101+ New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2024 (that Aren’t Losing Weight)

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New Year’s Resolutions… Some love them, some hate them.

But resolutions don’t have to be hard. And they don’t have to start on New Years!
We have 101 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2020 that will help spark ideas to find one you love.

Resolutions, goals, plans, whatever you want to call them, are always good to have. They motivate you, push you, and help you stick to what you are trying to achieve to help make you better.

The Allure of New Year’s Resolution Ideas

A New Year’s Resolution is just something that helps set your mind right for the brand new year. It’s a blank slate. You have a whole 365 days (366 in 2020!) to start new habits you want to make, take control of situations you want to change, and start bettering yourself to be the person you want to be.

How to Stick With Your New Year’s Resolution

Sticking with a resolution can be tough, and some people may see it as setting yourself up to fail, but it doesn’t have to be.

Make Realistic Goals

Don’t add a goal to read an entire book every day of the year, or to travel to every continent before your 365 days is up. Be realistic.

Reading one book ever month is a good start. Or how about visiting one continent you’ve never been? 

Think about what you will be able to achieve in the next year that you would love to do, and start working towards that goal.

Set Smaller Goals

Do you have one huge goal you hope to achieve within the year? Try setting smaller goals that will help get you to that huge goal. You have 12 full months to do your huge goal, so instead of getting overwhelmed, break it down into 12 smaller steps that will help you make your goal.

I really want to learn Polish before we have children, so we can teach our children Polish and English before they go to school. That’s a HUGE task! If you don’t know, Polish is one of the hardest languages to learn.

So instead of psyching myself out from the beginning and feeling like I can’t do such a huge thing, I’m going to break it down. I plan to spend 3 hours a week reading a Polish for Dummies Book, and 2 hours a week working with a Polish app.

Breaking it down this way makes my goal so much more manageable and is something I know I can do. But at the end of the year when I have been learning Polish for 260 hours, I’ll be a lot closer to being fluent than I would if I just gave up at the beginning.

Do Something You Get Excited About

A New Year’s Resolution should be something you really want to do, or something you get excited about changing or adding to your life. Want something in your life to change? Then you’ll probably be a bit more motivated to make your resolution happen.

I absolutely love blogging! Never would have thought I would love spending 50 hours a week on my computer, but I really do. If I have a blog goal to publish one post every week, I’m more likely to do that because it’s something I actually love.

And no, New Year’s Resolutions are not always fun. Sometimes it’s to quit something you are having a hard time giving up (like smoking)…sometimes its making yourself do something you don’t really like (like giving up sugar, or running)…and sometimes it’s pushing yourself to spend the time loving others and loving yourself better. That’s something we all should be doing.

Get Specific

When you set your New Year’s Goals, be sure to get specific. You want to be able to measure your goal. Saying “I want to read more” can just mean reading one book this year, when you didn’t read any last year. (And if that’s your resolution, then great!)

But if you want to read more, add a goal to read one book each month…or each quarter…or 3 books in a year. Whatever your goal, just be specific.

Give Yourself a Little Wiggle Room

Kind of along the lines of being realistic, make sure you give yourself room to mess up, to skip a month, or to have a cheat day.

I like to aim a little lower than I think I can actually do, because that means I won’t fail, and it also gives me a little forgiveness for myself when I end up missing a month when life gets busy.

So instead of read a book for 12 months, knowing December is always our busiest month and I probably won’t get there, I will make my goal to read 10 books this new year.

What Happens When You Have A New Resolution after New Years?

So what if your Resolutions or Goals start February 8th, or September 15th?!

I decided I wanted to start journal on February 8th, 2009…and guess what? I’ve been journaling for 10 years straight now! 

It’s not about the day being January 1st and that’s the only time you can change your life. Start your goals and resolutions now no matter what day it is!

101 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for you to start in 2020

We have listed 101 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for you to start in 2020, all from other women doing the same. Here were some of our favorites…

Resolution Ideas For Your Relationships

Love My Husband More

Dates with S.O. – We have 101 Date Ideas For You!

Getting Out With My Husband- Date Night Out Not Just at Home

Say Yes to A Date

Spend More Time With the Kids

Make New Friends

Call My Parents More

Send Cards to People I Love – birthdays, special occasions, for no reason

Spend a Day Alone With Each Kid

Spend More Time With Family

Call or FaceTime People More…Not Just Text

Take a Family Member to Lunch Once a Month

Find A Hobby to do With My Husband- Here are 50 Fun Hobbies for Couples

Resolution Ideas For Self-Care

Spend Less Time On Social Media

Live Today for Today

Find Joy in Every Day

Stay Away From Toxic People/Situations

Verbalize something good about yourself every day

Do the Things I Keep Putting Off -No more “I’ll get to it” just do it

Do Things That Scare You

Spend Less Time on My Phone

Pray More

Meditate More

Be a Better Listener

Stop Comparing Self to Others

Stop Complaining

Be More Kind to Myself

Better Sleep Schedule

Stop Biting Nails

Wake Up Earlier

Use Less Heat on My Hair

Better Posture

Start a Morning Routine

Better Care for My Skin

Start Counseling

Be More Mindful of My Time

Stop Caring What Other People Think

Do More of What Makes Me Happy

Say Yes!

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Move Somewhere I Want to Live

Less Swearing

Resolution Ideas For Hobbies

Journal Everyday

Read a Book A Month

Take a Picture a Day

Visit New Places – Check out our Travel Section!

Every month, 3 times this year, one country, etc

Try New Recipes

Write More

Dance More

Learn a New Language

Take Cooking Classes

Gratitude Journal

Create More – write, paint, draw, craft, etc.

Learn to Do Hand Lettering

Resolution Ideas for Your Health

Quit Smoking

Drink More Water

Run a Marathon

Go to Spin Class

Do Yoga

Workout 3 Times a Week

Hike More

Eat Clean Foods

Whole30 for 30 days

No Drinking

Improve Gut Health

No Fast Food

Walk More, More Steps in a Day

No Soda

Eat Less Sugar

Stretch Each Day

Go Green -No Chemicals in House, cleaning supplies, detergent, makeup, hair, etc

Meal Prep

Resolution Ideas for Money

Pay Off Debt

Put xxx in savings each month – See New Year’s Resolutions for Couples to Save Money

Improve Credit Score

Stick to a Budget

Cook At Home More to Save Money

No Spend Months

Not Buy Clothes All Year

Find a Side Hustle I Love

Resolution Ideas for Your House

Organize House

Minimize Stuff in House- Get Rid of Stuff

Get My To-Do List Done

No Dirty Dishes in the Sink Overnight


Start a Family Chore Chart

Put Stuff Away When I Get Home

Resolutions Ideas for Your Career

Grow Your Business

Quit My Job

Ask for the Promotion/Raise

Launch a Podcast

Start a Blog

Better Work/Life Balance

Find a Career I Love

Attend a Conference for My Career

Resolutions for Giving Back

Get Involved in the Community

Use Less Plastic

Help Reduce My Carbon Footprint

Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

Donate My Unused or Unwanted Clothes

Recycle More

What are your goals and resolutions this year? Pin these below to keep this list and do as many as you’d like!

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