Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

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Motion Books

When’s the last time you watched your wedding video? It’s probably been a while, and maybe you have to dig out the DVD or find the hard-drive it is saved to.

Well, not anymore! We found such an amazing product that will help you keep your wedding video ready to watch whenever you want. The Motion Book is a video book you can open up and watch your video right away.

Store it on your coffee table or in your book shelf and pull it out whenever you want to watch your special video.

You also get to choose what design you want on the front, or have it custom made. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day Gift for your wife!

rise garden in a kitchen.

Rise Gardens

Want to grow your own food, but don’t quite have the room, or that green thumb? Try these awesome personal in-home gardens where you can grow up to 12 different plants for fresh ingredients right in your kitchen!

These Rise Gardens come with an app that will tell you exactly what your plant needs and when. It even has a smart watering system that will send the perfect amount of water to your herbs or veggies! It’s the easiest way to grow your own fresh ingredients for your food.

Want more space than 12 plants? They have options for those too.

close up of sleepy body lotion.

8 Sheep Sleepy Body Lotion

We have a 4 month old, which means we’re going through the dreaded sleep regression! With our baby and our almost-2-year old toddler, sleep seems to be a luxury around here.

We learned about 8 sheep sleep, and wanted to give it a try. They have sleep lotions for adults and kids, and they are all made of safe and organic ingredients.

None of this stuff you just can’t pronounce. We are so excited to see if it will calm our restless little babe, and hope to bring some more sleep back to our house in a healthy way.

woman on laptop with an earthing mat under.

Earthing Mats & Blankets

If you haven’t heard of Earthing, you might want to look it up. Walking barefoot on the ground outside has such great health benefits for you.

“When you touch your body to the ground, it dissipates static electricity and extraneous environmental electrical charges that are on you. At the same time, you receive a charge of energy in the form of free electrons and your body synchronizes with the natural frequencies of the earth.” -from

We’re still learning all about it, but we are surrounded with tons of electrical charges every day, that we wanted to look into ways to stop any negative effects of it. So we are trying out some of their products like the grounding mat, earthing throw, and pillow case.

There’s so much you can try, be sure to check out their whole line of products to see which are best for you!

set of Azuna fresh air purifying kit.

Azuna Fresh

We are working hard to get rid of toxins in our house, one thing at a time, so we were excited to learn about Azuna Fresh.

These are plant based air purifiers that “cleans air and neutralizes bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus & other odor-causing microbes for 60-90 days.”

No more spraying toxins in your house to mask smells! The Luxe Glass Premium Whole Home Kit comes with 6 empty – 8 oz Luxe Glass jars, 2- 24 oz Odor Eliminator & Air Purifier Gel Pouch & 1- 50 Count Cleaning Wipes to cover your whole home.

wrinkles shminkles silicone patches.

Wrinkles Schminkles

Want to help the appearance of wrinkles without getting botox? We found these awesome 100% medical grade silicone patches that can help reduce your wrinkles while you sleep!

They have patches for your eye area, forehead, mouth/lip, neck and chest!

These silicone patches can also help hydrate, smooth and firm your skin. And they can be re-used over and over again.


Mom’s have SO much on their plates, so sometimes getting to a baby book seems impossible. BabyPage makes it super easy with their app!

You can easily make custom baby books for each year, month, or even pregnancy. The app helps you capture and record all your baby’s milestones and little notes you want to remember, paired with your favorite pictures.

I’m excited to finally get our baby books going, and am happy we ran across an easy company like this to help.

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