First Date Gifts To Start The Night Out Right

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Want to find the best ideas for first date gifts?

First, second, and even third dates can be a little nerve wracking. But you can break the ice (and make a great first impression) by bringing your date a little gift on date night.

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Many people might tell you, “that’s too much”. 

But don’t overthink things. Bringing a gift is not only polite, but shows your date you’re willing to go the extra mile for them.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but a small gift to let your date know you really care is perfect.

But what should you bring as a first date gift?

First Date Gift Ideas


Let’s start with the obvious. Flowers. Flowers are an obvious and easy gift for any date. And of course, we’d never tell you not to bring flowers, because let’s be real, what date wouldn’t love to receive them? 

But you don’t have to spend a fortune on flowers to impress your date. In fact, many people find a single rose more sentimental than an entire bouquet.

On a first date, a single rose can symbolize love at first sight, or can simply tell someone that you like them.

If you’re celebrating an anniversary, a single rose can also be used to say “I still love you”.

But whether you choose to go all out with a single rose or a full bouquet of flowers, you can never go wrong with the gift of flowers.

Favorite Treats

Have you been listening? If you’ve been talking to your date for a while now, you should know their favorite foods or snacks.

If you don’t – ask!

Favorite foods is an easy ice breaker – and it will help you out down the line when you need to get them a gift. 

Even a simple pack of Smarties can put a smile on your date’s face (if it’s their favorite snack) because it tells them that you’ve been listening to them – which as we all know is super important in any relationship.

If you don’t know their favorite treat (perhaps this is a blind date), you can always bring them a small gift pack of mixed treats. Chocolate always goes a long way.

And nowadays there are lots of specialty gift shops where you can buy treat bouquets and edible arrangements full of chocolates, fruits, and whatever else the heart might desire.

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A Hand-Written Note

Okay, we know we’re taking it way back here. It’s been a looooong time since handwritten notes have been a thing.

But can we please bring them back again?

Hand-written notes are so much more personal and meaningful than a flirty text message. Plus, it’ll give your date something to look forward to after the date. 

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Now remember, if this is someone new you’re seeing, you’re gonna want to keep your note PG.

Perhaps you can write them a note telling them how much you have enjoyed getting to know them, how much you enjoyed the date (even though it hasn’t happened yet), or what they can look forward to on your next date together. 

Hand them the note at the beginning of the date, and tell them to save it until they get home!

Of course, this might not be the best idea on a blind date because let’s face it, blind dates can go terribly wrong!

So save this idea from someone you’ve been getting to know for a while.

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A Personalized Gift

We ask you again, have you been listening? LISTEN to what your date is telling you – and then use it to buy them a personalized gift.

Have they told you that they love teddy bears? Gift them a small bear.

Have they told you they love earrings? Don’t go all out on a first date, but a small pair of earrings would be a great gift.

And remember, your gift doesn’t have to be expensive or pretty – it just needs to show that you’ve been listening.

Maybe your date, for example, told you that they are a clean freak. So buy them some Windex!

It’ll be a great way to break the ice, get a good laugh, and show that you care about what they have to say all at the same time. 

The point here is, take note of what they like and then go with the flow. Make it sweet, make it funny – it doesn’t matter, just show that you were listening. 

A Gift Card To Use Together

Okay, this one may sound a little weird. A gift card on a first date? But hear us out. 

No, we don’t suggest going and buying just any gift card – buying your date a grocery card would be weird. But what if you were to buy a gift card for your next date location?

Conceal it in an envelope and give it to your date as a gift at the beginning. Then, tell them to open it when they get home. If the date went well, you can expect a text soon with excitement for your upcoming date. 

Maybe a gift certificate to the bowling alley? The movies? A nice restaurant? A theme park? The skies the limit – you decide!

First Date Gifts For Her

  • Favorite Flower
  • A gift for her kids (if she has them)
  • A funny keychain
  • Her favorite snack
  • Dessert she can eat at home when she gets back (Cause we know she might try to skip it!)
  • A scarf if you planned an outdoor date
  • A coffee gift card for the next morning (since you plan on keeping her out on this late night date)
  • A small box of chocolates or other sweets.
  • A cute and thoughtful book or a journal
  • A thoughtful and personalized card
  • A small potted plant, like a succulent or cactus

Ideas For First Date Gifts For Him

Why should the girls get all the fun? Mix it up and get him a first date gift to make a lasting impression.

  • Bacon wrapped as a flower
  • A book
  • A mini alcohol bottle to take the edge off his nervousness
  • His favorite sports team/player bobblehead
  • A toy for his dog
  • A funny ice breaker gift
  • A cool and trendy T-shirt or hoodie
  • A personalized keychain
  • A nice bottle of his favorite liquor or a craft beer
  • A cool and quirky desk toy or a stress ball
  • A book or a journal that he might like
  • A thoughtful and personalized card

A Word of Caution

As a word of caution, we don’t recommend getting an overly romantic gift on the first date.

Yes, if you’ve been talking for a while a small pair of earrings might be okay, but going all out with expensive gifts and jeweler might be too much.

Not only could expensive and elaborate gifts be conceived as desperate on a first date, but they might also scare your date off if they are hoping for it to be more casual. 

Start small. If things are still going well after a few dates, then you can start into more elaborate gifts.

On the contrary, if you’ve been dating for a long time or are celebrating an anniversary, please don’t bring them a bottle of Windex to demonstrate that you know they are a clean freak. We promise – it will not go well!

Now is the time to wine, dine, and spoil your loved one. Don’t be afraid to go big. 

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