here are our New Zealand Must Do’s.

New Zealand mountains and water.

71. Austria

Or you can get your Sound of Music on in the mountains of Austria. Yes, they really are that amazing in person! Plan to stay at of the well-known hotels for some wonderful service.

Check out these things to do in Vienna or a great hidden gem, Graz Austria.

72. Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state off of Malaysia. You’ll see buildings and architecture here that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. It’s a really busy city which is perfect if you love always having something to do and see.

73. Astoria, Oregon

Conversely, if you want to explore mountains and natural beauty, check out Astoria, Oregon. It has shoreline that faces Washington’s south coast. It’s a well-kept secret so you won’t be fighting tons of tourists.

74. Mauritius

Clear on the other side of the world, near Africa, is the island of Mauritius. There are botanical gardens, waterfalls, and so many natural wonders.

75. Maui Hawaii

Another place with natural wonders is the island of Maui. It is known for Haleakala, the world’s largest dormant volcano. Hike and explore this spectacular location together.

76. Hong Kong

An Asian destination that is perfect for romantic holidays is Hong Kong. If you love large cities, this is one of the best! It is the hub for international trade and investment. Might not sound romantic, but that means it has some of the best hotels too.

city street at night.

77. Beijing China

Another Asian city worth exploring is Beijing. You can easily drive to the Great Wall of China from here.

78. Cyprus

Of course if you love the Mediterranean Sea, then Cyprus is perfect. You can explore the ancient ruins or enjoy some time in the sun on one of the beaches.

79. Dubai

Dubia is a place you go if you want to experience a luxurious and pampered trip. Here you will see Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building). It also has huge aquariums and indoor ski slopes.

80. Madagascar

Animal lovers should make a trip out to Madagascar at least once, so why not do it after your wedding? It’s a beautiful place with so many wild creatures in their natural habitat.

81. Havelock Island

Another way to get away from it all is to say on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. They are in the Bay of Bengal near Thailand. It’s a beautiful place with a small village.

82. Namibia Africa

Quench your wanderlust by exploring the country of Namibia together. You’ll see towering waterfalls, sand dunes, and you might even catch a glimpse of a cheetah.

African sky.

83. Charleston SC

You know those southern beach towns where romantic movies always take place? I think one of them is Charleston, South Carolina. It has southern charming oozing from every building and hotel, so it’s the perfect place to go after you get hitched!

84. Mnemba Island, Tanzania

On the other side of the world is the wild and stunning scenery of Tanzania. This is already a spectacular African country, but Mnemba Island is unparalleled. It’s a private resort, so you’ll have to book in advance.

85. Jackson Hole Wyoming

Another budget-friendly location for your honeymoon is out in Wyoming! This is a ton of fun for anyone that like cowboys or the wild west. So not only are there cowboy-themed places to eat and stay, but it’s also near a lot of hiking and natural beauty too.

86. Song Saa, Cambodia

The next place on the list is for anyone with some extra cash. It’s a private island that you can stay at for the right price. All the reviews say the resort is worth every dime.

87. Comporta, Portugal

For a bit less than that you can stay in Portugal and explore nearby Spain. Comporta sits on the peninsula so you’ll have easy access to the water and the beaches.

88. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Another beautiful place that offers tons to do is Lake Tahoe. You can experience the thrill of white water rafting and bike rides through the mountains.

Lake Tahoe with mountains in the background.

89. San Francisco

San Francisco is a popular romantic vacation destination because it has the coolest and most fun vibe. If you love arts, then you’ll love the vibrant culture here. Take some camping gear and enjoy a camping trip on Angel Island State Park! It’s an island, right next to Alcatraz where you can hike, bike and camp. Or just hang out for the day!

There are lots of things to do in San Francisco for couples.

90. New Orleans

New Orleans is a perfect place to go if you love to party! There is also a lot of history and culture. And you can’t miss the gumbo and beignets.

91. Western Norway

Plan a honeymoon along the west coast of Norway. The capital of Oslo is about a 7 hour drive to the east, so plan to stay at any one of the smaller towns along the coast.

92. Croatia

Croatia has views all along the Adriatic Sea and is a beautiful place. You’ll see orange-roofed buildings lining the coast, it’s gorgeous!

small table next to the water.

93. San Antonio Texas

If you want to plan something with history and a wild west theme, then check out San Antonio. This is home to the Alamo and has a lovely river walk.

94. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Enjoy time in a Victorian-era bed and breakfast in the quaint town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. You’ll be close to Lake Leatherwood where you can kayak or canoe. It’s a historic and beautiful area.

95. Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is close to so many states that it makes a perfect getaway. You can enjoy the food and entertainment of the city. Or you can sneak away to the countryside and see the Hoosier National Forest nearby.

96. Malta

Another island in the Mediterranean Sea is Malta. It has incredible history dating back to the Romans and Moors. You’ll be able to explore the numerous fortresses and megalithic temples too.

97. Riviera Maya Mexico

This is a popular tourist attraction that includes much of Mexico’s Caribbean coastline. It’s a wonderful place to find an all-inclusive resort. You can check out Playa Del Carmen for some great deals.

palm tree on a beach.

98. Bhutan

Extreme wanderlusters might want to spend time in Bhutan, in between Bangladesh and Tibet. It is a Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge where you can see monasteries and dramatic landscapes.

99. Finland

Finland is especially amazing in the winter. If you are ever wanting to find the Northern Lights, this is the perfect place for the best and most romantic honeymoon ideas. Finland is the perfect winter wonderland vacation. We found amazing hidden gems in the city of Kemi, with snow castles you can stay in, and a dreamy glass igloo where we could watch the Northern Lights in Saariselka! If you prefer more of the city life, you’ll love a trip to the city with all their things to do in Helsinki!

100. Palma Island

Just a bit away from Morocco is the small Palma Island. There are lots of little shops you can explore and stunning cliffs that jut in the distance.

101. Prince Edward Island

Finally, Prince Edward Island is in Canada and a really unique and different place for a honeymoon. It has beautiful red sand beaches and darling lighthouses. Try the lobster here, it is so fresh and tastes unlike anything you’ve had before.

lighthouse in a field.

How to Decide Where to Go on Your Honeymoon

Now that you have the most epic list ever, how will you pick one?

When you are trying to decide where to go on your honeymoon, ask yourself and your partner these questions:

  • What kind of weather do you want?
  • What things do you want to do?
  • Do you want to leave the country?
  • What is your budget?

These answers will help you narrow down the list significantly! Above all, talk to your soon-to-be spouse and go somewhere that is romantic for both of you!

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