A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Fun

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Why does it always seem that Prince Charming turns back into a frog right around Valentine’s Day? Whatever. He had issues anyway. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a total bust though. This year, why not get the girls together for a girls’ night in? Even if you’re not single, a girls’ night around Valentine’s Day can be so much fun.

Ban the Boy Talk

Sure, we all love to get together and talk about the hot guy at work or that new hunky neighbor. However, the point of celebrating Valentine’s Day with the girls is to forget about boys for a little while and celebrate being with the girls.

Break Out the Chick Flicks

Let’s face it. Guys hate chick flicks, but girls can never get enough of them. Have everyone bring their favorite and spend the night noshing on greasy pizza and watching your favorite on-screen couples. Keep it fun though. Consider romantic comedies instead of the tearjerkers.

Here are some ideas to start off with!

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

Who said you can’t buy yourself or a friend a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Pick up a box of chocolate for everyone to munch on while they watch movies. Who cares if you eat the whole box? Go all out and also get pints of chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, and whatever other chocolate treats you love.

Get Cozy

Screw getting dressed up for Valentine’s Day. Have your friends wear their favorite lounge wear. If you live in a cold area, grab everyone a fluffy pair of slippers or socks to slip on. Also, break out all your throw blankets and turn on the fireplace. Everyone will be cozy and relaxed and not thinking about spending Valentine’s Day alone.


Pop the Cork

If you and your friends enjoy a drink, consider making a special cocktail for the night. For example, find a strong cocktail and rename it the Single and Ready to Rock. Or, you could choose to be elegant and have glasses of champagne or wine. Whatever you and your girls love, be responsible and have a designated driver.

Spending Valentine’s Day with your best girls can be a great way for everyone to forget about being single on the biggest love day of the year. Spend time doing the things that you call love. Even if you go out and get makeovers or go shopping, spending the day together can help everyone beat those Valentine’s Day blues.

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