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Thanks so much to Minted for providing our Save the Dates for this post!

Ahh! We got our Save the Dates in from Minted and couldn’t be more excited!! This is all really happening and as soon as we dropped our beautiful Save the Dates in the mail, it became even more real. After we secured our venue in Southern California, the Save the Dates were our next step, so we could let family know to start making plans to come to our wedding. And ordering from Minted was such a breeze, and we ended up with everything we wanted!

Save the Dates

Date and City

This one is probably the most obvious, but you’ll not only need a date for your wedding and reception before you send them, but you’ll also need to share what city you are having your ceremony and reception.  The point of Save the Dates are to give your guests enough time to plan to attend your wedding.  Especially for out of town guests, they’ll need to know where they should be planning to go— that way they’ll be able to start saving for their airfare, and checking into hotels, etc.  You don’t have to put the exact location of your events, but you should at least let them know what city and state it will be in.


Lots of bride and grooms opt for adding a picture of themselves on the Save the Dates.  If you are going this route, you’ll want to pick your best picture to send to your family and friends.  Lots of people will hang these on their refrigerators or attach them to their calendars, so unlike most mail, they can be out for show for a few months.  If you decide to do a design instead of a picture, then you’ll have to decide what type of picture, layout, etc. and pick what you want on the card in place of your picture.

Magnets, Post Card, Etc.

Magnets are a popular option for Save the Dates, but they’re also a bit more expensive.  We went back and forth debating on whether or not to do a magnet or a regular card, and after comparing prices, we went with the cards.  Remember, some magnets can cause your mailings to need more stamps as well, so keep that in mind.  You can also send a postcard, which means you won’t need envelopes, and they even require less postage.  We picked a nice card stock with printing on the front and back, and ordered envelopes to go with them.


Unless you’re doing an online version of Save the Dates, or hand delivering them, you will need stamps to send them in the mail.  We were so excited to come across Minted, who offers personalized stamps too! We added our engagement photo and date on our stamps, and our friends and family loved them.  How unique is that?! And you will always have a stamp with your face on it!  Putting your face on a stamp not your thing? You can add a pretty picture, your wedding date, initials, and much more.  Check out all their stamp options here.


We chose Minted to create and print our Save the Dates, and could not be happier with the results. They made it a breeze for us to design and order ours.

Here are some of the things we LOVE about Minted:

  • Easy to create

    Minted makes it really easy to create your Save the Dates.  They have hundreds of options and designs that are pre-done for you, so you don’t have to be a graphic designer yourself.

  • Ability to Customize

    Just because Minted has the pre-done designs, does not mean your Save the Dates will turn out like every other one out there.  Minted makes it easy to change your colors, fonts, sizes, etc.  It can all be custom to match your wedding perfectly.

  • Free samples

    Minted offers free samples, so you can see their work in person before you jump into ordering.  They’ll send you some great pieces, so you can decide what you like the best.

  • Tons of options

    Again, Minted makes it super easy to customize exactly what you want.  They offer anything from Magnets to Postcards, and Mini Booklets to Strong Card Stock Save the Dates.

  • Free addressing

    Ok, probably one of my favorite things about our order from Minted…they offer FREE addressing on your envelopes!! What?! We have a guest list of 200, and didn’t have to address any envelopes by hand.  This saved us tons of time, and saved me a headache of trying to make sure my writing was perfect.  And they turned out so pretty!  We went with the lighted colored printing and it matched well with our cards.  They have lots of different styles and fonts to choose from, and you can even get some ones that look handwritten.

  • Free Wedding Website

    During your wedding planning, you’ll probably have a lot of different things in the air, so it Minted makes it easy to create your free Wedding Websites as well.

  • Stamps 

    Were we just a little bit “extra” sending our Save the Dates with custom personalized stamps as well?  Probably!  But it gave our Save the Dates a cute and personal unique touch, and of course our family and friends loved them.  You can order yours on Minted on the same order as your Save the Dates.

  • Proofs

    After you’re all done creating your Save the Dates or Invites, Minted will send you a digital proof after their designers have checked everything over and made your adjustments. You can opt out of this if you didn’t change anything, and you can save $5 and an extra day of print time if you do opt out.  We had a couple tweaks to ours, so I went ahead and did the proof, and it came in our email the next day.

  • Quick shipping 

    Our Save the Dates came to our house a lot quicker than I had expected.  So we had a bunch of extra time to get our envelopes stuffed and ready to mail out when we were ready.

    We are huge fans of Minted and cannot wait to start getting our Invitations going.  Minted even sent us a whole folder of invitation samples, to help get us going.

Check out everything Minted can do for you here.

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