Love Letter For Her

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Writing a Love Letter For Her and need some help?

Gone are the days when people poured their hearts into a letter and sent it to the love of their life. Nowadays, a quick text is how we say “I love you”.

text reads "love letter for her" and shows a written letter with pink flowers on top of it.

But really, let’s be honest, there’s no romance in that. If you’re really looking for a way to let the special lady in your life know that you love her, do it with a love letter.

Love letters are sweet, romantic, and timeless. With a heartfelt love letter, you can never go wrong – we promise!

Why send a Love Letter?

We aren’t all great at expressing our feelings, especially when we’re put on the spot. But it’s important that we tell the woman in our life how we feel – otherwise, we risk losing her.

Women not only love to, but need to know how you feel about them. We want to hear we are beautiful. We want to hear that we are appreciated. We want to hear that we are loved. And a love letter is a great way to express that.

Plus, a love letter gives you time to think about and express how you feel. When you aren’t put on the spot and “expected” to express your feelings, it gives you more time and freedom to do so.

For those who aren’t great with words, a love letter gives you the opportunity to change that. 

Here’s how you can start and end your love letter.

When should you send a love letter?

There’s really never a wrong time to send a love letter. Women always want to hear how you feel about them, and romance never goes unnoticed.

A love letter is the ultimate form of romance. It’s something that we can feel, keep, and cherish forever. 

So really, you can send a love letter any time. Send her a love letter when your relationship is at its strongest to make her feel appreciated and to keep your relationship going strong.

Send her a love letter when your relationship is going through hard times to let her know that you still love her and will keep fighting for her (women need to hear that).

Send her a love letter when she’s feeling sad and down to let her know that you have her back. If you’re feeling like you want to write a love letter – just do it – there’s never a time we don’t want one!

How To Write A Love Letter For Her

There’s not many rules when it comes to love letters. If you’re expressing how you feel, you can’t really go too wrong. With that being said, we’ve come up with a few base line rules to help keep you on track for how to write a love letter:

Be Authentic

The number one rule when writing a love letter is to be authentically yourself. While you can generate ideas off of articles like this one, you still want to make sure that you’re expressing your own feelings and your own words.

If you don’t feel it, don’t write it – your girl will see right through. The only person that can tell her how you feel is you – so let it all out! Authenticity will make the perfect love letter!

Compliment Her

Us gals are suckers for a good compliment. And what would a love letter be without a good compliment? (Or two, or three, or four)?

Don’t just tell her you love her – tell her why you love her so much.

Do you find her beautiful? Do you love her mind? Or maybe you love the way she laughs? We’re sure there are 100’s of reasons you love your girl – so tell her about it!

Try these compliments for your girlfriend or use some of these words to describe someone you love.

Avoid Negativity

A love letter should be about, well, love. So even if you’re going through a rougher patch right now, avoid adding negativity to your letter.

Don’t blame her. Don’t discourage your relationship. Focus on the positive. You can talk about the rest later. 

man writing a love letter for her and smiling.

Love Letter For Girlfriend

So let’s help get you started. What can you put in a love letter for your girlfriend?

Talk about the first time you met

What attracted you to her? What did you first notice about her? What did you love about her? What do you remember about that day/night?

Talk about what you love about her now

Do you love her eyes? The way she laughs? Do you love her intelligence? The way you can talk about anything? 

Talk about what you enjoy doing together

Do you love going for walks together? Or maybe you love your late night chats? Do you love going for coffee? Or maybe even studying together? Going on romantic dates? Etc.

Talk about how your relationship has grown

From the first time that the two of you met, how have you progressed? What do you love more now than you did then?

Talk about your future

What do you hope for the two of you? Are you looking forward to more dates? Or maybe you’re at a point where you are looking forward to marriage? Tell her your hopes for your future together. 

If you need to learn more about her, try these questions to ask your girlfriend.

Examples Of Love Letters To My Girlfriend

  1. Hey babe,

I’m sitting here, thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life. You’re like a ray of sunshine, brightening up my world with your smile and infectious laughter. Every day with you feels like a new adventure, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Love you more than words can express!

Forever yours, [Your Name]

  1. My sweet love,

You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the cheese to my macaroni, and the spark that ignites my heart. Being with you feels like dancing in a never-ending party. Your love fills my soul with joy, and I can’t help but feel grateful for every moment we share. Here’s to many more crazy, beautiful moments together!

Love always, [Your Name]

  1. To my favorite human,

You know what’s awesome? Waking up every morning knowing I get to spend the day with you. From our inside jokes to our late-night pillow talks, you bring so much happiness into my life. You’re my partner in crime, my best friend, and the love of my life. Love you to the moon and back, babe!

Yours forever, [Your Name]

  1. Hey cutie,

Just a quick note to say that you make my heart do a happy dance. Your smile lights up the room, and your laughter is like music to my ears. Life with you is a never-ending adventure, filled with spontaneous road trips, silly dance parties, and stolen kisses. I’m head over heels in love with you, and I can’t wait to keep making memories together!

Love you bunches, [Your Name]

  1. Sweetheart,

If love were a song, our relationship would be a chart-topping hit. You are the melody that makes my heart sing, the lyrics that touch my soul. Being with you feels like a never-ending celebration, and I cherish every moment we spend together. Thank you for being the incredible woman that you are. Love you more than you’ll ever know!

Forever and always, [Your Name]

man's hands writing a love letter with a rose next to it.

Love Letters To My Wife

Okay, so you’re past the point of boyfriend/girlfriend and have been married for a while. What can you put in a love letter for your wife?

Reminisce about the past

Memories are a part of what makes our relationships so strong. So talk about your favorite memories. What did you think about her the first time you met her?

When was the moment you first knew you loved her? What are some of your favorite memories together? Remind her why the two of you fell in love in the first place. 

Look forward to the future

You and your wife have your entire futures together. So what do you look forward to? Maybe you simply look forward to waking up next to her everyday for the rest of your life?

Maybe you look forward to the memories you will make? Or maybe you even look forward to building a family? Give her something to look forward to.

Tell her what you love about her

You married your wife for a reason, so tell her about it. What do you love more about her now than the day that you met?

What about her is it that makes you want to spend forever together? Compliment. Compliment. Complement.

Tell her what you love about your relationship

By now, you and your wife have surely gone through your own struggles. What is it that kept you strong through them? What will keep the two of you going during tough times in your future? 

Tell her your feelings

Sometimes as we grow together and become more comfortable, we can forget to tell our partners how we feel. But as women, we need to hear that you still love us. So tell us about it. 

Examples of Love Letters For Wife

  1. Hey babe,

Just wanted to take a moment to remind you how crazy in love I am with you. From the way you laugh at my silly jokes to the way you hold my hand, you make my heart skip a beat every single day. Being your husband is the greatest adventure of my life, and I can’t wait to make more memories with you. Love you to the moon and back!

Yours forever, [Your Name]

  1. My dearest [Wife’s Name],

I wanted to write you a little note to say that you are the absolute bomb dot com! Seriously, you bring so much joy and love into my world. Your smile is contagious, your hugs are the best, and your love is like a warm ray of sunshine. I’m the luckiest guy alive to call you my wife. Love you more than words can say!

Forever yours, [Your Name]

  1. Hey beautiful,

You know what’s better than Netflix and chill? It’s you and me, forever and always. You’re my partner in crime, my favorite person to binge-watch shows with, and the one who always steals the popcorn. Life with you is a never-ending adventure, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Love you more than pizza (and that’s saying something)!

With all my heart, [Your Name]

  1. To my amazing wife,

I don’t need a superhero in my life because I have you. You are my Wonder Woman, my rock, and my biggest supporter. You lift me up when I’m down, you inspire me to be the best version of myself, and you make even the ordinary days feel extraordinary. Thank you for being the incredible woman that you are. Love you to infinity and beyond!

Forever yours, [Your Name]

  1. Sweetheart,

They say that love is like a roller coaster, and I couldn’t agree more. Our journey together has had its ups and downs, twists and turns, but I wouldn’t change a single moment. You are the reason my heart races, my stomach flips, and my life is filled with excitement. Buckle up, babe, because this wild ride called love is just getting started. Love you like crazy!

Forever and always, [Your Name]

Remember, most importantly, just be authentically yourself. If you’re open, honest, and raw, your woman will feel that. 

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