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If you know me, or you have followed this blog, you know I am all about Bucket Lists!  I love finding once-in-a-lifetime adventures to continue adding to my list, and not just adding to my to-do list, but adding it to my DONE list!

From the moment I discovered sky lanterns, and the beauty and emotion they bring, I’ve put it on my list.  I always thought I would have to travel out of the country to go to a Sky Lantern event, but I found an awesome company who makes this possible here in the states!

 The Lights Fest Promo Code - sky Lantern event - Looking for where you can send off a sky lantern in your area?  Look no further than The Lights Fest!  You can send up your wish, in a lighted lantern near you! 


The Lights Fest has lots of opportunities around the country, for you to go and experience this, and one just happened to be a couple hours from us.  So, we grabbed our friends and headed out.

We got our tickets through the website, and even paid for parking right on the site too.  The price goes up the closer the date gets, so be sure to grab your ticket asap.

The Event

The actual lantern event didn’t start until 8 pm for us, but check in ended at 6pm, so everyone had to be there by 6 to get your lanterns.  With the purchase of each ticket, you get a marker, mini flashlight, and a lantern for each paying adult.

When we got there, it was drizzling a little, and all I could do was pray for clear weather soon.  I was so excited about the event, that I didn’t even think about bringing a chair, as I thought we would be totally fine sitting on a blanket.  (This SoCal girl is not use to rain!)  So, rain, plus wet ground, makes it not a great idea to sit on a blanket.  Lucky for me, I have a super resourceful boyfriend, and he had a mini tarp in the trunk!  Yay! We laid it out, with blankets on top, and watched some of the entertainment they had for everyone.  A comedy juggling act, and a band kept everyone busy while waiting for nightfall.  There was also a booth selling some food, a bar open, and some people selling some handmade treasures.

They sent up a test lantern, and actually had to do another one because of the wind.  When they gave us the all clear, everyone rushed to the tiki torches to light their lanterns, and music started playing.  We thought we would just make our own fire with a lighter…spoiler alert…not a good idea! It took us a long time to get it going, and we quickly figured out that the tiki torches were the best way.

It was amazing watching hundreds of lanterns flying high in the sky as the music played.  I did have to stop myself from worrying too much about my lantern, and to watch all of the lanterns flying above us.  It was a beautiful scene! Something I think everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Our First Attempt With A lighter


-Be sure to grab a seat by the tiki torches, as you’ll want to use these to light your lanterns.

-Lighters don’t work the way you would hope.  So again…tiki torches!

-Be sure to enjoy the moment too.  Worrying about getting your lantern up with everyone in the first wave, can make you miss whats going on around you.  There are tons of people there, so there will be lanterns flying up for a while.  Take a moment to enjoy what is going on.

-Check the weather…but just cause it’s drizzling, doesn’t mean the event won’t go on.  Lots of prayers for good weather, and be ready to fly them high!

-Make sure your lantern is pulling from you before you let go…and push it up towards the sky.  I can’t tell you how many lanterns were just falling right away, and running into other people because they weren’t letting them fill all the way up.

Second attempt with Tiki Torches

Check out to see where there is one near you!!

And use Code: ” WTGS5 ” at checkout for $5 Off each ticket!!

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