How to Plan a Fun Cocktail Hour

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How to Create a Cocktail Hour Your Guests Will Enjoy

Guest post by Event Supply Shop

Cocktail Hour…the dreaded in between time after the ceremony and before the reception. Weddings are always amazing and mostly full of excitement all around. As fun as it is to be a part of your friends or loved ones special day, the cocktail hour in between can seem to drag on while the Bride and Groom take their photos.  But, your cocktail hour does not need to be the most boring hour of the day.

Your cocktail hour can set the mood of the reception and help refresh everyone for the party. It is a very important part of the entire wedding day no matter if you are planning a DIY wedding or have an all inclusive wedding. It is not always easy to plan out a cocktail hour when you probably won’t even be at most of it, as you will be taking your pictures and getting ready for the reception. To keep your worries at bay, here are some of the best tips on how to create a cocktail hour that your guests won’t forget.

Music to Set the Mood

If you don’t have a DJ or a Band playing during the cocktail hour, be sure to have a playlist set up to play in the background.  You can assign this job to someone you know who has great taste in music,  or you can always take the lead and make your own music playlist that everyone is sure to love. Music is something that constantly keeps all the guests hooked. It is true that not everyone might like the kind of music being played at the venue. This is where the flexible music playlist comes in handy. Play all kinds of good music to keep the guests entertained.

Provide Guests with Drinks and Refreshments

As you already have an idea about the intent before having a cocktail hour, the main objective should be to let the guests socialize while you are taking your pictures and getting ready for the reception. Here, if you are running on a great budget that can accommodate free drinks, then you can decide to offer a full bar to your guests during cocktail hour as well. They can socialize and enjoy drinks for the time being and can enjoy the time relaxing. If you can’t do an open bar for the Cocktail Hour, you can still stick to your budget and  keep your refreshments simple. Just something for them to cool off and relax a bit before your awesome party.

Snacks Are Your Best Friend

A long period of waiting usually leaves the guests hungry which, of course, is never good. Guests know it should take a little time before the food is served at the reception,  but to keep the mood and energy up, offer your guests some appetizers or light snacks. It can be anything ranging from cookies to spring rolls depending on your guest list, theme and budget.

Add Your Own Signature Cocktails

Make your Cocktail Hour special with some signature cocktails before your reception. This can be a popular cocktail your bartender can make or it can be the Bride or Grooms favorite drink.  Give the cocktail a fun name to go with the theme.

Have Non-Alcoholic Drinks Available

Sometimes it gets difficult for guests who do not consume alcohol to blend in at the cocktail hour. So apart from the signature cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, make sure to add a few soda pops or soft drinks on your menu.

Entertainment is Key

One of the most misunderstood parts of cocktail hour is to keep only the decoration on point. In reality, your guests are going to get bored after a few minutes of your absence. So, make sure to add some entertainment. It can be either a simple photo booth to keep the guests engaged, a performer to keep them entertained or even an interactive session. Of course you want to keep your decor on point, so you can use fun decor to keep up the party vibe, or follow these other DIY wedding designs to extract elegance and maintain affordability.

Old Fashioned Drinks Table

A clever way to keep your guests engaged is to set up a mini bar or a tasting area for them. Serve them with different drinks and cocktails or have them taste various wines. You can also add games to this table like ‘guess the wine’ or any casual drinking game.

Make your wedding day even more special by adding these fine touches to the cocktail hour. Keep your guests entertained before the grand reception!

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