New Year’s Resolutions for Couples to Save Money

The New Year allows for a fresh start and when it comes to saving money that’s just what many of us need. The holidays are a time when many of us let loose and probably spend more than we’re meant to. That’s why New Year’s is a great time to make a resolution to start saving money. Whether you choose to do a no-spend month or commit to a savings plan, you can make fun New Year’s resolutions to help you save money.

You’re Engaged! Now What?!

After you get engaged, it’s pretty much a guarantee people will start asking you questions about the wedding.  The very same day of my super sneaky surprise proposal, B and I were asked, when…where…and what kind of wedding we were going to have…and we only announced to our immediate families! 

Things you should ALWAYS buy from the dollar store!

I LOVE dollar stores!  And the Dollar Tree is one of my favorites.  There are tons of awesome deals you can get for just one dollar!
Some of these deals can help you save good amount of money, as opposed to buying it somewhere else, especially a convenience store.  So next time you need to grab something quick, think of stopping by the dollar store to see what they offer.  Here are some of the best deals you can find at the Dollar Tree…

EverlyWell Review – 12% off Promo Code – New Everlywell Coupon code – Food Sensitivity Kit

We found a super cool company that just about anyone can benefit from.  We have some family members who are allergic to gluten and some who are lactose intolerant…and a couple others who know they have a reaction to some types of foods, but its so hard to actually pinpoint whats causing the reaction.  And to find out, a test can be super expensive at the doctor, it can take lots of time if trying to do it on our own, and can sometimes be very painful.  

Creative Outdoor Wagon by Creative Outdoor Distributor

**Updated July 8, 2019- It’s been 2 years since we purchased out Creative Outdoor Wagon, and it has been amazing. We take it everywhere we go with the kids. To the beach, little league games, soccer games, the fair, anywhere that involves walking! It has held up nicely, and the kids love it!**

We have been on the lookout for a great foldable wagon for a while now, and we found the perfect one at Creative Distributors.  So much so, that we have 2 different ones from them and use them all the time now.  With our family of 5 little ones, we are always on the go.  At the beach, t-ball games, amusement parks, soccer games, out on the town, cheerleading events, etc.  Sometimes a stroller just isn’t enough.  That;s why we are loving these Creative Distributor Foldable Wagons.  We have the Push/Pull Wagon, and the Canopy Wagon. 

$5 Meal Plan

Meal Planning is such a hard thing for us sometimes.  Between coming up with new ideas, the “what do you want for dinner” fights, and keeping on budget…meal planning can be super tough.  Then you go grocery shopping and go to cook something each night, only to realize you are missing that one little ingredient…back to the store you go. 

How to Earn Gift Cards by Watching Videos

Hey Money Makers!!

Are you just loving making extra dough from Shopkick?! (If you don’t know what that is CLICK HERE NOW!!)

Well, here’s one more to add to your list… it’s called CheckPoints!
CheckPoints works more or less like Shopkick, but it also has a couple more ways for you to collect points.