My 30th Birthday Celebration in LA

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Birthdays have always been a huge thing for me, and my family.  We actually love celebrating birthday months…because just celebrating one day, is obviously not enough.  Personally, I have always been really big on pillar birthdays as well.  I was SOOOO excited to turn 16!  Sweet 16 meant I got my drivers license, was a Jr in high school, and my whole life ahead of me.  18 of course, you become an adult.  21, you’re no longer in your teens, and there are barely any restrictions in life (besides renting a car, for the most part), and then there is 30.

30, to me, was always a big one.  I know many friends who were sad to turn 30, as they felt old…but to me, 30 was an achievement.  It had meant you’ve officially survived your adolescence, and your journey through your 20’s…and you’ve made it 30 whole years of this very short life.  30 is something to be excited about!   I have a friend who turned 30 two years ago, and she decided she wanted to fulfill a dream of hers by going to New Zealand.  I, of course, pushed it on her 29th birthday, saying she had to do it, and I would love to tag along.  We celebrated her 30th birthday the next year in New Zealand!  I think everyone should celebrate their 30th in the best way possible.  And I still plan to continue celebrating.

I was in Los Angeles, at home with family when I was about to turn 30 this year.  Life get so busy, and unexpected things happen, so I have had to put off my epic 30th birthday trip for a little bit.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram (follow me here!), know I  had my appendix removed, exactly 2 weeks before my 30th, so I had to keep it a little low key for the actual day.  But that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to have a big day planned.  In fact, quite the opposite.

Malibu Wine Safari

My wonderful boyfriend flew in from Chicago to be with me on the big day, and we headed straight to Malibu Wines Safari to start off the day.  Did you know you don’t have to go to South Africa to go on safari?!

Just in our own back yard, in Malibu, you can hop aboard a safari jeep, and see llamas, water buffalo, zebras, and a sweet giraffe named Stanley.  All while touring a winery and tasting some delicious wines.  Oh, and you get to FEED these animals!!

I was most excited to feed the zebra and spend some time with Stanley, the giraffe…I mean, come on!

I will say, I think you should definitely upgrade to the giraffe tour.  Theres another tour where you drive by and see Stanley, but feeding and petting him was the highlight of my trip here.

Then of course, there’s the wine!  After we fed the zebras, we started with the whites, and samples 3 glasses.  Then, after Stanley, we tried their reds with some crackers and dips.

We had such a blast at Malibu Wine Safaris, and definitely recommend it for a celebration, date night, or just girls day!  So much fun!

Check out all their awesome photos on their Instagram here.

OUE SkySpace LA

After our Wine Safari in Malibu, we headed to downtown LA to check something off my list that I had wanted to do since I heard about it.  The Skyspace experience is almost 1,000 feet above Downtown Los Angeles, where you can slide down the “world’s first ever SkySlide” in the iconic US Bank building.  This slide has a glass bottom, and looks down on downtown while you are sliding down.

The slide is one story long, so it’s a quick ride, but be sure to look down! Such a crazy feeling, floating on top of the sky.  After you slide down, you end up in the observation deck, where you have 360 degree views of downtown.  Such pretty sites, and so cool to be high up looking down at everything. It also has LA’s tallest open air observation deck!  There are inside and outside observation spaces as well.

Beautiful views, a daring experience, and some fresh air at the top…
get all the info for SkySpace LA here.

Game Häus Cafe

After all my friends were off work, we met up at Game Häus Cafe in Glendale.  They have over 1,000 board games you can play with your friends, and enjoy your night.  It is a cafe, so you’re not going to be getting Prime Rib or Lobster.  They have lots of foods you would have at your own game night.  They also have your typical cafe coffees, teas, lemonades…and some bottled beers as well.

Family Dinner

And of course, my birthday is never complete without a family dinner, and mom’s home cooked food!  I am way excited to be 30, and know this year is going to be great.  I am lucky enough to have been blessed with 30 great years, and pray for another 30 more!

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