Best Gifts for Teenage Boys

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If you thought that teenage girls were hard to shop for, you should try shopping for teenage boys! They can be particular, and definitely not easy to shop for. I always find using gift guides to mark recipients off of my shopping list helpful, so here’s some high-demand gifts to get for the teenager in your life!

  *This Post Contains Affiliate Links

*This post contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! See our full disclosure policy here.*

1. Remote Control Drone: this drone is a best seller and at SUCH a great price, just under $40! It’s one of those things that’ll keep the boys busy for hours, and it gets them outside which is an added bonus!

2. Slim Wallet: teenage years are when licenses and debit cards typically get involved…so getting a nice compact wallet for a teen is practical and something they’ll love! This wallet is just $16 and has RFID blocking technology which is so essential these days. It’s very wear resistant too, which is great for young boys!

3. Mushroom LED Lamp: how fun is this?! It’s simple to use and charge using your computer, and a great addition to a teen boy’s desk space. It lights up the room and is a fun take on your typical lamp that’s not nearly as fun as something like this. You can even change the color by simply touching the mushroom cap – so fun!

4. Nike Baseball Cap: this Nike cap comes in a ton of different colors and is something any teen boy would love to receive. Nike products are of such great quality and it’s a great gift if you’re stumped on other ideas!

5. Portable Phone Charger: everyone needs a portable charger these days! They can be pricey, but this one has GREAT reviews and is only $31. No more wondering when your teen will be home with no response due to a dead phone with this charger! 😉 It works with a variety of devices and gives a full additional charge to a phone. It’s great to take on vacations and on day trips, too.

6. GoPro Hero Session: GoPros can be expensive, but this version is only $149! It’s great for beginners and provides hours of fun, AND gets your teen out and about to video record fun happenings. It’s amazing to see the video you can capture with a GoPro – they’re great for making memories that’ll last a life time!

7. NERF Gun: I don’t think any boy is too old to love a good NERF gun fight! This version is great for the older kids, and again, is a great way to get them outside and playing away from their electronics! This version is great for a group of friends to have a NERF fight with, and they’re built with awesome team colored lasers that are so fun!

8. FitBit Charge: with how popular FitBits have become, there’s so many types to choose from but this is similar to the Apple Watch at a much more budget friendly price, and a better option for an on-the-go teen boy. Tracking steps can get competitive and fun, and knowing how they sleep and what they can do to improve their physical health while they’re still young and able to make tangable changes.

9. Phone/Tablet Stand: this is a super practical and fun gift to grab! There’s a variety of colors to choose from and it’s a fun little gadget that the boys will love!

10. Bluetooth Headphones: headphones are one of those things that get lost a LOT, or get tangled and destroyed. These are tangle free because they’re bluetooth AND cord free! They’re also waterproof and great to workout with and the charge lasts for approximately 8 hours. They’re a great pick for teens who leave their corded earbuds in the laundry and end up ruining them! 😉

11. Virtual Reality Headset: if you haven’t seen the V.R. craze yet, you need to get on it, because it is SO cool! It’s fun for all ages and really can keep your teen busy for a long time. There’s so many things you can do with the V.R. headsets; travel around the world, deep sea dive with sharks, ride a roller coaster – endless possibilities and this set is much more affordable than the $400-500 versions that bigger phone brands have these days.

12. Gaming Headphones: for the boys who love their Xbox and Nintedo games, and for the parents who hate the loud noise that said games make, these are a must! The boys will also love them because they omit any outside noises, and the color is fun also.

13. “I’m into Fitness” T-Shirt: a lot of boys live in their favorite t-shirts and can you just stand how funny this one is?! Any boy would get a kick out of this tee, and will love to wear it nonstop!

14. Insulated Water Bottle: plastic water bottles can be a pain, and these insulated bottles are great to have around the house for kids to take where ever they go. This insulated version is great for keeping the liquid cold for hours and this, too, comes in a TON of colors to choose from!

15. The Manual to Manhood Book: at first glance, a teen boy may roll his eyes at this book, but it’s actually filled with humerous things that all teen boys NEED to know! It also can be very awkward for boys especially to talk about how they’re feeling, but this book answers a ton of those awkward questions. Great read for young boys, and definitely a practical gift, too!

16. Nike Running Sneakers: if there’s one things boys LOVE, it’s sneakers! Most can’t get enough and quite literally collect them. It’s great seeing an awesome selection on Amazon, at great prices too!

17. Expanding Stand Grip for Phones: these phone grips have been a recent trend that are actually very practical. The grip sticks onto your phone or phone case and helps hold your phone more tightly, with a better grip – so if your teen is klutzy, this is a GREAT buy – ha!

18. Dancing Water Speakers: if you’re going to grab a new pair of speakers, these are AMAZING. The water lights up and “dances” to the beat of the music you play and they’re so fun to watch! I think this is a perfect gift for anyone, but your teen will love to show these off to their friends and listen to their favorite music whenever they want.

19. Flying LED Helicopter Ball Set: these mini flying drones are a great toy for all ages and they come in a set so they’re fun to fly alone or with friends! The coolest part about these is that you control them in the air using your hands. You let go of it and it flies up, and control its air time by keeping your hands under it. So cool and different, making it a top gift choice.

20. Nike Shorts: I don’t know a teen boy that doesn’t love Nike and athletic wear! This is a great gift idea that works for a variety of ages and they’re comfortable too!

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  1. Thank you heather for this amazing list of stuff! Have you heard of CubbyCase? I recently heard about them from another parent and they’re a learning through play subscription box for children, by Harvard experts! Thought that would make a really interesting gift for kids.

    1. Hi Beth!

      Glad you like our list! No, I haven’t heard of them…will have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!


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