Fisherman’s Gift Guide

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Fishing has become a big thing in my life these past few years. My boyfriend, B, is a Fisherman…like a really passionate Fisherman.  He does tournaments, is in a fishing club, has an Instagram dedicated to fishing and belongs to the Bassmaster Club.  To say he loves it, would be a total understatement.  You would think that Christmas and birthday gift ideas come easy for me then…just get some fishing gear, right?  But have you ever walked into Bass Pro and looked around going, “what the heck do I get?!”  There are so many products, and sometimes it can be super stressful trying to wade through it all.

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Well, I am here to help you out!  This year, I went straight to the professionals to find all the best products and  give you some great ideas on what to get your fisherman this year!  Pick up one of these gifts, and you’re sure to be the favorite!

Simms ProDry™ Fishing Bib

I use to think that fishing was a summer sport, and thought fishing would stop when the weather cooled off…unless of course you went ice fishing.  But boy, was I wrong!  These guys don’t stop no matter what the weather.  If the lake is frozen, they’ll head down to the river.  It’s too cold, so bass aren’t biting anymore?  Let’s go for steelhead!

When the weather cools off, they’ll be reaching for their warmest gear.  That’s why I looked into Simms Fishing.  They have a great selection of bibs, and had the perfect one for my Bass Fisherman.  Simms has a whole Bass Collection, and I grabbed their ProDry™ Bib that has a GORE-TEX® Pro Shell that is waterproof and very durable.

First off, I think this bibs look sleek and stylish, (there are tons of bibs out there that just look plain silly, in my opinion), and… (more important for him) it is going to keep him very warm and dry throughout the whole winter season.

The Simms ProDry™ Bib features 3 pockets.  2 velcro-close pockets at the thighs, which also have plier sleeves on top of the pocket, and a zippered storage pocket on the chest where he can keep his phone and keys safe and out of the elements.  It has what I would consider “Hand Warmer Pockets” around your stomach, like they would be on a hoodie.  These pockets have a warm lining in them, and when we both first put our hands in, we said “ooo that’s nice!” It also features ventilation zippers all the way down the leg, so when the Simms bib does a bit too good of a job keeping him warm, he can air out a bit with a quick zip and not have to take them off.

There is a “lower leg hem-lifter” that will adjust the pant length “to prevent cuff/heel drag on boat decks.”   The velcro at the ankles can also help keep the bib tight around his ankles, so no cold water or air gets in there, for maximum warmth and protection.

And then, there’s the GORE-TEX®.  I didn’t know what GORE-TEX was, but now I understand, and think it is a must when it comes to these bibs.  The GORE-TEX seals everything…the zipper, the seams, the stitching…which keeps everything out.  No cold air slipping through, no water going through the zipper, it keeps you completely sealed in without worrying about the elements seeping in.

This bib has it all.  Not only is it more stylish than some others I have run into, it has lots of extras that are sure to make this a favorite bib, and he won’t be running back to the old ones again.  This ProDry™ Bib comes in 3 different colors, but they have other bibs as well.  Be sure to check out all the other ones they offer to get your fisherman the best one for their needs!

GoPro Hero5

“Pictures or it never happened!”  One of my favorite things about B fishing, is seeing all of his pictures and videos of his catches.  He always gets awesome shots on his GoPro, and even has his Instagram account dedicated to fishing.

He throws on the GoPro, we mount some around the boat, or I take it for a spin and record fun shots.  It is the best action camera out there, and we get some really awesome footage.  We record when he is fishing, and get tons of awesome screenshots out of it.  They just introduced the QuikStories app, where you can actually edit your videos right on your GoPro and Phone.  It’s so easy to do now.  Instead of heading home, uploading to the computer, and working with editing software…where, let’s be honest, we have TONS of videos in the “Need to be Edited” phase right now.  QuikStories with our GoPro makes it way too easy…the videos upload straight to the App on our phones, and edits together  a short video with music, all by itself!  Perfect for any fisherman, outdoorsman, or adventurer on your list!

Mustang Survival ELITE™ 28
Inflatable PFD

This one is one of the most important to me.  Sometimes I like to head to the weigh-ins of the tournaments B fishes, and I would hear all the guys tell their stories when they came back, talking about how crazy and unpredictable the water was.  How they almost got thrown out of the boat, took in lots of water, hit some crazy waves, and some other crazy stories.  They are all very smart, and league rules require you to wear a life vest while the boat is in motion, but I never knew about these automatic PFD’s.  Now these life vests are not the kind you’re probably thinking about. You know the bulky ones you wear while on a boat or jet skiing…or the ones they have you put on before you leave on your cruise.  These are super sleek and thin vests that allow fisherman to not be constricted while wearing the vest.  (If they feel constricted, you know they are going to take the vest off.)

PFD is a Personal Floatation Device.  B had a manual inflated PFD, where its not inflated, and lays flat against your chest and back, and you have to pull a chord for it to inflate.  I thought that was fine, until I saw a video and read news stories about how these automated PFD’s saved some fishermen’s lives.  In the video I saw, both the driver and the passenger on the bass fishing boat were thrown out of the boat when it hit a bad wave.  The passenger was knocked unconscious right away and would never have had chance to pull his chord…. thankfully, he was wearing one that automatically inflated, and saved his life.

You better believe I started researching automatic PFD’s as soon as I saw that!  I ran into Mustang Survival, and knew I had stumbled upon the best!  Mustang Survival has many different PFD’s available for whatever your needs.  We went with the ELITE™ 28 INFLATABLE PFD.  This vest fits comfortably around your chest, and has the weight distributed to the back rather than the neck.  If found in 4″ or more of water, the PFD will automatically inflate.  No need to pull the chord.  It also has a very important feature, where the PFD will flip you over, so your head is face up and not in the water, in case you’re knocked unconscious.

The Elite 28 Inflatable PFD fits nice and snug, and doesn’t hinder your mobility while wearing it.  It’s easy to keep doing what you need and not feel tied down and restricted.  This PFD features a manual pull chord as well, so if you need to inflate it, you can whenever you want.  It also has a window, where you can see if your inflation system is good.  If it is green, you’re good to go…Red? You need to replace the cartridge.  The other vest B had didn’t have this, and he would never know if it was not working properly until he had to pull it…by then, it would’ve been too late.

I am so happy I ran into Mustang Survival.  It gives me a great peace of mind, allows him to fish with our restraints, but still be safe, and it’s one of the coolest looking PFD’s I’ve seen around.  And it is fairly simple to re-arm your PFD.  Be sure to check them out and see which one is right for your fisherman.

Huk Performance Fishing Apparel

If you ever watch MLF (Major League Fishing), you’ve probably seen Huk Apparel on there a lot.  They have an awesome line of performance wear, that your fisherman can fish comfortably in.  And it’s stylish too!

From pants and shorts to shirts and pullovers…fishing shoes and neck gators, to rain gear and bibs…Huk has all the fishing apparel your fisherman will need.

B tends to wear shorts a lot while fishing, (which Huk has a good line of too) but in the winter months, he is stuck wearing pants.  Which is why these Huk Next Level Pants are sure to be a favorite.  These pants feature a SPF/UPF +30, and they are quick dry too.

As a girl who likes to keep her man as stylish as possible, (even when it comes to fishing apparel), I turn to Huk.  They have some great shirts that are perfect for a day out fishing, and they can also be worn on date night! Stylish apparel that can act as both fishing and everyday apparel, is something that I love.

They have a great selection of colors, styles, long sleeve, short sleeve etc.  And apparel perfect for every weather situation too!

This Huk Kryptek Icon Long Sleeve fishing tees is one of B’s favorite to wear. And this one from Huk comes with all the features you could want. It has a cooling system, which makes it perfect to wear even in the summer. At first I thought B was crazy for wearing a long sleeve on the boat on a hot summer day, but this shirt has SPF/UPF, to protect him in the sun, and even has a mesh vent in the lower back to keep temperatures under control. It keeps the sun off of him, and he is still cool while wearing it. I also has moisture transport so it doesn’t keep him all sweaty, and my favorite… it has “stain release to keep the blood or any other stains at bay, and anti-microbial to keep you from smelling like your catch.” A none smelly fishing shirt?! I know you ladies can snatch this up fast enough!

Bass Pro

Bass Pro usually becomes a frequent stop on date night! I’m from California, so I never really understood the magnitude of Bass Pro. But, after living in Chicago for a little bit, I quickly realized all us Californians are missing! (CA does have 2 Bass Pro Shops).
It is definitely an experience for everyone visiting.  Theres so much to see, and it’s so fun to go watch all the fish swim around in the fish tank.  Bass Pro is a fisherman’s dream…maybe obvious with the name.  They have their own line of products including the Johnny Morris line of awesome rods.  There’s so much Bass Pro has to offer, that we end up finding something new each time we go.

We’ll Keep you Update with New Items From Bass Pro Soon!

Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box makes it easy to pick a gift for your Fisherman.  Mystery Tackle Box is a subscription box company that will send you a mystery box of fishing items worth more than what you are paying for.  Each month, you get another box full of new lures, tackle, hooks, stickers, and more.
These products are not just products you can always pick up just anywhere either…they have some great exclusive products and even some fun freebies and giveaways as well!

There are 3 different boxes you can choose from; Regular, Pro, and Local, where you can get 40% more product than the subscription price.  And  shipping is always free!  You even get to choose your species.  Of course we went with the Pro Bass boxes.  Subscriptions get cheaper the more months you get.  So you’ll save money with the longer subscriptions.  Get a gift that keeps on giving, and your fisherman can have a present in the mail every month.  It’s like Christmas never ends!

That’s not all Mystery Tackle Box has though.  They have a great line of apparel too.  From t-shirts, hats, and beanies, to face shields, reels, and decals.  Not sure about a subscription box? Be sure to check out their gift section.  You can even get a gift certificate and let your fisherman choose.   Mystery Tackle Box is a fun gift that just keeps on giving.  Be sure to check out their site below.  And as they say…”Happy Fishing!”

Deeper Pro+ Wireless Sonar

The Deeper Pro+ is “the world’s most versatile wireless sonar”, for those of you who not only love to fish, but love to catch even more! This wireless sonar is perfect for shore fishing, kayak fishing, and ice fishing.  You can use the Deeper Pro+ off the side of your kayak, or cast it even further with a rod from shore.

The Deeper Pro+ works with an app on your phone and is iOS and android compatible. Simply download the app and pair with your new wireless sonar, and you’ll be able to see the weather forecast, your fishing calendar, offline maps, fishing notes, your camera, and unlimited history. You can track your whole journey right on your phone.

MLF (Major League Fishing) DVD’s

And of course, every fisherman loves to watch the pros fish in a nice competition.  Grab these MLF DVD’s from years past, and your fisherman can learn some new techniques and tricks with this fun entertainment.

We’re working on some more awesome gift ideas for your Fisherman, so stay tuned!

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