Ring Bearer Gifts & Ring Bearer Proposals To Make Him Feel Special

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Wedding party gifts and proposals have become such a main staple in wedding planning. But you can’t forget the important little ones like your ring bearers! Check out these fun ring bearer gifts to make him feel special.

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Your ring bearer is typically a younger boy in your family or a family friend who brings the rings down the isle during your wedding ceremony. They have a very important job, and you’ll want to let them know how special they are to you.

These ring bearer gift ideas can help…

Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

Ring Bearer Gift Set

This gift set is the perfect set for your ring bearer that has everything he will need for the big day plus a cute little gift for him to enjoy before the wedding.

Funny Ring Bearer T-Shirt

This is the best shirt for your new ring bearer. He’s sure to steal the show, and we all know he’s excited for the cake!

Plush All Star Ring Bearer Football

He’ll love this plush football to play with while he gets ready for your wedding.

Ring Bearer Coloring Book

Get him a coloring book all about his new job!

Personalized Ring Bearer Teddy Bear

He will love his new ring bearer friend to play with after you ask him to join your party.

Custom Baseball

If your ring bearer loves sports, get him one with his name on it with ring bearer and marked with your wedding day.

Yup I’m The Ring Dude T-Shirt

We love this shirt! Our older ring bearers love the “ring dude” saying, and we know it will be a crowd pleaser.

Ring Dude Canvas Tote Bag

This is a great gift he will be able to use before, during and after your wedding.

Will You Be My Ring Bearer Scratch Off Card Tuxedo

What a fun way to ask him to join in on the party?! He’ll get to scratch off this secret message from you while you ask in a unique way. 

Ring Bearer Dinosaur Wedding Party Gift T-Shirt

Who doesn’t want to be a dinosaur? Make him your ring bearer-saurus.

Ring Bearer Sunglasses

He’s gotta represent with some cool ring bearer shades!

Ring Security Mesh Baseball Hat

This ring security hat is sure to be his new favorite!

Engraved Leather Picture Frame

One of the most memorable gifts is going to be a photo of you and him. Get him this awesome photo frame to display it!

10 Cool Things about Being a Ring Bearer

He’ll love this sweet book about the “10 Cool Things About Being A Ring Bearer”.

Ring Bearer T-Shirt

Most likely, this is how they’ll image it when you say “ring bearer”…so boost his imagination and make him your “ring bear”.

Chicks Dig The Ring Dude Funny T-Shirt

This hilarious ring bearer shirt is going to be the talk of the party when he wears it to your rehearsal dinner. 

Ring Bearer Wedding Activity Backpack

Get him a whole kit of ring bearer activities and include this cool backpack for him to carry all his ring bearer essentials in.

Ringbearer Onesie

For those baby ring bearers, they can join in on the fun with this cute onesie. 

Ring Bearer Gift Wedding Party Tuxedo T-Shirt

What’s a security boy without his suit and badge?!

Ring Bearer Water Bottle

How cute is this personalized water bottle? Add his name and position as ring bearer, and he’ll be able to use this for a while. 

Ring Bearer Gift Name Puzzle Will you be my Ring Bearer Proposal

Your younger ring bearers will love these personalized puzzles spelling out their names. 

Ring Bearer Proposal Bag & Sunglasses

Build the suspense with this ring bearer bag stating “will you be our…” when he looks inside, he’ll get a pair of sunglasses that say “ring bearer”. 

Will You Be Our Ring Bearer Notebook

A note book asking to be your ring bearer is great, since he can take it to school, bring it along to do activities, or start his own journal. 

Ring Security Dress Up Kit

A true ring bearer needs all the ring security essentials, and this kit has them all. 

Nacho Average Ring Bearer

A funny shirt for your funny guy who is definitely “Nacho Average Ring Bearer!”

Ring Bearer Proposal Puzzle

Ask him to be your ring bearer in this super secret way. He’ll have to solve the puzzle to read the message. 

Personalized Ring Security Badge

This personalized ring security badge has his name engraved on it, so everyone will know who’s in charge. 

Ring Security Badge

Another option is to get these ring security badges that tend to be a bit cheaper. 

Personalized Basketball Wedding Gift

DescriptionFor the basketball lovers, this personalized ball is sure to be cherished. 

Funny Ring Bearer Graphic T-Shirt

Just put it all together now…ring…bear…er!

Ring Bearer Tumbler Gift

This tumbler is great for him to bring around to all the wedding functions and always have his own cup. 

Ring Bearer Badge with Chain & Belt Clip

Every ring bearer needs the right identification. Let him show off his position with this badge.

Ring Security Briefcase

What’s a ring bearer without his briefcase to carry the rings? This is the perfect way for him to bring the important rings down the aisle.

The Ring Bear: A Wedding Book for Kids

A special ring bearer deserves a special story all about their new position in your important day!

Ring Dude Baby Bib

For your baby ring bearers, they can have their own “name tag” while they keep their special ring bearer clothes clean!

Lego Wedding Favor Set

Get him something unique and fun he can play with while he awaits the big day. 

Ring Bearer Water Bottle

The most important things all laid out on his new water bottle.

Ring Bearer Tumbler

Or, get him a tumbler that shares his ring bearer bear status. 

Pre-Tied Wedding Bow Tie

Ask him with his very own bow tie that he will be wearing on the wedding day. 

Security Teddy Bear and Gift Bag

What a better gift to give your ring bearer than an actual “ring bear”! He’ll love his new friend and new bag to carry all his essentials for the day. 


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