Stocking Stuffers: Ideas for Men

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It’s that time of year again, so time to fill up his stocking! Men tend to be the most difficult when coming up with ideas of what to use as Stocking Stuffers for Men, so we’ve come up with a list of over 100 ideas for you to use!

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Cheap Stocking Stuffers For Men

Stocking Stuffers aren’t meant to be too terribly expensive. You can either set a budget for how much you want to spend for the whole stocking together, or fill the stocking with a few larger items to make it worth while.

A stocking stuffer is not typically something you would wrap under the tree and give as the actual gift. Rather it’s a collection of smaller and cheaper items you can add to the stocking to gift him on Christmas.

Find some affordable options in different stores by searching for small items he would love to have.

Useful Stocking Stuffers For Him

Of course you don’t want to fill his stocking with random stuff he will never use and just throw away. So think of things that he will actually want and that will make sense to him. It’s better to have a stocking of 3 great items he will enjoy than 10 random items that have no purpose.

What Do You Put In A Man’s Christmas Stocking?

Deciding what to put in a mans stocking will depend on the man you are gifting. Think about:

-What He Likes

-What He Needs

-What He Buys For Himself

-What Foods He Likes

-What Hobbies He Has

-What His Job Is

-What Would Be Special For Him

-What His Favorite Snacks Are

-What He Likes To Do


These will give you great starter ideas. Come up with some little gifts that can represent each category.

Themed Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him

If your man loves a sports team, think about filling up his stocking full of his favorite teams products.

If he’s a foodie, he’ll probably appreciate lots of snacks and food toppings.

Does he travel a lot? Fill his whole stocking of things he may need when he travels.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Stocking Stuffers?

We have found some great Stocking Stuffer Products from:

-Dollar Tree

-Target’s Dollar Spot





Really, anywhere you shop, you’re sure to find some cheap stocking stuffer ideas if you think small and affordable.

Here are 101+ Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Him

We know lots of people just want to be told what exactly to buy, so we’ve added some links to direct product ideas you can purchase direct and not even have to leave the house.


Every man loves snacks, so fill up his stocking with some of his favorites. You can even find some very unique snack ideas like this one, this one, and this one!


I’m a fisherman’s wife, so of course I have to add this one to the list! Lures, baits, hooks, etc. are perfect for any guy who likes to go out and fish at least one day of the year. If your guy doesn’t fish, think of something else he likes to do and get him a mini gift from that.


Every businessman should have a favorite pen. Gift him his new fav in his stocking this year!

Hankies/Pocket Squares

Hankies are always a good idea for those men who like to carry one around. Or opt for pocket squares to help jazz up his suits next year.

Hot Sauce

If your man likes hot sauce, this one could be fun. There are all types of interesting ones he’s probably never heard of. Find him some that he can test out and see if he can stand. We like this one, this one, and this one.


Thinking about getting him tickets to his favorite sports team, tickets to the movies, or tickets to a play? Whatever your choice, tickets make a great stocking stuffer.


Add a pair of work gloves he can use. Depending on what he does, you can grab some very affordable gloves at your local tool shop, or maybe some driving gloves or snow gloves if that’s better for him.


If he’s an outdoor guy, he’ll probably want to own a few lighters for camping, cooking outdoors or smoking the occasional cigar.

Headphones Earbuds

Can you ever have enough headphones? How many times does he leave them at work when he heads to the gym? Or leaves them at home when he’s on his commute? Get him and extra set so he can keep them in multiple places.

Phone Chargers

Another one we seem to never have enough of. Extra phone chargers are one of our favorite stocking stuffers for anyone!


Get him the gift of a clean shave with a sharp new razor.

Lottery Tickets

Make it a bit fun and add some lotto tickets to his gift. Cross your fingers and hope he gets lucky!

Tire Pressure Gauge

This is a great tool to have in your car, and small enough for the perfect stocking stuffer.


Add some of his favorite candy to the mix. Does he have a favorite candy he had as a child that may be difficult to find? Look for some old school candy and surprise him on Christmas. Check out some of the most popular candy of each decade!

Special Bottle of Beer

If your guy like trying different craft beers, find him some fun new bottles to try.

Liquor Bottles

Not into beer? Grab some airplane liquor bottles and he can have some spiced hot cocoa later.

Shop Rags

Shop rags are perfect for the guy who likes to work on his car, or get dirty outside.


Headlamps are very handy in lots of different situations. Perfect for emergencies, and definitely if he likes to camp.


My dad instilled in us at a very young age how important flashlights are for emergencies. Add a new one to his collection so he has one wherever he needs.

Gift Cards

Add a $5 gift card to his favorite ice cream, coffee, or refreshment place. Starbucks, Cold Stones, Jamba Juice


Get him a beanie to help keep him warm this winter. He’s probably still wearing his old one that may not be the nicest to look at anymore.


Winter days bring out dry lips, so keep them nice and kissable with some chapstick.


You can add a great decal of his favorite company, team, or funny saying to his stocking. He can add them to his toolbox, computer, car, wherever!

BBQ Tools

Does your man rule the BBQ? Get him some new bbq tools for his next masterpiece, like these grill mats, or this grill scraper tool.

Funny Socks

Men can always use more socks, but instead of his plain ol boring ones, find some funny ones he’ll love to wear to brighten his days.

Bottle Opener

There are so many great options out there for bottle openers now, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Slime/Silly Putty

Who doesn’t like these silly gifts?! And playing with slime or silly putty can be lots of fun and make you feel like a kid again.

Shot Glass

Get him a great shot glass to add to his collection. It can be a favorite team he loves, or a funny one to make him laugh.

Fire Starter Tool

Every outdoorsmen needs a fire starter, especially when they are camping. Get him one like this or this and he’ll be thankful. You can find some affordable ones here and here.


It’s a running joke that everyone gets men ties for Christmas, and it can be a boring gift. But they always seem to need them. Add it to his stocking stuffer so you can save the real gift for something he’ll love.

Whiskey Stones

If he’s a whiskey drinker, he’ll love these whiskey stones. Instead of having watered down whiskey from the ice cubes, he can freeze these and have a nice glass of his favorite whiskey. There are several versions like the classic cube, sports shaped, or you can go the ice mold route, and the ice won’t melt as fast.


He’s sure to always be carrying his keys around, so give him an awesome keychain to make his keys more unique.


Add to his toolbox collection with a cool screwdriver he would love to own. We thought this one was so cool.


Is it about time for him to switch out his wallet? Gift him a cool sleek wallet or another one of his favorite styles.


Keep him smelling fresh after his grooming with some good after shave.

Steak Seasoning

If your honey is a grill master, he will appreciate some new spices and rubs to help make his food top notch.

Micro SD Card

We’re always needing more micro SD Cards for our GoPros and cameras. Get him one so he can keep recording all his adventures.

Money Clip

If he’s not a wallet guy, go for a new money clip. They have some with cool decals and some that come with tools too.


Men wear the same belts over and over and don’t often think of replacing them until they break. Add a new belt to his stocking so he’ll be ahead of the game.

Nerf Gun

Bring a little fun to the stocking with his own personal mini nerf gun. He’ll probably spend a good portion of the day playing with it.

Cuff Links

Help make him look top notch and complete his suit with some great cuff links.

Tie Bar

And add a tie bar for him as well.

Lens Or Screen Cleaning Kit

Now days, everything is a screen or glass. If he wears glasses, get him a new lens cleaning kit. Or a screen cleaning kit for his laptop, computer, tablet, phone, kindle, etc.


Add some gum for him to enjoy in his stocking. Find some of the flavors he use to chew as a boy and bring back some old memories.

Love Coupon Book

Make him a coupon book full of love. Gift him a massage, his favorite dinner, his pick of movie night, etc. Create your own with this, or get pre-made ones like this or this one.

Playing Cards

A deck of cards can be a good stocking stuffer idea, but we prefer to gift him Uno! Check out our favorite versions for Couples Game Nights.

Golf Balls

If he loves to golf, he probably could always use some new golf balls. Find some with cool logos to make them special.

Puzzle Book

Crosswords, Sudoku, Word Searches…these are all great puzzle books for him to take along on his next travel day.


Combs seem to be another thing guys don’t typically think about until it breaks. Get him a pocket comb he can take with him, or a replacement comb for the house.

Phone Holder/Pop Socket

There are so many cool phone holders you can get to make it easier for him to hold his phone throughout the day. Or check out the phone stands for him to prop it up with ease.


How about getting him a bunch of tools in one? He can use a pocket one, or one with all the gadgets. Find some small affordable ones like this handy tool, this Pen Ninja, or this credit card size multi survival tool.

Beef Jerky

Lots of guys love beef jerky, and you can get a subscription or a variety pack as well! Some awesome options are this one and this one.

Drain Snake

No more worrying about clogged drains again. He can snake the drains in minutes with this nifty tool, or ones like this! We have also found these at the dollar store, if you’re out and about.


We love games, and think it’s a great idea to add these to his stocking stuffers! You can find mini travel games, dice games, and small boxed games as well.


Better yet, get a personalized hammer with something special engraved. Or a hammer with his teams favorite logo.


Keep him wrapped up nice and warm with a new scarf he can wear all winter.

Car Freshener

Time to get that car smelling fresh again. Buy him a nice car freshener he can use to enjoy during his drives.

Pocket Planner

Yes we all have phones and technology can take car of this, but for those who still like the traditional paper planner, add a new year pocket planner for him to use all year long.

Knife Sharpener

Gotta keep his knives sharp, and what better way than with a real knife sharpener. Better than having him try it his way!


He’s probably always using batteries and can probably use some more. This is more of a practical stocking stuffer gift for him, but one that is sure to be put to good use.

Shaving Cream

Get him some new shaving cream he can use to keep his face nice and smooth.


Raid the cheap DVD bin at Wal-Mart and find some funny ones or classics to add to his collection.


Throw in a new toothbrush for the new year. Get a fun one instead of his typical boring toothbrush so he can see it every day.

Bow Tie

Get him a fancy bow tie for your next formal event together.

Specialty Coffee

If he’s a coffee lover, find some specialty blends he can enjoy on his days off.

House Key

Spruce up his keys with a new decorated house key. You can have it pre-cut, or give him the key to have him go cut it, so you’re sure it’s a good match. You can find these at your local hardware store, or places like Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. But here are some of our favs you probably won’t find in stores: Gun Key, Sword Key, Tool Key and a whole collection of different keys.

Thumb Drive

Does he have files he’s always sending back and forth? Get him a thumb drive to make it easier.

Book Light

If he likes to read at night, you can get one of these book lights so he doesn’t have to keep the light on keeping everyone up.

Travel Size Cologne

He probably doesn’t buy much or any of his cologne himself, get him a new travel scent for him to try out.

Meat Thermometer

Perfect for the Grill Master or chef in your house. He can make the perfect steak!

Eye Glass Repair Kit

Get him a Kit for when and if his glasses break. It’s always better to be prepared for it than to not have anything you need when it happens.

Hair Gel

Add in some of his favorite hair gel that he may be running out of.

Luggage Tag

Heading out for a trip soon? Find a cool new luggage tag he can add to his bag.


Mini Flasks can fit in a stocking great and you can even have them engraved if you wanted.

Back Scratcher

We use to get my dad one of these each year, and it was always well received. You can get a set of 2, a Bamboo wood back scratcher, or an extended one.

Pocket Knife

Men and their tools. Give him his new favorite pocket knife he can carry around with him.

Collapsible Travel Bottle

These things are so cool. Lightweight and they don’t take up much room, but he’ll always have a place to add drinking water to while he’s out.

Stress Ball

A stress ball for his office would be a fun stocking stuffer.


Grab a good paperback you think he’ll enjoy and he can have hours of reading pleasure.

Travel Adapters

If he travels to foreign countries, he’ll need travel adapters for all his electronics.

Trick Puzzle Games

We found a few of these, and my husband could not get enough.

Canned Nuts

Add in some specialty nuts with all different flavors.

Desk Supplies

If he has an office at work, think of some office supplies he might need, or ones he might want to replace.

Tape Measure

Get him a cool new tape measure. You can find mini keychain ones, or digital ones too.

Hand Warmers

If he’s outside running, on his morning commute, or anywhere his hands can get really cold, he’ll be thanking you for these.

Glasses Case

He could probably use a new glasses case, since it’s probably the same one he got when he first got the glasses.


Find a cool magnet he can use in his man cave, at the office, or on the fridge.

Popcorn Toppings

New flavored Popcorn toppings are always fun. He can transform popcorn into any flavor treat he desires.

Christmas Ornament

Let him add a silly new Christmas ornament to the tree this year.


If he travels a lot, fishes different lakes, or goes on hikes, a paper map is a great idea.

Note Pad

Make a personalized note pad for him to use in his office with a cool quote or funny saying on each page.

Drill Bits

Another tool that is probably a bit used and run down, so he can probably use a fresh set.

Car Charger

Help him stay charged at all times with a new car charger for his phone.


A practical but needed gift for men.

Cell Phone Case

Is his cell phone case looking a bit worn? Get him a new one to protect his phone better.


Keep his breath nice and fresh with a box of mints he can carry with him.


Especially if he’s a hiker, a compass would be a great idea when he’s out of cell phone service and off the path.

Guitar Picks

Does he play guitar? Get him some new picks to play with.


Grab some specialty cigars for him to enjoy during a celebration throughout the year.

Beard Oil

If your man has a beard, help keep it tame and looking fresh with some great beard oil.


You can add in patches of his favorite brand, team, saying so he can use them on his hats, luggage, or display them.

When you’re working on filling up his stocking, just remember to try to work with what he likes…and stay away from junk that’s just going to take up space and get thrown away later. Stockings are fun little extras to spoil him on the day and give him a few fun presents that don’t cost a ton.

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