Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

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It’s that time of year again, where we round up our favorite products we think will be a great idea to gift the man on your list. This year, we are focused on the Outdoorsman in your life.

We have found some awesome products this year for any man who loves the outdoors. From safety equipment to personal hygiene, apparel and sports equipment…see our 2019 list below!

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If your outdoorsman is anything like mine, weather doesn’t stop him! So to be fully prepared for the elements, Mustang Survival has a great waterproof jacket with all the safety features you could want. It’s a lightweight, breathable jacket made with “3-layer Marine-Spec™” that is perfect for those rainy and windy days on the water. Plus, the yellow color is actually perfect for spotting in case of any emergencies. (It also comes in blue and grey). Mustang Survival even thought about how cumbersome hoods can be, and made it so that the hood turns with you, so it won’t block your vision. If there’s anyone we trust with safe and functional apparel, it’s the guys who have been working for 50 years to keep our “water rescue professionals, military elites, and commercial/industrial mariners” safe, dry and comfortable. We are huge fans of Mustang Survival!

Get him a brand new setup to use for his fishing out on the lake! Abu Garcia has a really cool deal on a rod AND reel combo. This is their new Jordan Lee line, and if you don’t know, Jordan Lee is the angler who won the Bassmaster Classic twice…Back to Back years! So if he designed this combo, you know it’s gotta be good. Abu Garcia offers the Jordan Lee rod and reel combo in both a baitcast and spinning combos. If he wants to fish like a Bassmaster pro, this is the rod and reel to get him this season!

I think we may have found the coolest new product for your fisherman this year! The Go Fish Cam is a wireless underwater camera that connects directly to your fishing line, so you can get awesome footage underwater. This camera can give you up to 1080 at 60 FPS! This is a perfect gift for those looking to learn a little more about their fishing, someone who loves to share their catch with social media, or making top quality videos that include underwater footage! Simply download the app, connect the GoFish Cam to your line, and get the coolest footage around. It can be used in both saltwater and freshwater, and even has night vision for deep waters or night fishing. We’ll be using this one all year ‘round!

Of course your outdoorsman is going to get thirsty on all his quests, so this backpack cooler from Yeti would be a perfect gift. It’s a cooler that is designed to be carried as a backpack, making it easier to hike, camp, and move around with their food and beverages. This cooler comes with a tough DryHide Shell, a 100% leak-proof zipper, and with all other Yeti products, it keeps your food and beverages cold long after you would need it to. It comes in 2 different colors; charcoal and fog gray/Tahoe blue. The backpack features ergonomic shoulder straps and even comes with a detachable chest strap and waist belt for easy carrying. He’ll love walking around with his new cooler and keeping everything he needs right on his back!

Every outdoorsman needs some useful apparel when doing their thing outdoors. Whether it’s wearing clothes with SPF protection, or wearing pants that can help them stay organized while out fishing on the water, clothing is important. That’s why we’re big fans of AFTCO. They have all the apparel your fisherman needs including sun masks, bibs, gloves, hats, fishing shorts, hooded shirts and so much more. Wearing the proper gear helps you stay protected from the elements and focused on what you need to do, rather than bothering with your clothes. Plus, these clothes are actually stylish, so I love when my fisherman wears them. We absolutely love our AFTCO Gear and recommend checking out their stuff!

Being an Outdoorsman means lots of outdoor time…so sun and light can be an issue. Costa Del Mar has a huge line of sunglasses that are perfect for any type of activity you need them for. Each frame is available to customize the lenses for cloudy days, sunny, days on the water, etc. The lenses are polarized so help cut through the glare, and each style has their own comfort specs. This Diego pair is great for sport performance, and even helps with sweat management by wicking away moisture when needed. The glasses have 100% UV Protection that will keep you outdoors for as long as you’d like!

Perfect for a stocking stuffer, or add some of these on to his new fishing gear, Berkley Lures and Baits are a great gift for your fisherman. A fisherman can never have too many baits or too many different colors! This is something I have quickly learned with my fisherman. Berkley has all different types of baits that he’ll love for all different seasons, types of water, and all the techniques he likes to use. Add a bunch of these together for one awesome fishing lures package. I know my husband will never get sick of getting new lures and baits.

Is your outdoorsman someone who works with their hands a lot? Rock Climber, Fisherman, Biker? Groove Life has a spectacular line of silicone rings that aren’t just your typical cheap rings you’ll have to replace every other month. We were excited to learn about their Zeus line that actually combines the flexibility of a silicone ring, with the strength of your metal ring. It’s an anti-stretch ring with a durable inner molded band to add form to it, and it looks like a regular ring! Groove Life offers so many different styles, sizes, and options that there is sure to be one he will love!

Not only does this company have hilarious names for their products and awesome marketing…They got a deal on ABC’s “Shark Tank”! Manscaped sells hygiene products for “below-the-waist grooming”. You can purchase items separately or in the Perfect Package, where you’ll even score some freebies like the high quality toiletry bag and boxers.

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