Romantic Things To Do For Your Wife

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In need of some romantic things to do for your wife? Here are some ideas that can help.

Romance is essential in any relationship. Not only does romance showcase your desire and admiration towards your wife, but it can keep your spark aflame and deepen the connection between the two of you.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be a birthday or Valentines day to spark some romance. Romance is something that should be celebrated throughout the year. 

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Unfortunately for some men, romance isn’t a speciality. That’s okay! With a little practice, even if romance isn’t your strong suit, you too can make your wife feel special!

Here are some romantic things that you can do to impress your wife and make her feel like the queen that she is:

Help Her With Housework

Okay men – listen up! Let us ladies tell you that there is nothing more sexy in this world (aside from being a good man) than a man who helps his woman with housework. If she wakes up to the sight of you doing dishes – you are getting lucky tonight! Whether it be lucky with love or lucky with some XXX play, your woman will be grateful for your help. 

And let’s be honest, she needs that help. Housework is a never-ending job. Dishes, laundry, floors – the list goes on and on. Be there to help her out after a long day (or to begin her day) – that’s real life, everyday romance. 

Write Her Love Notes

Text messages killed romance. We don’t care how romantic your words are, they might be meaningful and thoughtful, but text messages are not romantic. Let us say that again. Text messages are not romantic! 

If you want to be romantic, write her a real love note. Yes. Take a paper. Take a pen. And write her a good ol’ fashioned note telling her all the reasons you love her. If you want, you can leave her multiple notes throughout the day, or in multiple spots around the house for her to find. Either way, telling her all the reasons why you love her and taking the time to write it down is super sweet and romantic. All of her friends will be jealous!

Take Her On A Date

Sometimes after marriage, we forget to date each other. We get so comfortable in our day to day lives that we forget how important it is to spend that quality time together. Don’t forget. It’s time to wine and dine your wife.

Let her dress up. Make her feel beautiful. Take her to a nice dinner. Set up a romantic picnic under the stars. It doesn’t matter what date you choose, the point is that you took the time to make it happen. That alone is romantic. 

Breakfast in Bed

Your wife works hard. And sometimes she deserves a break. If you have kids, take them out this morning and let her sleep in. Then, bring her her favorite breakfast in bed. Throw on some light music and snuggle in with her, or just let her watch her favorite tv show. Either way, she’ll love the romantic gesture and you’ll be starting your day off right. 

Send Flowers to Her Work

Flowers are always romantic, and there’s no doubt that your wife will be appreciative if you bring her home a beautiful bouquet. But if you really want to impress her, send flowers to her work. This not only tells your wife that you love her and care for her but also tells her co-workers how much you love her. And to a woman, there’s nothing sexier or more romantic than a man who loves his wife and treats her right. 

Learn Your Love Languages

It’s one thing to surprise your wife with flowers or a romantic date, but if you want ongoing, day-to-day romance in your relationship, you need to learn each other’s love languages. 

What makes your wife feel loved and appreciated? Does she need physical touch? Or maybe she needs words of affirmation? Do gifts make your wife feel special? Or maybe acts of service like helping with the dishes? Or perhaps all she really needs is some quality time with her husband.

Sit down and ask your wife what makes her feel special. Taking the time to understand and respond to your wife’s needs is super romantic, but knowing her love language will also give you the opportunity to do small acts that will make her feel special each and every day. 

Give Her A Massage

At the end of a long day, we could all use a massage. Your wife is no different. Massages can help to relax the body, reduce stress, lower heart rate, and improve mood – so there’s lots of benefits in one small act. 

For ultimate romance, we suggest giving her a massage yourself. Set the mood with a nice hot bubble bath when she finishes her day. Then, have a comfortable spot ready with some candles and light music when she comes out. Prepare some massage oils and have your hands ready to go when she’s all done in the bath.

Of course, if for any reason you can’t give her a massage yourself, a massage certificate will work too! 

“Why I Love You” Book

This one takes some time, but if you can make the time to do it, it’s super sweet and thoughtful – and that makes it romantic too. Make your own book (and draw your own pictures) telling her all the reasons why you love her. Maybe you love her smile. Her laugh. The way she looks at you. How she takes care of you. Write one thing you love on each page. Try to make it 365 pages – one of each day of the year. Surely you can think of 365 reasons why you love your wife!?

Of course, these are just a few of the many romantic things that you can do for your wife. Pretty much anything that shows her you are thinking about her and that you appreciate her can be considered romantic. Go the extra mile to show her you care and romance will follow. 

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