31 Days of Christmas- Bucket List For Couples

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Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. It’s not just about one day, it’s the entire season of merriness that I love. So, every year, we make sure to check off all of our items from our Christmas Bucket List for couples!

These ideas will help make your Christmas season magical, allows you to give back, and enjoy this beautiful season with your loved ones. We’ve come up with a whole calendar of 31 Days of Christmas Bucket List Ideas you can use for your list this year…because we can still celebrate after the 25th!

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Christmas Bucket List for Couples

Decorate The House

Decorating the house together on December 1st is a great way to kick off the holiday season! If you decorate a bit early, like before Thanksgiving, or the day after, you’ll have this one done…but, we recommend keeping one fun thing for December 1st so you can really start the season off with a bang!

Pick Out A Christmas Tree

After your house is all decorated, it’s time to find the perfect Christmas tree! Head to your local Christmas Tree farm and find the best Christmas tree there. If you live near a place where you can cut down your own Christmas tree, go cut down your own!

If you have a fake Christmas tree you use every year, you can still enjoy this bucket list task. Head to your local Christmas tree farm and have a fun photo shoot in the trees while walking around basking in the smell of the fresh trees.

Take Photos For Your Christmas Cards

If you’re sending out Christmas Cards this year, go take some new photos together. You can book a photographer, or ask a friend to snap some for you. Take them outside with a pretty background, or dress up in silly pj’s and take funny photos at home. Try some of these easy Christmas nail designs to get extra festive.

When you get them all finished, be sure to find a company to make your Christmas cards and put in the order ASAP, so you can get them sent out in time.This can also be done while you’re on your cozy Winter Date from this list of Awesome Winter Date Ideas.

Bundle Up And Take A Walk

Do you ever notice that winter brings about some peace? Walking around in the snow and the cold, it’s kind of quiet and peaceful. Dress up in all your layers, grab a nice hot drink, and take a walk with your loved ones. It can be out window shopping, heading to the Christmas markets, or finding a pretty park to walk around in.

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate

Sure, you can get the packets of instant hot chocolate, or you can become the master of homemade hot chocolate that everyone looks forward to every year. Come up with the perfect recipe or find some inspiration on Pinterest and perfect your newly famous cup of hot cocoa.

Visit Your Local Christmas Parade/Event

The fun thing about Christmas time is that everyone gets involved. There are Christmas parades, firework shows, city events and more all around this time of year. Make sure to scout out what is going on in your town, and the town near you and head out to the awesome festivals, day in the park, and parade events you can find.

Go Christmas Shopping

Get your Christmas Shopping done early. Head out in the first week of December to get your presents all purchased. Even if you’re making gifts, it’s fun to walk around the malls all decked out for Christmas and watch the hustle and bustle of the place.

Take your beau with you and have a fun Christmas date night together.

Start A New Christmas Tradition

We LOVE Christmas traditions. And every time we hear a new one, we want to adopt it and add it to our Family Christmas Traditions! If you don’t have a tradition you do every year at Christmas time, this is the perfect time to start one. We have lots of ideas for you in our Family Christmas Traditions post.

Make Your Own Ornaments

A fun way to fill up your tree each year is to make your own ornaments. Find a beautiful and creative ornament you can make together and make one each year. You’ll be able to see each one every year you decorate the tree and remember the day you spent together making them.

Go To A Christmas Play

What’s Christmas without the Nativity and Christmas story? Or the Nutcracker Ballet? Find a local Christmas play that is going on and go enjoy it with your family. Lots of different churches put on the Christmas Story play and may even have a live manger scene.

Better yet, join a Christmas Play! Check for sign ups a couple months before at your church and see how you can get involved.

Pick A Kid From Angel Tree To Adopt

You may have seen these Christmas trees before at the mall or a store, but Angel Tree is a charity that allows you to “adopt a kid” for Christmas and buy them a couple gifts. There are a few different versions, but Angel Tree is for children who have parents in prison that won’t be with them for Christmas.

We have seen this done for elderly patients who are in need of a little extra holiday cheer as well. Find out what charity or group of people your community is helping out, and jump in to be someones special Christmas miracle.

Go Ice Skating

Go on a romantic ice skating date night with your significant other. Bundle up and skate hand in hand on the ice. Grab some snacks and a hot drink to warm you up in between skate sessions. This is also a fun start to finding great Hobbies for Couples!

Not dating anyone? This still works with your friends! Gather everyone up and make it a fun day with everyone together.

Send Out Christmas Cards

If you’re sending out Christmas Cards this year, send them out now. You’ll want them to get to your friends and family in time for them to be able to display and enjoy the beautiful cards you picked out. Write personal notes to each friend and family member rather than just the generic “Happy Holidays” message.

Christmas Song Karaoke

No you don’t have to go out and find a karaoke place, this one is just for you to enjoy belting out Christmas songs together. Turn on your Alexa, Pandora, Spotify, the radio…however you get music and blast Christmas songs while you sing them all out loud together while you’re doing something at home, or on a car ride. Bring out all the Christmas cheer!

Send A Care Package To A Soldier

Don’t forget about our military members who are overseas and won’t be home for the holidays. There are lots of fun things you can do to show them you care and are thinking of them. Send them Christmas cards with thank you notes, or send them a care package through a charity. They can really use all the love they get, even if its from a stranger at Christmas. Be a blessing to our service men and women.

Build A Snow Man

If it’s snowing, there’s got to be a snowman! If you live in a place that snows often, you might not have built a snowman in years. And if you never see snow, it’s time to go drive to some! Building a snowman is something that helps you feel like a kid again and actually enjoy the crisp cold weather out there.

Wrap Presents

Take a day or evening to wrap all your presents, so you’re not scrambling at the very last minute to do it. One of our favorite traditions is to wrap presents while we watch The Grinch! We have that playing in the background every time we wrap together. Make wrapping presents a fun time and get it all done in a night.

Bake and Decorate Cookies

One of the best things about the Christmas season for us, is the goodies! Baking all the sweet treats every year is something I always look forward to. How about baking and decorating some Christmas cookies for your friends, neighbors, mail man, and everyone else who deserves some Christmas cheer.

Get together and roll out your best sugar cookies and make some fun shaped cookies. Then you can decorate them however you want. We love having a decorating party when everyone comes over and we decorate our cookies for the year.
Don’t forget to save a few for Santa!

Have A Christmas Party

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is full of family fun for us, but we like to have one night where we do a family Christmas Party. We typically choose the weekend before the holiday and invite everyone over to decorate a Gingerbread house, and eat lots of goodies together. We also play fun games like White Elephant Gift Exchange, Secret Santa, and the Saran Wrap Christmas Game.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Every Christmas there must be Christmas movies playing. It’s hard to avoid them when you turn on the TV. Everyone is playing them, from the classics to new Christmas movies every year like on the Hallmark Movie Channel. Pick some of your favorite Christmas movies and have a Christmas Movie Marathon. Pop some popcorn, grab some of the cookies you made, and snuggle up by the fire while you relax and watch all the Christmas magic unfold.

Volunteer At The Toy Drive

Christmas time is a perfect time to volunteer. One way you can volunteer is at the Toy Drive. Check out Toys for Tots, Stuff a Bus, or any other toy drive your community does and see how you can get involved to help.

If that’s not your thing, think about serving at a soup kitchen, or helping out at the animal shelter.

Go Christmas Caroling

Grab all your best buddies and go Christmas caroling around your neighborhood. Or head to your local hospital or assisted living centers and spread all the holiday cheer while walking around singing your favorite Christmas tunes. They’re sure to join in on the fun.

You can even check out which of the local churches are hosting Christmas caroling and join in on the fun!

Make Christmas Goodies To Share

Sure we already talked about Christmas cookies, but have a whole baking day where you go to share awesome Christmas treats that you love. This could be your favorite Hot Cider, mom’s famous fudge, gingerbread men cookies, or anything else that’s the best holiday treat.

Then go out and share these with some people on your list. Don’t forget:

-Mailman, UPS Driver, FedEx, Amazon, etc.
-Local Firefighters and Police Men
-Your Child’s Teacher
-Co-Workers Who Help You Out

Go Look At Christmas Lights

Heading out to look at Christmas Lights is a huge tradition with my family. There are 16 of us now, so we do a whole caravan of cars! We drive around our favorite neighborhoods that are all decked out with their holiday spirit. Grab some hot chocolate and turn up the radio to Christmas tunes and find the best house with the best lights!

If you’re lucky enough to be spending Christmas in NY, check out the beautiful Christmas lights in NYC.

Enjoy The Day With Your Family

Merry Christmas! Today is a day to enjoy with your family and friends. We always remember the reason for the season and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before opening gifts. Then we get to spend the whole day together with our family opening presents, eating good food, and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s always extra fun when we add in game night as well!

Get Clearance Christmas Items For Next Year

The day after Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas have the best sales of the left over decorations and candy. Head out to the Christmas sales around you and get all the Christmas decorations you want for next year. You’ll save lots of money and be able to throw away any Christmas decorations that are broken or destroyed this year, and replace them with clearance items the day after!

Plus…clearance Christmas candy!!

Write Thank You Cards

Don’t forget to say thank you to the people who went out of their way and spent their time and money on you. It’s such a beautiful gesture, and a lost art writing handwritten Thank You cards, so we are suggesting you bring it back and show those you love how much they really mean to you!

Figure Out Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start thinking about the New Year. With a New Year comes new goals and new New Year’s Resolutions. We have some great New Year’s Resolution Ideas you can start, as well as some Couple’s New Year’s Resolutions you might want to try!

Relax At Home

It’s been a busy month, so take a day to relax and unwind at home with no set agenda. Spend some time with your spouse, your family and friends and just relax together.

Visit The Snow

Don’t forget to have a snow day and have fun with everything that comes with it. Have a snowball fight, make snow angels, go skiing or snow boarding, or snow mobile-ing if you can find that! If you don’t live where it snows, then take a trip and drive to a town that has snow near you.

Kiss At Midnight

New Year’s Eve is the perfect evening to reminisce of the year that’s passed and dream up what this New Year may bring. End your year with a kiss from the love of your life, and start the New Year off right, the same way…with a kiss at midnight!

snow man dressed with scarf and hat.

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, and there is so much joy, thankfulness and cheer all season long. Rather than getting caught up in the stressfulness that can come and the hustle and bustle, find things that will make you happy this season and create your own perfect bucket list.

When Christmas is over, you can still create your own awesome Winter Bucket List and start crossing those off too!

Christmas Bucket List calendar.
Christmas bucket list for couples calendar.
Calendar with Christmas bucket list for couples.

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