New Year’s Resolutions for Couples to Save Money

The New Year allows for a fresh start and when it comes to saving money that’s just what many of us need. The holidays are a time when many of us let loose and probably spend more than we’re meant to. That’s why New Year’s is a great time to make a resolution to start saving money. Whether you choose to do a no-spend month or commit to a savings plan, you can make fun New Year’s resolutions to help you save money.

Natural Disaster Preparedness with Clorox

Alright you guys, this California girl is moving to Texas! Which means I have to get use to hearing “ya’ll”, hiding from mosquitos, and learning all about living in a brand new state.

A huge difference I have been preparing for is weather. Here in California, we are always prepared with an emergency kit for Earthquakes. But now, we can be facing other natural disasters and learning all about how to prepare for hurricanes.  And with September being National Preparedness Month, we have partnered up with Clorox on an awesome campaign with the Red Cross getting American’s “Red Cross Ready” by preparing an emergency kit, making a plan, and being informed. 

Farming with Bolthouse Farms – From Fields to Families

There’s something great about learning something new every day…trying new experiences…and finding a new adventure in your everyday lives. That’s why B and I were so excited to partner with Bolthouse Farms and take a tour of how our carrots and carrot juice go from the carrot fields to our refrigerators! 

3 Ways to Embrace Minimalism as Newlyweds

Your big day is not far off and you can’t wait for your new life to begin. It’s understandable that right now you’re focused on planning the perfect wedding, however this article is meant to provide helpful tips on how to live intentionally after you have said your I do’s. Going into your marriage with intention will give your relationship strength and you’ll create a home life you love!  While minimalism can mean many different things to different people, the concept remains the same: to live more simply, striping away what doesn’t make you happy and making room for the things you value. These tips are meant to inspire you but a minimalist life will look very different for each couple.

Bruster’s 50% off Franchise for Veterans

It’s been about 8 months since B has been out of the military, and we’ve slowly been transitioning back into civilian life. There are always the big questions when getting out of the military, like where are you going to live now, and what you are going to do. After B was stationed in Chicago, almost 4 years ago, I started this blog to keep myself entertained while he was at work and I was living in a new place. Since having the blog, I’ve really loved being my own boss, and making my own hours. So when B got out, we decided to take some time off, and then figure out what our next steps are.

A Freshman’s College Crash Course

So, are you ready to dive into college? While many readers might be responding “yes!” the overwhelming truth is probably… “no.” Who ever is ready for something so new and different? This is the beginning of your adult independence. For most people, it’s the first time they live away from home, the first time they determine their own schedule, even the first time that they’ve cooked for themselves.

You’re Engaged! Now What?!

After you get engaged, it’s pretty much a guarantee people will start asking you questions about the wedding.  The very same day of my super sneaky surprise proposal, B and I were asked, when…where…and what kind of wedding we were going to have…and we only announced to our immediate families!