Couple Affirmations

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In need of Couple Affirmations? Here are a few that can help!

Loving someone feels good. Being loved in return feels good. So when you love someone, it’s important that you let that love be shown.

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Daily words of affirmations are a great way to not only keep the love between you and your partner strong, but also to ensure that the love between you is constantly growing.

So today, we’re talking about couple affirmations.

— We also have words of affirmation for him and words of affirmations for her. —

Couple Affirmations

What are Affirmations?

Before we dive into couple affirmations, it’s important that we first understand what an affirmation is.

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard this term before.

Today, many people are using affirmations to build their own, and other people’s, self confidence and self love. Many people are also using them as motivational tools.

But what exactly is an affirmation? Simply put, an affirmation is a positive phrase or statement that you repeat to yourself regularly.

The idea is that when used often, you can actually use these statements to change your brain patterns and amend the way that you think about yourself.

By constantly telling yourself you are beautiful, you will eventually begin to believe it. If you tell yourself you can reach the goal you are working towards, eventually you will reach it. 

What are Couple Affirmations?

Couple affirmations, then, work in a very similar way. They are positive statements directed towards your partner or your relationship that can help to deepen the connection and help the relationship grow.

Relationship affirmations can also be directed inwards to remind yourself that you are worthy of loving someone else and of being loved yourself. 

You and your partner can practice these affirmations together, or you can recite them to yourself. As long as you love it, believe it, feel it, and practice it regularly, you should soon see these affirmations come to light. 

How to Use Couple Affirmations

There’s two different ways that you can use couple affirmations – by yourself or with your partner. 

By Yourself

A type of affirmation that you might use for yourself might be, “I am worthy of love and being loved”.

If you’ve ever struggled with accepting someone else’s love or giving love yourself, this can be a good reminder to you that you are worth it. 

In such a case, stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and simply tell yourself that you are worthy.

Do this over and over again, multiple times each day. Eventually, you will begin to believe it true and will begin to act in ways that will bring light in. 

With Your Partner

A type of affirmation that you might use with your partner might be, “Our lines of communication are always open”.

If you seem to be struggling with communication, this can be a really good one.

In such a case, find a comfortable spot to sit with each other, face each other, hold your partner’s hands, and look into their eyes.

Recite the affirmation over and over again, doing this several times a day. Eventually, you will see that the lines of communication will naturally open towards each other. 

Positive Affirmations For Couples

Okay, so now that we’ve talked about what affirmations are and how to perform them, let’s go over some affirmations that you might want to use in your relationship:

  1. We are both worthy of love and being loved.
  2. We deserve a relationship full of satisfaction and happiness.
  3. My partner and I will dedicate the time and attention that our relationship deserves. 
  4. We are stronger than our arguments and misunderstandings.
  5. We are comfortable sharing our thoughts and feelings with one another.
  6. We will commit to making each other feel loved and secure all the time.
  7. My partner and I have full trust in our relationship.
  8. Our relationship is worth taking the time to see things from my partners perspective.
  9. My partner is my support system.
  10. My partner and I are the best of friends.

  1. Our love will always win.
  2. Nurturing our relationship is a priority to me.
  3. I will only speak kind words about my partner.
  4. Everyday is a day to be better and grow together.
  5. I will use everyday to learn more about and grow with my partner. 
  6. Romance is a regular part of our relationship.
  7. Our bond is constantly growing.
  8. My partner is trying their best to make me happy.
  9. Physical contact between us is a priority.
  10. Relationships are a learning curve. We will continue to work on our relationship daily.

  1. A healthy relationship is supportive and loving.
  2. Me and my partner are capable of setting and holding healthy boundaries in our relationship.
  3. My partner and I are faithful to each other.
  4. My partner loves me, even when we’re angry.
  5. I love my partner, even when I’m angry. 
  6. Together we can work through anything.
  7. Together, my partner and I are never alone.
  8. I feel safe and protected by my partner.
  9. Today, I will focus on only the positive in our relationship.
  10. I can see the good in every situation. 

  1. I can resolve arguments and disagreements with calmness and compassion.
  2. I am patient and flexible.
  3. I accept my partners’ differences without judgement.
  4. I will not let bad days destroy us. 
  5. My partner has my best interest at heart.
  6. We are a team.
  7. I love my partner, and they love me.
  8. We are better together.
  9. I love that I can be myself around my partner.
  10. I am lucky to have found this love.

  1. We are a strong team and we support each other through anything.
  2. Our love is deep and grows stronger every day.
  3. We respect each other and cherish our differences.
  4. We communicate openly and honestly with each other.
  5. We are committed to each other and our relationship.
  6. We trust each other and have faith in our love.
  7. We forgive each other and let go of past hurts.
  8. Our love is full of joy and happiness.
  9. We are grateful for each other and appreciate everything we do.
  10. We make time for each other and prioritize our relationship.

  1. Our love is unconditional and never-ending.
  2. We are blessed to have each other and our love is a gift.
  3. We inspire and motivate each other to be our best selves.
  4. We are each other’s safe haven and comfort in times of need.
  5. We are committed to growing together and creating a happy life together.
  6. We love and accept each other for who we are.
  7. Our relationship is filled with trust, loyalty, and honesty.
  8. We are deeply connected and our love is unbreakable.
  9. We prioritize our relationship and make time for each other every day.
  10. Our love is a source of strength and inspiration.

  1. We are each other’s best friend and confidant.
  2. We share a deep emotional and physical connection.
  3. Our love is healthy and balanced, and we support each other’s growth.
  4. We work together as a team to overcome any obstacles.
  5. Our love is filled with mutual respect and admiration.
  6. We celebrate each other’s successes and support each other during challenging times.
  7. We communicate openly and actively listen to each other.
  8. Our relationship is a safe and loving space where we can be vulnerable and authentic.
  9. We are grateful for the love and joy we share together.
  10. We look forward to creating a beautiful future together.

How long do Couple Affirmations take to Manifest?

There’s no real concrete answer to this question. How long affirmations will take to manifest really depends on how much you believe in them and how much effort you put into them.

They also really depend on the state of your relationship. If you have been cheated on, manifesting the affirmation “I trust in my partner” may take a lot longer than a relationship that has no broken trust.

What we can say, however, is that the more you use affirmations and the more intent you put into them, the sooner you will see results.

Affirmations are setting you and your partner up for success.

Why? Because positivity is contagious. Once you kick negative thoughts out of your head, your entire world will change.

Use these affirmations anytime negativity sets in, and it won’t take you long to see a positive change. 

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