Things to do in Door County, Wisconsin – Sturgeon Bay

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Looking for things to do in Door County?  Here’s what we did during our fun weekend in Sturgeon Bay!

Sturgeon Bay is a quaint little city in Door County, Wisconsin.  Definitely a change of pace from where I’m from, but boy does it have a lot to offer.

B had a fishing tourney there, and any time he’s off on an adventure, I always try to tag along.  I quickly found Sturgeon Bay has so many fun things to do that it would be so much better with a friend.

So I invited my friend who just so happens to be the wife of B’s fishing partner for the tournament.  We had a blast!  The downtown area was just as quaint as you’d imagine a small town to be.  Awesome Ma & Pop shops, a great candy store, and beautiful views of the bay.  But don’t let that quietness of downtown fool you, Sturgeon Bay knows how to do Summer right!

We just happened to catch them while they were having their annual lighthouse festival, side pork festival, and Steel Bridge Songfest, all in the same weekend.  Not to mention their Farmer’s Market and huge library sale that we got list in for over an hour!  To be quite honest, I was a little worried about finding something to do for 3 days, but every day we were busy till the boys called.

The Highlights

The Chicago Fire Boat

It’s just as cool as it sounds.  You can take a cruise on the old Chicago Fire Boat.  They have morning and afternoon cruises every day, and a sunset/cocktail cruise on Friday and Saturday evenings.

We took the evening cruise the first night we were there, and it just so happened to be a special event, so it was actually a dessert cruise…my favorite!

It was so relaxing to take a nice leisurely cruise on the bay for about an hour and a half.  Beautiful views as the sun set and entertainment too!

They let us hold the firehose, and spray it off the side of the boat.  Come on, who gets to do that?! (Don’t be one of those “too cool for school” people who don’t get up to hold it….it’s pretty awesome.

They even came out and played games with us, and there may or may not be a special Dalmatian on board! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Door County Adventure Center

If you are ever in Door County, you have to look up Door County Adventure Center.  They offer all kinds of adventures throughout the county.  We decided to do the ZipLine/Kayak package.  We had it booked for Saturday, but it was super windy that day, so we had to reschedule the kayak potion of the tour to Sunday.  We still did the ZipLine as scheduled.

I really recommend doing the one in Sturgeon Bay.  They have this unique thing called the “Flying Squirrel”, that you’ll want to do, and that was just the cherry on top of our experience.  It doesn’t look like much when you pull up, but it is definitely an adrenaline rush.

You’re climbing ladders and jumping off platforms to shoot across the field, and they teach you all you need to do, so by the time you’re on your last line, you are hooking yourself up like a pro.  (Don’t worry, they’ll double check your work and walk you through it if need be.)

It’s 3 lines in all, and the super fun “Flying Squirrel”, where you are launched up high in the air like you’re flying…just like Peter Pan! Definitely a must do.  Or if you’re more into zipping through trees and stuff, check out their other locations too.

Door County Adventure Center Kayaking

The next day, it was time for kayaking…in Lake Michigan! Over a shipwreck, and into some caves, in their Cave and Dunes Kayak Adventure.  (Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of this one, since I didn’t have the GoPro…but I took pictures when we got back of where we went)

The weather was not our friend yet again that morning, so we weren’t able to see or make it out to the shipwreck, and just got to the caves but stayed far out because of the wind.  (Better safe than sorry!)  Still, it was a fun tour, and how many people can say they’ve kayaked in Lake Michigan?!  It was for sure a great experience!

Sturgeon Bay is a beautiful place in Wisconsin, and so many places we stopped made me think of a Nicholas Sparks novel…

I mean, come on!  

It’s definitely a great weekend getaway in the midwest.  Plus, they are a top spot in the nation for bass fishing!  Which makes B happy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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