Things you should ALWAYS buy from the dollar store!

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I LOVE dollar stores!  And the Dollar Tree is one of my favorites.  There are tons of awesome deals you can get for just one dollar!
Some of these deals can help you save good amount of money, as opposed to buying it somewhere else, especially a convenience store.  So next time you need to grab something quick, think of stopping by the dollar store to see what they offer.  Here are some of the best deals you can find at the Dollar Tree…

 Things you should always buy from the dollar store.  Looking for how to save money on parties? How to save money on household goods, or home decor?  Here are some great things to save you money when you buy them from the Dollar Tree.

Greeting Cards

Have you bought a greeting card at the store lately? For a birthday, anniversary, get well, etc.  They’re SO expensive! Let’s say you head to the store, pick up a $20 gift for a birthday party, but then you have to grab a card, which can set you back another $5 or so.  But, head to the dollar store, and you can grab a card for $1!  AND, if you stop by the Dollar Tree, you can find lots of greeting cards that are 2 for $1!  A card at a convenient store is $4.79…this one…just 50 cents!

Gift Bags, Wrapping Paper, Tissue

Ok, so we’re back at the store with your $20 gift, $5 greeting card, and now you need to wrap the present…grab a gift bag, and tissue paper…a large size gift bag can be $5, and the tissue paper around $ … But the Dollar Tree has a great selection of all size gift bags, and different types of tissue paper as well…all for, you guessed it…$1!

Mylar Balloons

Since you saved lots of money on the wrapping and greeting card, why not spruce up your gift with a great mylar balloon?  They always have a great selection of lots of different balloons…AND filled with helium for just $1 each.  Decorating for a party?  Making a balloon bouquet? Head to your nearest Dollar Tree and get the cheapest selection of filled balloons around!

Party Supplies

Speaking of having a party, you can find some awesome deals on party supplies.  They typically have a whole line of solid color party supplies…plates, napkins, plastic wear, balloons, streamers, etc.  But Dollar Tree is also famous for having some great themed party supplies as wellFrom Disney Princesses, Avengers, Minions, Shopkins, Pirates, and so many more.  Buy these supplies at other stores, and you can spend anywhere from $ to $.

They also have great themed decorations, toys, goodie bag items, and so much more!

Holiday Party Supplies

They don’t just have birthday supplies either.  Dollar Tree is one of our favorite places and first stops when a holiday is coming up. From Valentines Day to Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas…the Dollar Tree is great at sticking the perfect supplies for your party.  Be sure to go weeks before, as these items seem to move fast (at least at the stores near us), and they are stocked early.  If you see the perfect party supplies, grab them then, cause in our case at least, they sell out fast!


This also goes for decor.  Dollar Tree has a decent selection of decor for each holiday as well.  If you like to mix it up, find new treasures to add to your holiday collection, or even just starting out, Dollar Tree is the place to go.  They also have great everyday decor as well.  You can often score awesome picture frames, vases, etc.

Household Items

You can save money on some of your typical household items.  We have found great carpet cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, laundry spot remover, window cleaner, bleach, dishwashing soap, air fresheners, and even a nice and solid dustpan that was better than the one we were using at home.  All $1 each!

Organizational Items

This one is one of my favorites on this list.  Dollar Tree has such great items to help you organize your life.  Seriously, we have the neatest junk drawer you have seen in a while.  😉  Our utensil drawers, and Tupperware is all sorted out in their nice little bins.  Our pantry items are in some great baskets, separated into types of foods for easy organizing.  The playroom has all toys organized in hamper baskets and bins as well.  We even picked up several vacuum sealed bags, so all the big blankets and such that are piling up, can be flattened out small and tucked away in the closet.
What can you organize for just a few bucks?!

Reading Glasses

And sunglasses for me! 😉

Reading glasses for just one dollar?!  Dollar Tree usually has a nice selection of fun patterned reading glasses for just a buck.  Our mom loves picking up a different pair or two when we go.  They’re decent quality, and since they are only a dollar, you’re not always stressing about keeping them safe.  I personally even go for their sunglasses.  I’m not one for designer shades…sunglasses to me are too fragile to spend tons of money on, and sometimes I like to switch them up.  So, getting a pair or two…(or three) for just a dollar each makes this a super great deal, and mine have actually lasted quite a while, and are still going strong.

Kitchen Items*

Now this one is a little different, which is why I’m adding the asterisks.  I do not recommend picking up any and all of their kitchen items.  Dollar knives aren’t going to be great, and some of the plastic utensils probably won’t be the best either, but they do have several hidden gems that are more than worth the cost.  We got a really great, heavy-duty dust pan that is way better than our other one that we spent way more on.  They have good utensil organizers, and some pretty awesome dishes every once in a while.  Bowls, Plates, Glasses, Plastic Kids Glasses, Wine Glasses, Serving-ware, etc.  We even found some great heavy duty Betty Crocker brand utensils…a pancake sized spatula, measuring cups, etc.

Craft/Office/School Supplies

A whole section of the store is dedicated to office/school supplies.  Everything from your basics…pens, paper clips, staples, scissors, glue, tape…to your extras, like…poster board, foam board, stickers, dry erase boards, markers, packing supplies, etc.

We do understand all Dollar Trees and Dollar Stores are different and will carry different items.  And maybe you dont have a Dollar Tree near you.  Well, we’ve got some good news…You can get all of these items online at their website.  So next time you’re having a party, get ready for the holidays, or have a specialty school project, be sure to get your deals and save your money at the Dollar Tree!

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