Destination Wedding Planning Advice- Sandals Resorts

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Krystal and Chris’s
Destination Wedding

VenueSandals and Beaches all inclusive resorts,  Makeup/Hair-Red Lane Spa ,  Wedding Planner– Jenna S
Photography and Videography-Jonathon Griffith & Oliver Seal

So I just want to say before I go into bullets that I am very happy with our decision to do the sandals wedding. Our wedding team, our photographer, videographer, and the amazing ladies who did our hair and make up seriously made our day extra special. I have never been to a sandals resort before this but I will definitely be going back and I know that Sandals Grande St Lucian will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life. The wedding and the whole vacation itself was life changing and magical. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

1.  Pros and Cons of Sandals Weddings


  • Stress Free from start to finish

  • Beautiful Place

  • Vacation, Wedding, and Honeymoon all in one

  • Best days of my life

  • ALL of sandals staff is amazing they go above and beyond

  • It was everything I could of dreamed of and more

  • The wedding day and whole stay at resort was fantastic


  • We saved up for two years to take this trip(worth it and also had no outside help)

  • Only had 10 people come to the wedding(if you are big on family and friends this might not be for you, who ever shows up is who really wants to be there)

  • The day went by to fast

2.  Easy Planning

Sandals has a lot of extras for people planning their wedding and honeymoon, the whole entire stay is amazing. I would not change one thing about what we did for the wedding. Planning is a breeze through sandals you are assigned a pre wedding planner that helps you plan your wedding via email and phone when you arrive you have a wedding team and they help you finalize everything, my husband helped me look through the website and pick things you could plan your wedding in 1 hour if you really wanted.

If you are a control freak and want to pick every detail to your wedding this might not be for you, they have a lot of options through look books and are willing to let you bring your own stuff just keep in mind and look on the website before you rule anything out they have really beautiful things for the reception and ceremony.

Check out these destination wedding decor ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.

3.  Do the Extras

-We paid extra money to do the twilight hour but the photos are phenomenal and the sunset is so beautiful it really set the scene and made the day more magical.

-We also did the sand ceremony which has beautiful symbolism and was a really fun add on and a part of St Lucia that we got to take home with us.

-The candlelight dinner is really romantic and worth the extra money.

-Pay Red Lane Spa extra money to do your hair and make up you will not be disappointed.

4.  Be Ready For Extra Expenses

You will need to have a passport to go to any of the sandals or beaches resorts so that is an extra expense to keep in mind. They will help you book your flight and also have an option to include flight prices when you are booking depending how far in advance you book it. Book extra tours while you are there you will not be disappointed with any that you choose we did three while we were there for ten days

5.  Travel Tips

I would suggest bringing more cash and using your card for back up there aren’t ATMs at the resort and getting cash is kind of difficult

Do not over pack! Bring essentials for wedding and bathing suits, cover ups, and dresses for dinner make sure to read the dress code or you might not be able to eat at certain restaurants

6.  Be Prepared for Sun

Make sure to wear sunscreen while you are there before the wedding I also recommend that you and hubby to be tan and get some sort of a base before you go and keep applying sunscreen all day long so you do not burn before the wedding it is really easy to do so apply it more than you think you should

7.  Check Etsy

I used etsy for my robes and a lot of my accessories etsy = best friend.

Be sure to bring the accessories you want and check with your pre wedding planner if you aren’t sure on something

8.  Unique Experiences

My husband was drinking a cocktail with his feet in the ocean an hour before the wedding, he was pretty happy about that and I know no where else would they be able to do that.

Do your research one sandals might be better for you and your hubby depending on your interests.

9.  Warning: You Might Fall in Love Again

We had the best time ever and I plan to go to every sandals resort now that we have experienced this.  It was nothing short of amazing and I cannot wait to return.   I ask my husband almost every day if we can get married again Haha

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