F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TV Show Gifts - Could they BE more perfect?!

Looking for FRIENDS TV Show Gifts for your friends and family?!

Friends is my all-time favorite show ever! I can watch Friends all day, every day. And my sisters and I can quote it in almost any situation. We basically have our own language with Friends quotes. So, it was a no-brainer that I would make a Friends gift guide.

Here are some of our favorite FRIENDS TV SHOW gifts for your Friends Lovers.

There are awesome Friends themed gifts like all these Friends Popsockets, Friends Series Gifts, and Friends TV Show Bracelets. We tried to keep it to 50, but there are so many gifts for friends fans that it was hard to choose!

Friends TV show Gift Ideas. Friends Gift Guide. Best gifts for the Friends fan.

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1. How You Doin’?” Doormat: What says “Welcome” better than your very own Friends doormat?!

2. Single, Taken, Mentally Dating Chandler: 11 ounce Friends mug. Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

3. FRIENDS TV Show Phone Case: Get this Friends themed phone case to show your love of the show.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Popsocket!

4. “How You Doin” PopSocket: Use this nifty little Popsocket to stand your phone up, or help it easily stay in your hands without slipping.

5. “You’re the Rachel to my Monica” Glass Mug : Looking for the perfect gift for your best friend? Here’s an awesome message to give her!

6. “You’re My Lobster” plush lobster & Mug : Here’s a great gift for your true Lobster.

7. The “Everything I Know in Life I Learned from Friends” Notebook: This notebook comes with great and funny advice that you learned from Friends.

8. Yellow Peephole Frame Magnet: 3 x 3 inch magnet, inspired by the one on Monica's door on Friends

9. "You're My Lobster" Charm Bangle: She will love this cute charm bracelet that says how perfect you are for each other!

10. Chandler Coffee Mug : Said just like Chandler would. This is great for coffee and Friends lovers.

11. How You Doin?! Flask: Get your Friends loving friend this cute flask, they won’t even have to use this pick-up line!

12. FRIENDS T-shirt : What better way to show off your fandom than with this great T-shirt?!

13. I Would Drink The Fat For You - Funny TV Friends Coffee Mug Saying: Anyone who knows Friends, knows this is a great compliment. Perfect for your best friend or signifiant other.

14. Friends Umbrella “I’ll be there for you” poster : This print is the cutest and will look great in any room.

15. Yellow Peephole Frame Ornament: Perfect little addition to your Christmas tree, or hang it all year round!

16. "I'm Not Great At Advice. Can I Interest You In a Sarcastic Comment?" Mug: We know…There are just too many mugs to choose from!

17.”FRIENDS The Complete Series on DVD : Could there BE a more perfect present for the ultimate FRIENDS fan? We don’t think so!

18. Friends TV Series Umbrella Decorative Cushion : Decorate your house with this awesome FRIENDS open titles pillow.

19. Friends Central Perk Ornament : A cup of coffee from Central Perk. You can hang this around your house all year-round!

20. Pivot! Shut Up! TV Friends Coffee Mug : One of the most known Friends scenes, and definitely one of the funniest.

21. Friends Trivial Pursuit Game : The classic game of Trivial Pursuit but in FRIENDS edition!

22. FRIENDS Logo Vinyl decal sticker : Now you can make anything FRIENDS themed with this Friends logo Vinyl decal.

23.Funny Coffee Mug Set : Remember the one where Phoebe and Mike changed their names?! These mugs are perfect for any Friends couple.

24. Replica Yellow Peephole Frame : One of the most iconic pieces of the FRIENDS set. You can have the replica on your own door at home!

25. Friends Monopoly : Now the Ultimate FRIENDS fans can have their very own Monopoly game!

26. Phoebe Themed Mug: Heres one for the Phoebe fans!

27. FRIENDS Sticker Set: Decorate all your thinks with these FRIENDS stickers. They’re water-proof too!

28.FRIENDS TV Quotes Drinking Glass: This glass comes with lots of different FRIENDS quotes.

29. “I’ll Be There For You” Book : This book is all about the “SIX FRIENDS THAT BECAME A FAMILY.”

30. FRIENDS TV Show Bookmark: This bookmark has all 6 FRIENDS with a promo picture for the show.

31. Stainless Steel Bottle: This stainless steel water bottle has a funny quote from Joey trying to speak French.

32. FRIENDS Sweatshirt: This FRIENDS sweatshirt comes in 6 different colors.

33. A FRIENDS QUIZ BOOK: This little quiz books have 400 questions split into 25 different quizzes.

34. Peephole Door Decoration Keychain: Add this cute little keychain to your keys and you’ll always have your favorite reminder nearby.

35. Jouets Poster : This is a replica poster of the one hanging in Monica’s apartment.

36. FRIENDS Central Perk T-shirt : DESCRIPTION

37. You’re My Lobster Mug: Grab this cute “You’re My Lobster” Mug for your love.

38. Cards Against Humanity FRIENDS Parody edition: The one with all the cards…this game is a hilarious take on the game Cards Against Humanity.

39. PIVOT FRIENDS Mug : This mug will remind you to keep “Pivoting” throughout your day

40. Funny Throw Pillow Case : “Cushions Are the Essence of the Chair” - Chandler Bing. What a perfect quote for a pillow on your couch!

41. FRIENDS Notebook: This FRIENDS Notebook has lots of your favorite quotes on the cover.

42. FRIENDS Keychain : “They don’t know that we know, they know, we know.”

43. Central Perk Coffee Mug : This mug can make you think you’re at Central Perk hanging with your Friends.

44. FRIENDS SHOT GLASSES : This set comes with 4 shot glasses with some great FRIENDS quotes.

45. FRIENDS Central Perk Travel Coffee Mug : Take your Central Perk coffee with you with this to-go coffee mug.

46. Wooden Wall Clock: This wooden clock has all 6 Friends carved out for the ultimate FRIENDS fan.

47. You’re My Lobster Keychain : We’re loving all the Lobster products, so here’s one more for you!

48. “They Don’t Know We Know They Know” Mug: Here’s another great FRIENDS quote mug to add to your collection.

49. How You Doin?! Throw Pillow: Add a little FRIENDS Flare to your bedroom with this throw pillow.

50. Joey Doesn’t Share Food! Pillow : Alright, we’re done…for now!

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Friends TV Show Gift Ideas for the Friends fans. Friends TV Show Gift Guide