How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner for You

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Every couple who thinks about hiring a wedding planner wants to make sure the person is professional and qualified to plan their wedding. Having a planner by your side to navigate the sometimes murky waters of planning your special wedding day can help alleviate some stress and take some tasks off your shoulders. With that being said, many couples are left wondering how to choose the right wedding planner. Just as every couple’s wedding is different, wedding planners are different in how they work and what they may specialize in. So we’re sharing some tips on how to choose the right wedding planner for you so that you can rest easy knowing you’ve opted to go with a professional who’ll help you navigate this chapter in your life.

 How to find the best Wedding Coordinator

We highly recommend hiring a wedding planner, if no,t a Day of Coordinator at the very least. They can save you a lot of stress, and make sure your day is fabulous. The Day of Coordinator will let you be the bride and not worry about all the details because they will take care of it.

If you are getting married in Southern California, we highly recommend our amazing Coordinator at Katie’s Kreations Events. I was personally on the fence about having a Coordinator, but from the moment we hung up the phone with her, we knew it was the right decision. She has helped us so much already, and has asked us questions about our day that I hadn’t even thought about yet. We know it was the best decision bringing her on board, and now I’m not worried about having to do all the work the day of.

And without further ado…here are our tips to find your perfect Coordinator…

Look Around

Put the internet to good use and look around for wedding planners in your area. Evaluate their website, portfolio, social media and anything else you can find about each potential wedding planner. You’ll want to check how they engage with their audience and whether or not they seem professional at all times. The internet has opened the door for us to learn so much more about a person as a whole, which is valuable information when looking to choose the right wedding planner for you.

 How to find the best wedding coordinator

Ask Friends

More than likely you have some friends or family members who have been married fairly recently as well. Ask them their experience of their wedding planner and if they have any recommendations. Getting a recommendation from a close source can help you feel more confident in your pick if you know they did a great job.

Check Facebook Wedding Groups

A great place to go for some ideas is wedding groups on Facebook. They have all sorts of groups with thousands of women planning their own wedding as well. In these groups, you can share what you’re looking for, and lots of people will speak up and tell you their experiences, along with wedding planners who can reach out directly to you with their prices and what they offer. This is a great way to find your wedding vendors.

 Wedding Planner Checklist

Pick Favorites

Choose three or four of the wedding planners you found as your favorites. From here you should contact each of them and ask whatever questions you may have for them. The best questions to ask these top favorite wedding planners are what type of planning services they offer, a price range estimate for the services offered, and their availability to plan a wedding for you based on your wedding date. This information is valuable when looking to narrow down your top three or four favorite wedding planners to the one you’ll opt to help plan your special day.

 Wedding Coordinator Search

Set Appointments

Now that you’ve narrowed down your favorites out of your list of wedding planners to chat with over the phone, it’s time to set appointments. Schedule a consultation with any of the wedding planners you’re still interest in and are looking to possibly hire. While at your first appointment with these potential wedding planners, be sure to voice your vision of how you want your wedding to look. Discuss your style and other preferences so that you can get a feel for whether or not this wedding planner will be able to satisfy your vision. Make notes while in each appointment so that you can evaluate the notes later on as a couple to help narrow down which wedding planner you’ll hire.

As soon as I met our wedding coordinator on a Skype call, I knew she was the one I would entrust to take care of our special day. She asked me questions I hadn’t even thought of yet, which meant she was on top of her game. She was very organized and adding things to her spreadsheets and notes, and she made me feel like the bride rather than the planner. So we loved her, and hired her right away!

Check Reviews

Last, but certainly not least, you can check their reviews on places like Yelp, WeddingWire, The Knot, etc. You can even grab some references during your meeting with each wedding planner. Call the references and ask them detailed questions about their experiences with the wedding planner. It’s important to hear how the references feel about the wedding planner’s professionalism, skill level and ability to make a couple’s wedding day vision come true. You’ll know best on how you feel about the wedding planner after you chat with each of their references.


Everyone starts somewhere. So if you’re looking for a Wedding Coordinator and you find someone who is “new to the biz”, this isn’t a bad thing. They can bring you a new creative eye, an eagerness to make your wedding the best possible event they can plan, and they’ll probably be even more focused on you specifically, since they most likely won’t be bombarded with weddings at first. Plus, you may even be able to save some money. With that said, still make sure you talk through your day with them and your wedding vision and see if they are up to the task. Are they organized and professional? Do they seem to know what they are talking about and are even ahead of the game? Then go for it!

Now that you’ve completed all of the steps above, you’ll be able to sit down with your partner and choose the right wedding planner for you.

Hiring a wedding planner, or at the very least, a Day of Coordinator is such a smart decision during your wedding planning. They’ll be there to guide you through the process and help you out where needed.

If you are in Southern California and are looking for a great wedding planner who knows her stuff, check out Katie’s Kreations Events Here —> on Instagram and Facebook!

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