Experience Gifts For Couples

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Ever feel like you just have too much stuff? Buying presents for your loved ones and it just feels boring and not exciting? If you have a couple you are gifting, it’s time to switch it up and start doing Experience Gifts for Couples!

Experience Gifts are for people to create memories instead of things. They help you give and receive gifts that are more meaningful and add value to your life.

Instead of giving another physical gift, why not help them start making memories that will last a life time? We’ve come up with some awesome ideas you can give for an experience gift for couples.

You can even find some other great ideas by checking out our Best Date Ideas post and see how you can gift a couple a fun date.

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Where to Purchase

When you’re looking to purchase an experience gift, you can either book it direct with the date and everything, or you can gift a gift certificate, so they can redeem it when the time is right for them.

Find some awesome deals on sites like Cloud 9 Living, Living Social, Groupon, and the like.

How to Gift An Experience Gift

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how you can gift experience gifts. Of course you can write up a paper explaining what your gift is, but we like to find little items that represent the gift and put together a little gift basket. You can get items they may need for the experience, or something that represents what they are going to be doing.

Whether you’re gifting for your own significant other, or if you are gifting a couple yourself, we have rounded up some great ideas to get your creativity going.

Experience Gifts For Couples Ideas

Race-Car Driving

If you’re looking for Bucket List worthy ideas, driving a race car on a race track is up there! You can actually purchase passes for something like this on sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Cloud 9 Living.

For Race-car driving, we recommend racing with Xtreme Xperience. B and I had the time of our lives racing around the track in a Porsche and a Lamborghini! We also got to ride as passengers while a race car driver raced us around the track. See our experience with Xtreme Xperience.

Sky Diving

Sky diving has become very affordable over the years, and is a huge bucket list check for many. Grab a pair of passes to jump out of a plane together and experience flying with a parachute.

Swimming with Sharks

The ultimate is shark cage diving with Great White in Africa, but you can find more experiences closer to where you are traveling. You can shark cage dive in Hawaii, and even swim with sharks out of the cage there too. Book a snorkel trip somewhere you might be able to see smaller sharks, if the larger ones are too much for you.

Subscription Boxes

A subscription box would be a fun gift to give. Yes, many of them are physical products, but we tend to like the ones that are more activity based. Like the date night boxes, where you have a full pre-planned date and all the items you need to enjoy the date in the box that comes to your house once a month! Planning someones date night for them, is something they will be thankful for.

We are also loving the Murder Mystery and Escape Room boxes we have been seeing around.


Book them a fun tour wherever you are traveling. Even if you aren’t traveling, you can still find a cool tour in a town near you. Find walking tours, and pub crawls, Segway tours and restaurant hopping tours. There’s for sure to be ones you have never heard of when you start looking.

Let Them Choose The Adventure

Not sure what kind of experience they might like, or want to give them the option to pick their own? Get a gift card to a site like Groupon, Living Social, Cloud 9 Living, etc.

Escape Rooms

One of our favorite things to do together is an Escape Room. You have 60 minutes to solve clues, puzzles and riddles to escape a room. Each room has a new theme and can be lots of fun trying out different ones.

You can purchase passes or tickets for a certain Escape Room and can have teams of up to 10 at some places. Get all your friends together and have everyone join. We tend to see cheaper prices for the more people you book with.

If you are gifting an Escape Room, try getting a gift card to it rather than booking it direct, so they can figure out a time that works for them to go.

Couple’s Massage

Gift a Couple’s Massage! What better way to relax and unwind than getting a massage with your significant other? There are several different packages you can choose from, and even do ones on the beach, or in a fun location you wouldn’t think about.

Meal Kits

You’ve probably seen them around, HelloFresh, Blue Apron, HomeChef, etc…these companies will send you boxes filled with meal kits. Each meal kit comes with the recipe and all the ingredients you need to make it for dinner. You can choose how many meals a week or month you want shipped to your door.

These kits are so fun to make. Couples can enjoy making new recipes together and have a nice meal after.

Flying an Airplane

I had always wanted to fly a plane, and one day we were looking on Groupon and saw a deal where we could both fly together. We jumped on it and booked for the very next day! Get them some flying lessons to learn the real deal, or they can jump right in and fly a small plane or helicopter with some of the flight experiences out there.

Wine of the Month Club

Or beer, or cheese, or fruit. Any type of food they might love, get them a membership to the month club. Each month they will be sent different types of wine they can enjoy for the month, and new ones will arrive the next month. It’s like an unending gift of their favorite thing!


Purchase a fun class they can take. Cooking class, dancing lessons, a class at a college, painting class, glass blowing…there are so many options. It can be an in person class or something online. But either way, they’ll be learning a new skill or hobby.

Comedy Show

Take them out to a comedy show. Whether it’s a famous comedian they love to laugh to, or an unknown that’s performing local, a comedy show is a fun idea to get out and get laughing together.

Sports Games

Especially if they have a favorite team, buying a ticket to a sport’s game will be a gift they will love. I was able to take my dad to his first NFL game, and we love gifting him Dodger tickets on random years. When we all go enjoy a game together, that’s a much better gift than another tie.

House Cleaner

Gift them a clean house! Everyone gets busy and if you know they are doing too many things, you can help take one to do off their plate and gift them a house cleaner. This can be a one time deal of deep cleaning, or a monthly thing where the house cleaner can come once a month to tidy up.

12 Months of Dates

Get them the gift of not having to plan their dates for a year! It’s a gift that has 12 months of dates where they can go out and do the date that is in the envelope, one each month. Check out our 12 Months of Date Ideas to see how to set it up.

Shooting Range

Take them out to the shooting range for a day. You can purchase the ammo early or get it at the range. There are indoor shooting ranges where you can practice your target skills with a hand gun, or take your shot at shooting clay pigeons outdoors.

Indoor Skydiving

There are indoor skydiving places popping up everywhere lately. We always have fun when we head to iFLY. You suit up in your skydiving suit and go into a huge wind tunnel that makes you feel like you’re falling from the sky. You’ll have an instructor in there teaching you what to do and how to maneuver and you can move up levels and learn to do tricks the more you go.

Bungee Jumping

I always said I would never go bungee jumping…until I traveled to Queenstown, New Zealand, the bungee capital of the world. And man, what a exhilarating experience! If you have an Adeline junkie to buy for, check out any bungee jumping locations around them. They’re sure to have an experience of a lifetime!

Restaurant Gift

Gift Cards to restaurants is never a bad idea. Who doesn’t like going out to eat and not having to cook for themselves. This way, you’re giving them a break and a good meal…plus a night out.

Wine Tasting

You can send them to a wine tasting, or a winery tour around them. If they’re fans of wine, they’ll love this gift, and will be able to try different types they may have never had before. If they’re more into beer, do a brewery tour with a flight tasting.


Going on a sailing trip is one thing that’s still on my bucket list. There are great deals around where they can learn to sail, or go on a nice sail boat and just relax.

Picnic Lunch

Pack up a picnic lunch and take them out for the day. They’ll enjoy the time spent with you much more than they will another new sweater.

Amusement Park

Gift them a ticket to an Amusement or Theme Park. Or even an annual pass! Some places have buy a day get a year free, so be sure to check out those deals when they are available. A day at a theme park can be lots of fun when they get to walk around, ride the roller coasters, and eat some good amusement park food. And if they have a year pass, it’s a gift that will keep giving all year ‘round.

Airbnb Getaway

How about booking them a weekend away in a nice Airbnb? You can gift them a gift card they can use for their next trip, or book a certain house for them to go vacation. Airbnb’s are also great for staycations when you can’t travel but still want a getaway.

Dinner on the Willis Tower

We still know it as the Sear’s Tower, but did you know you can have a very private and romantic dinner on top of one of the tallest buildings in the US?! It’s called “Pie in The Sky” and was one of our favorite dinners ever.

If you’re in a different state, check to see what other really tall or famous buildings you can eat at the top.

Tickets to a Play

If there’s a cool play coming to town or a large city near you, pick up 2 tickets to go see it with them. You can get all dressed up and have fun watching the play after a nice dinner together.

Movie Night Basket

Put together a basket full of movie night essentials. Fill it with popcorn, snacks, some glass bottled cokes, a cozy blanket, and some good DVD’s, for a perfect movie night at home.

You can get creative and make it a themed movie basket depending on what movie you choose.

Hair Services

How about paying for their next hair cut, style, or color? You can give a gift certificate to their favorite salon or barber, or to a dry bar so they can get their hair styled for their next special event.


Take them zip-lining! Put together a fun day full of adventures and add in a Zip-Line tour while you’re at it. Check to see if there are any fun zip-line parks near you and make it a day trip.


Buy them passes to their favorite snowboarding mountain. Or a gift certificate for them to rent their gear. There are annual passes available to some ski mountains as well.

Rock Climbing

No, you don’t have to be super skilled and have all the equipment to go rock climbing. There are actually rock climbing gyms you can check out. You can buy a day pass and enjoy climbing all over the walls with mats below, so you don’t have to worry about not being good. It’s a great way to learn and get good enough to go rock climbing outdoors.

Concert Tickets

If you know their favorite band or artist, get them some tickets to the next concert in town. Wrap up a certificate they can turn in to you to purchase the tickets for the date they want, or buy the tickets for them if you know what day they will go.

Pontoon Ride

Go out on a pontoon boat on the lake. If its a large lake, they’re likely to have boat rentals. Take a few couples with you and have a fun day on the water with music, food and drinks.


Whether it’s a lazy river rafting trip, or riding the white water rapids, taking a rafting trip is a fun and unique gift to give.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Give them a gift card to go stand up paddle boarding, or take them and rent their board one day. It’s a fun way to workout your core and be out on the water at the same time.


Gift a fishing license for the day, month, or year. You’ll need some of their information to actually purchase the fishing license, so you can always get them a certificate for it, or find out what info you need from them and try to get it that way. Each state has different laws and prices, so check out your state to see how much it will cost.

And take them on a fishing trip! You can book a deep sea fishing excursion in the ocean, or rent a boat and go out on the lake. Pack a lunch and enjoy your day fishing out on the boat.

Bike Ride

Rent some bikes and take a bike ride around town. Or better yet, gift them a bike ride excursion on your next vacation or trip.

Helicopter Ride

One of the coolest activities is to go on a helicopter ride over beautiful lands. We flew over the volcano in Hawaii when we were younger, and had a chance to fly over our mountains where we were living last year. They have helicopter rides over major cities, and the Grand Canyon. Find an awesome spot to fly over and book a bucket list helicopter ride.

Go-Kart Passes

We were gifted annual Go-Kart passes at my bridal shower and it was the coolest gift ever. We were able to use the passes at our convenience and got to enjoy go-kart driving whenever we wanted. It was always fun to add it to the list while we were out on the town.


Take them on a cruise! It doesn’t have to be an expensive cruise either, there are so many affordable options these days. And the best part about a cruise is that all the planning is already done for you.

Museum Passes

Get them a membership to their favorite museum. They can go see their favorite exhibits and new exhibits coming in each month whenever they want. And members typically get some extra perks as well.

Movie Passes

How about gifting them some passes to the movie theater? Some theaters even have monthly passes where they can go see lots of movies throughout the month for one price. Gift cards to the movies are easy to get and almost everyone enjoys heading out for a new movie once in a while.

Get a Movie Theater Gift Card here.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Another bucket list activity is to ride in a Hot Air Balloon! It’s actually really calm up there and the craziest thing being up in a basket in the sky. Gift a romantic ride on a balloon, and they’ll remember this gift for a very long time.


Enjoy a day playing paintball together. Gift them some passes to play and some money to rent their equipment and buy paint balls. You can play for the whole day, or play a few rounds.

Spa Day

A gift certificate to a spa is a great gift for anyone who needs to relax and unwind. You can usually book a spa pass for an affordable price, it’s the spa services that end up being extra. We’ve done a spa day and just used the spa facilities for a few hours and had the best time.

Horseback Riding

Buy a Groupon for horseback riding near them. It’s a great way to find something that they’ve may have never done before, or to spark an interest they didn’t even know they had.

Dinner Cruise

Instead of a full cruise, gift them dinner on a cruise ship. Lots of places have cruises that will sail around the harbor and the bay while you eat a nice dinner on the ship. You can enjoy the evening watching the sunset, have some good food, drinks and dancing.

National Park Pass

We recommend getting the America The Beautiful Pass that will allow them to go into any National Park around the whole country for free for an entire year. And its a great deal too! They can have so many great adventures all year long, exploring our beautiful country.


Book them a photo shoot they can do with you, or with their family. If you’re gifting a couple, they can do a couple’s photo shoot together. You can book the photo shoot package and have them book the appointment when they’re available to do it.

Scavenger Hunt / Murder Mystery

We did a scavenger hunt murder mystery for my bachelorette this year, and it was the coolest thing. We are all wanting to do another one as soon as possible. There are places you can book a tour, where they will give you a folder with all the clues and you get to run around town and find out what happened, and who did it, while competing against other teams.

Definitely a unique gift!

Camping Trip

Book a camping trip and take them somewhere they’ve never been. Or somewhere they absolutely love. Go camping on the beach, or in the mountains. We went camping on an island next to Alcatraz called Angel Island State Park, and it was such a cool place to camp!


Purchase some bowling passes and enjoy an evening hitting the lanes. You can even do cosmic bowling where you bowl in the dark with neon lights all night long.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag was always so much fun as a kid, but playing as an adult is almost better. It’s fun to get out and do something you haven’t done in a long time. You can do a whole gift of laser tag plus another fun activity they have at the facility and make it a whole day trip.

Unique Hotel

Another really fun gift idea is to book a unique hotel. Something like a Snow Castle or a Glass Igloo…a tree house, or a glamping tent on the beach.


Get them passes to a golf course or a gift certificate for mini golf or Top Golf. Each of these are fun ways to play golf, and if they don’t know how to play, you can’t go wrong with mini golf and Top Golf.

Game Night

Plan a game night as the gift, and let them take home the game of the night. Get everyone together for a fun Couple’s Game Night and have everyone bring their favorite snacks and drinks and make a whole night of it.

Ice Cream Gift Card

My favorite gift cards are always to the ice cream shops! If they love ice cream, they’ll love having their desserts paid for and will probably even take you along with them!

Train Ride

Take them on a train ride! It’s such a fun way to get somewhere that is kind of a lost luxury. It’s even better if you can take an old-school train ride somewhere far away. With this one, you’re enjoying the journey and not just the destination.

Spotify/Pandora Gift Card

Get them the gift of their favorite tunes all year long. You can pay for their subscription and have them listening to all their favorite music wherever they go.

Audible Gift Card

If they love to read, an Audible Gift Card would be the perfect gift. You can get a subscription on Amazon where they can download all their favorite books and read whatever they want. And Amazon usually have several months for a free trial too!

Check out how to gift a Whole Year of Amazon’s Audible Account!

Language App

If you know they are working on learning a new language, gift them a subscription to a well-known language app so they can practice wherever they go.


Not a friend of camping? Good thing glamping is in. Glamping is the nicer version of camping, where some places have nice tents set up with full mattresses and furniture. It’s a way to still get outdoors without worrying about being outdoors.

Kayak Trip

You can get them a fun kayak trip. Did you know R.E.I. does trips like this?! They’ll take you out to some pretty cool locations and set you up with everything you need. Or you can get them a gift card to somewhere to rent kayaks.

Unique Restaurant

Find a really cool restaurant that they’d love to try and get them a gift card with reservations. There are ice restaurants where your table and chair are actually made of a block of ice, and your drinks come in ice glasses as well. Or have dinner in an igloo in Chicago, on the top of the Space Needle, or on a ship in the harbor.

Flower/ Chocolate Subscription

What’s better than getting chocolate and/or flowers? Getting them every month! Buy them a whole year worth of chocolate and flowers that they can look forward to every month. I’d take that over some new sheets any day.

Magazine Subscription

Magazine subscriptions are so cheap these days. Gift them one that they can get every single month and stay up to date with all their favorite articles.

You can get A Year of their Favorite Magazine Subscriptions here!

Personal Chef

Hire them a personal chef for the night! Yes, its a thing, and its awesome. The chef can come to their house and cook an award winning meal for them, or you can find a chef that will go to their house and teach them how to make a recipe too.

Tough Mudder Race

There are so many races out there these days, like the Tough Mudder, half-triathalons, and Spartan Races. Purchase their spot in the race and let them train up to run one they’ve been wanting to sign up for.

Swimming with Dolphins/Manta Rays/Whale Sharks, etc.

If you know they are heading out to a cool trip soon, gift them a snorkel trip to go see whatever sea animal that place is best known for. They can swim with dolphins, rays, sharks, and so many other awesome sea creatures.

Gym Membership

Buy their gym membership for them. Or a membership to classes like Zumba, yoga, kick-boxing, etc. It’s something they would buy themselves, but now they can spend their money how they want.

Bed and Breakfast

Book a hotel stay for a night just so they can get out of the house and do something new. It could be a great staycation and/or date night too! (Babysit their kids for the night to make it even better!)

Batting Cages

Take them out to the batting cages for a fun day. Bring or rent all their gear and get all the tokens they can manage to keep hitting homers all day long.

Arcade Day

A fun day at the arcade is something they’re likely to enjoy. You can purchase a day pass, or a pass for a certain number of tokens so they can play as long as they want.

City Pass

City pass is a cool pass that allows you to do some of the major tourist attractions in each major city. You can get a pass so they can go explore some of the city they haven’t before. There’s bound to be some highlights they have missed.

Jet Ski

Rent them some jet skis. This is an awesome adrenaline pumping experience gift they are sure to love. They can head out to the closest ocean or lake around them and enjoy the day ripping it as fast as they can.


This is another one on our bucket list, and is a super unique idea. If they love anything crazy, they’ll probably love trying out flyboarding. It’s like flying over the water with a jetpack.

Destruction Room

The newest craze are the destruction rooms. You get a certain amount of time to go in a special room and destroy as much as you want. Definitely a stress reliever.

Race-Car Ride Along

If they’re not too sure about racing in their own car, we recommend trying the ride-along. It’s such a crazy experience flying around a race track the way they do.

Hang Gliding

Another fun adventure gift would be to go hang-gliding. Get them a certificate to go out one day and try something they’ve never done before.

No matter what you choose as an experience gift, they are sure to love it much more than a physical gift you can give them. Life is all about time and the people we love, so an experience gift gives them both…time with the people they love.

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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