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B and I are just about one month out from our wedding day, which is insane! It has come up so fast, even though by the time we get married, we will have been engaged for just over a year and a half. Crazy!

We have had such a blast planning the wedding of our dreams, and I have to credit a lot of that to our perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue in Southern California, Heritage Hill in Murrieta.

When we first started talking about our wedding, B and I both wanted the freedom to do exactly what we wanted for the big day. So we started our search for the best DIY venues, or at least venues that would allow you to plan your own day without having to buy their packages that just didn’t fit us. Let me tell you, this wasn’t an easy task at all. There are several venues that require you to hire their people, pay for their bar, etc. And we just didn’t love that at all.

So when we found Heritage Hill, we knew we had struck gold. Plus, the venue is Ah-maze-ing!

We had a couple things we did not want to give up on our wedding day, and Heritage Hill has allowed us to do everything we could have asked for. First off, our guest list…

Guest List

Our Guest List was the most important thing for us throughout this entire wedding planning process. We were willing to give up whatever we wanted as long as that meant we could invite all of our Must Have people to our wedding. Having space for all of our family and friends was the most important thing for us. If we fell in love with a venue that could only hold 50 when we had 100 people, we were willing to give up that venue. Luckily for us, our number one pick for venues allowed us to bring in as many people as we wanted!


The venue was the second thing we looked for after we set our guest list, and we were thrilled they had the space for everyone we wanted to invite. After our guest list, the next thing at the top of our list was to have an outdoor wedding AND reception. We found lots of places to host an outdoor wedding, but not reception. That is until we discovered Heritage Hill.

Heritage Hill is a beautiful property situated on a hilltop in Murrieta, California. Murrieta is the neighboring city to Temecula, which is known to be Southern California’s wine country. And Heritage Hill has views of it all. There are mountains all around, with the valley below, so this outdoor venue was perfect for our vision

Having an outdoor wedding also allowed us to cut back on decor, since the outdoors itself with the trees, plants, and views all gave us the decor. They already have the terrace set up, a dance floor and outlets all ready, with strings of lights above between the trees.


Of all our vendors, this was one of the most important things for us to be able to choose on our own. We definitely did not want the traditional chicken or beef plated meal. (Not knocking those who love that, but it was just not our thing). We wanted to be able to bring in our own type of food and pick our own vendors, and Heritage Hill allowed us to do just that. Of course, they have to be licensed and insured but that left us with all of our options.


After food, the bar tab can be one of the most expensive parts of your reception as well, and some places make you hire their own bar. I know of a wedding that actually had to pay to have the bar closed. We knew we wanted to bring in our own drinks to cut cost there, and found some great deals through several companies to create our own bar. And we saved A TON! All because Heritage Hill gave us the freedom to do our own thing.


If you are going to have your own DIY wedding, you are most likely going to need to bring in all of your own rentals. Furniture, chairs, table, dance floor, bar, etc. At Heritage Hill, we were able to bring in our own set-ups that we wanted, but we also did NOT have to worry about things like chairs and tables, and the dance floor, which makes it a lot easier for us DIY brides.


We kind of mentioned decor and how we are able to save money, since Heritage Hill has such a beautiful location. The views and the trees are almost more than enough decor for the wedding. The wedding ceremony is on a cliff top that has the most stunning view, and there really isn’t much you need to do to add to it. We are adding flowers and table decor, but that is pretty much it for our venue.

If you are a DIY bride getting married in Southern California, we cannot recommend Heritage Hill Wedding Venue enough! You will love the scenery, enjoy a beautiful outdoor wedding, and be well taken care of by the staff, all while being able to have the perfect wedding of your dreams. You can make your vision come to life and do everything you want at this unique outdoor Southern California Wedding Venue.

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