How to Earn Gift Cards by Watching Videos

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Well, here’s one more to add to your list… it’s called CheckPoints!

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CheckPoints is an APP you can download to your phone, and works more or less like Shopkick.  But it also has a couple more ways for you to collect points.

First off, like Shopkick, you get points for walking into any store on the list…or sometimes even just by driving by it!  Open CheckPoints when you get in the store to collect points for walking in.

(Quick hint for bonus points…We’ve noticed that CheckPoints will alert you to open the APP sometimes, when you’re driving by a store.  If you open the alert, you can usually collect those points without even going into the store.)

After you walk into the store, and collect your walk-in points, there is a list of products that you can scan to earn you even more points.  Each product has the number of points listed next to it, so you know what you will be earning.  A lot of scans are worth even more than your walk-in points!

When you’ve collected you points, head to the “Rewards Center” and you can cash in for multiple gift cards from stores including Starbucks, Express, CVS, Groupon, Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sephora, Game Stop, and more!
Or save up all your points for some gadgets, like an Xbox One, Beats Headphones, or an Amazon Kindle.

And you can cash in for as little as 335 points for a $1 Gift Card.  No need to wait for a minimum.

Don’t want gift cards and prefer cash? Sell your cards on sites like Cardcash. Read here if you’re wondering “is cardcash legit?”

Wanna earn even more points, FASTER?!

Just watch some videos on the APP.  You can select options to watch trailers of movies, video games, and TV shows, or just hit “Play All” and let your phone play everything.  (If you walk aways from your phone while you’re videos are playing, just be sure to check in on it, as it sometimes tends to stop or randomly turn off.

You can also play their “Instant Win” spin-the-wheel game to collect even more points…but that will cost you 12 points a spin.

And one more way you can earn points…

Refer your friends!
According to CheckPoints, “You’ll get 100% of the points they earn for 2 weeks!”

So go shopping, scan products, watch videos, spin a wheel, and refer your friends.  And you’ll be earning gift cards in no time!
It’s another money making APP to add to your list.  And another easy way to earn more Gift Card Money on your phone.

You can download the CheckPoints APP Here.

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Enjoy your CheckPoints, and let us know in the comments below how you’re liking it!

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