Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Southern California-Heritage Hill

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We have been on the search for the best wedding venues in Southern California, and mainly have been searching for the best outdoor wedding venues in southern California. And we’ve found the perfect outdoor venue for the bride who wants to create her own dream day! It is the best unique outdoor venue in Temecula Valley, in a quaint town called Murrieta.

 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues Southern California Heritage Hill. Unique Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue in Temecula, Murrieta, California

I was never the girl who dreamed of all the details of her wedding. In fact, I specifically didn’t plan anything because I wanted to be able to plan it with my future husband, and let him have a say in the whole process.  So when it came time to actually plan our wedding, we definitely knew what we didn’t want…but it was time to dream big and figure out what we did want.

 Best Wedding Venue in Southern California. Outdoor wedding venue in temecula, california

The Murrieta Wedding Venue That allows You To Have Your Own Wedding/Vision

One thing we both agreed on from the start, was that we definitely did not want the cookie cutter wedding.  We didn’t want the huge ballroom with a plated dinner of chicken, fish or steak.  We didn’t want the over the top all inclusive bar, or the tight schedule of events at the reception.

Instead, we wanted to enjoy our own wedding, and not have worries if we’re meeting the standard of what weddings should be.  A wedding that would be fun and allow our guests to kick back and enjoy the day.

Then it came time to find a venue, and this was a difficult task in the beginning.  Every venue we came across in Southern California has so many rules.  You had to have their catering and bar package, you had to have their set-up with decorations…it had to be an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception.  Ugh! For the first couple weeks, we couldn’t find a place that would allow us to be us.

 Temecula Outdoor Wedding Venue in Southern California

And then we found it. Heritage Hill! A brand new hidden gem venue in Southern California.  This venue would allow us to have the wedding we wanted…not the wedding they had already planned.  It allowed us to decide all the vendors we wanted to work with, and put on a reception of our dreams.   They also helped take care of some of the “boring” stuff most brides and grooms don’t actually want to have to do as well.  So we knew this was going to be the perfect venue for us!

 Southern California Wedding Venues. Best Outdoor Ceremony and Reception Venue in Temecula, Ca

One of The Top Temecula Wedding Venues To Bring Your Own Catering

One of the major things we decided about our wedding was that we wanted to have food that we love.  Platted dinners of Chicken, Steak, or Fish are fine, and we’ve been to several weddings where the food was delicious.  But it’s not really our cup of tea.  We didn’t want the ordinary, we wanted the freedom to pick our favorite cuisine from our favorite caterers, and Heritage Hill allowed us to do just that. Their venue is a BYO everything! (well, almost…we’ll get to that.) They allowed us to choose our own food, and to bring in exactly what we wanted.  Of course the caterers have to be licensed, but that’s just for the safety of you and all your guests.

A BYO Alcohol Wedding Venue

Alcohol was another thing we were a little concerned with when we were searching for a venue.  B is Polish, so they drink a lot of whisky, and have their own type of Vodka.  We didn’t want the fully stocked bar that had all the types of alcohol that wouldn’t be consumed, and we wanted to be sure our favorite brands would be at the reception.  AND, a big plus…it is SOOOO much cheaper to stock your own bar, than to hire a stocked bar.  You can get tons of discounts at several stores like Sam’s Club or Costco, and can stock up on sales that stores like BevMo are having.  So, Heritage Hill would allow us to save money and have the brands we wanted.  Check!

 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues Southern California Heritage Hill. Unique Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue in Temecula, Murrieta, California

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Reception

We are getting married in Southern California in June.  So we wanted to have an outdoor ceremony AND an outdoor reception.  We didn’t want a reception indoors, and it was a little hard to find an outdoor venue  in California who would allow us to have both the ceremony and reception outside.  Heritage Hill is situated on an awesome hilltop overlooking the Temecula Valley, and they had the perfect ceremony and reception sites for us to hold the events. We would then get the outdoor we wanted, and wouldn’t have to worry about changing around the ceremony space to become the reception space, since they were separate areas.

 Best Wedding Venue in Southern California. Outdoor wedding venue in temecula, california

This Murrieta Wedding Venues Awesome Inclusions

Sometimes being a DIY Bride comes with things you don’t think about, and some that you don’t even want to think about, and Heritage Hill was going to have all those covered for us.  We didn’t have to think about some of these vendors, because Heritage Hill takes care of it as an inclusion to your rental:


-tables/chairs (may need to supplement depending on your event)

-on site venue coordinator (you’ll still want your Day of Coordinator for your ceremony and reception)

-parking attendant

Most Unique Views of the Temecula Valley

Heritage Hill has some of the best views of the Valley.  You can see mountains all around, and overlook the whole valley from above. The ceremony site, Quartz Point has some views that can’t be beat.  Getting married over a beautiful cliff can’t be more romantic!

This venue offers several spots for photos, so there’s no need to head somewhere else to go get those shots.  They have gardens, and terraces, the cliff, and lots of nature spots to capture your perfect snaps.

 Best Wedding Venue in Southern California. Outdoor wedding venue in temecula, california

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Site Included

Another awesome perk we loved was that we also get to host our private Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner on site at no extra charge.  After our quick rehearsal of the ceremony, our wedding party doesn’t have to drive somewhere else for the dinner.  We get to have it right there without the stress of coordinating and making sure everyone makes it to the next location.  If you’re wedding planning, you will understand the benefit of having one less thing on your to do list just days before the wedding.

After searching high and low for the best outdoor wedding venues in southern california, we are so excited that we found our perfect outdoor venue in Heritage Hill.  We cannot wait to share with you our big day, and show you how awesome it turned out with our own unique vision, thanks to this awesome venue!

Stay tuned!

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