DIY Geometric Candle Holder

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Ready for a fun project? This DIY Geometric Candle Holder or Lantern is perfect for your home decor, table settings, or wedding table centerpieces! Since we talk a lot about Wedding Planning, we think this is such a perfect option to help you save some money on your wedding decor!

DIY Geometric vases for your wedding!

We’re sure you’ve seen the geometric trend going around. You see them all over in the stores, in magazines, and you might even want some for your own. Well, if you’re trying to purchase a bunch for your table settings at your wedding, you probably have quickly decided against it because they are so expensive!

Which is why we are here today to share with you this tutorial of how you can make your very own…for super cheap!

candle holder with candle inside

The best part about these, is you can make them ANY shape you want! Make them small, big, round, oval, tall, short, etc.

All you need to do is come up with a design you like and all the steps are the same!

Follow along as we share with you how we made these beautiful DIY Geometric vases.

plant and geometric vase with candle inside

DIY Geometric Lantern Structure


  • 1 package of wooden skewers 
  • 1 pair of kitchen scissors or wire cutter 
  • 1 ruler
  • 1 hot glue gun 
  • 1 can of spray paint (we chose gold) 
supplies to make vase


Steps 1-2: 

Choose your design and measure your wooden skewers. You can choose any design you like, simple or more complex. We chose a design we felt fit right into the middle of those!

diagram to make candle holder

Our geometric design is based on hexagons that are pieced together to make a structure. For this, we measured 5 different sizes; 2”, 2.5”, 3.5”, 4”and 5.5”. Mark and cut your skewers for the dimensions for the design you chose. Put the cut skewer pieces in piles according to size.

scissors and skewer sticks cut up

Step 3: 

For our design, the base and the top are small hexagons. We used the 2” pieces and glued them at the points where each piece meets. The glue will dry fast, so work quickly and methodically! 

For the two larger hexagons that will go below the top and above the base, we used 3.5” long pieces. We used 2.5” pieces to connect the small hexagons to the large hexagons. When you look at the pieces, the one with the smaller hexagon on top, is like a dome. The bottom is the inverted or mirror image of that. 

The pieces that connect the large hexagon pieces together, we called the “vertical supports”. These are the 4” pieces. 

hand hot glueing sticks to make a candle holder

The pieces that form the large “X’s” are 5.5” long. These will be the last pieces you put into the structure. They are also the pieces that keep the structure stable. You will glue one piece of the “X” on a diagonal of one of the squares between the two larger hexagons. The second part of the “X” will be glued on the opposite diagonal. 

Step 4:

Allow structure to dry and sit for a few minutes. Take the structure outside and spray with your paint. Allow to dry completely before giving it a second coat. You will need to turn the structure as you paint to be sure you are getting the outside of the pieces as well as the inside of them.

supplies of spray paint and geometric vase

After drying for about an hour, you can place the structure on top of your candle. We used a small mason jar and a tea light candle, but you can use whatever candle/light you want.

gold geometric candle holders

And you’re done! Saving tons of money on this fun project. We’re all about saving money on your wedding, so not having to spend a bunch on your table decor but still being able to achieve the look you want is priceless!

DIY geometric vases for your wedding
how to make your own geometric vases
DIY geometric vases for your wedding

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