Date Night Gift Ideas

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Looking for Date Night Gift Ideas?

You don’t need to wait until a birthday or anniversary to give your partner a gift. Giving a gift can make your date night extra special.

Your partner will truly know you care and you’ll have a keepsake from the amazing time you have spent together!

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You may also wish to give a couple you’re close to a gift for their date night. A date night gift is a great way to show your friends that you support their relationship. 

Date Night Gift Ideas

Here are some great date night gift ideas:

Date Night Idea Books

A book of date ideas makes a thoughtful gift idea for your partner or a couple you are close with.

  • The Adventure Challenge Book– This scratch-off date idea book is a complete game-changer! The book provides basic information for each date, such as the location and an approximate time frame, allowing you to plan ahead.
    Scratch off each date as you go, and take it in turns to take the ‘lead’. When you are the lead, keep the date night as a surprise from your partner; simply giving minimal instructions such as ‘arrive hungry’. This will really ramp up the excitement in your relationship!
  • A Year of Creative Date Ideas– This book contains 52 ideas for creative date nights. Going through the book can be a date night in itself!
  • The Date Night Cookbook– This cook book has beautiful photography and tons of romantic recipe ideas for your next night in.

Subscription Boxes

Date night subscription boxes are not only full of exciting surprises; they can encourage you to dedicate time to each other every month. 

  • Happily- Your Relationship Matters | Happily is one of our top picks. Each box includes everything you need for your date night, along with conversation starters and even playlists!
  • Date Box Club– Date Club Box is a monthly subscription service providing date inspiration. Boxes can contain instructions, games and activities for date nights that vary from chocolate fondue sets to game night. 
  • Unbox- Date Night Subscription Box, Date Ideas for Couples | Unbox Love Unbox delivers unique and creative dates straight to your doorstep. Each box has everything you need for a fun date night. Themes include time machine, escape room or brain teaser. 


Card or board games make perfect gifts for couples. Games are not only a lot of fun, but they can help you get to know each other on a deeper level. 

  • We love the game Loopy, available from Amazon- This game focuses on bonding on both a physical and emotional level, with categories including talk, kiss, fondle and fun activities. 
  • 101 Quizzes for Couples– This quiz book from Amazon allows you to get to know each other better, whilst encouraging friendly competition! 
  • Death at The Dive Bar– For a totally different and immersive date night experience, why not play detective with a murder mystery game. This game is fun to play alone as a couple or as a double date. Available from Amazon, Death at The Dive Bar has been described as having an escape room challenge in your own home.

Date Night Idea Cards

  • These date night cards from Etsy contain a whole year worth of date ideas! Each card includes 3 different date ideas for each month at different price ranges. 
  • The Couple’s Bucket List– These cards from Amazon, contain 100 ideas for date nights, including ideas for both staying in and going out. 

Romantic Gift Ideas

A romantic gift is best shared with your partner. 

  • Roses- Roses are a classic romantic gift. These boxed, preserved red roses are perfect for a female friend or partner.
  • Art Print- A personalized artistic print is a thoughtful gift, and a beautiful piece of decoration for your home. Etsy is a goldmine for bespoke art! We love this one, which can be fully personalized, even down to the drink the girl is holding!
  • Jewelry- Jewelry is the staple when it comes to romantic gifts. Again, Etsy has a vast array of choice for personalized jewelry. Our top pick is this beautiful soulmate necklace.

Food-Related Gift Ideas

A food-related gift can be a lovely add-on to a date night. 

  • Movie Snacks- No movie night is complete without snacks! Fill a basket full of snacks, popcorn, and soda pop bottles.  
  • Fondue- A fondue set makes an at-home date feel extra fancy! Make your own fondue basket…don’t forget pretzels, chocolate and candles. 

Budget/DIY Gift Ideas

A date night gift doesn’t have to blow the budget! A handmade gift is extra special and a thoughtful gesture. 

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are super convenient and often beautifully presented. 

  • Spa Gift Basket- An at-home spa night is a romantic and relaxing way for couples to spend an evening together. This hamper from Amazon, contains countless premium toiletries for a truly indulgent night. 
  • Massage- A massage evening will really ramp up your physical connection. This gift set from Etsy has all the essentials you need, along with fun extras such as champagne glasses, games, candles and rose petals. 
  • Art- If you are creative, an art-related gift basket makes a nice change for date night. We love this couples paint kit from Etsy, which contains a step-by-step tutorial for your painting along with whatever you need to paint it! 
    Speaking of this idea, you can do a couples paint and sip at home!

Remember, the best gift you can give on a date night is your time, attention, and effort to make the experience enjoyable for both of you.

While a small gift might be a nice gesture, it’s not necessary to have a good time. Focus on getting to know each other, having fun, and creating lasting memories.

With these gift ideas in mind, you can add a little something extra to your date and make it even more special. Happy gifting, and enjoy your date night!

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