Finding Nemo/Dory Gift Guide

Finding Nemo is one of our favorite Disney/Pixar movies!  Finding Dory is close up there too.  We love getting the kids everything that has Dory or Nemo on it.  And my mom even loves it too. Whether its toys, books, or decorations, we just can’t get enough of the “Just Keep Swimming” characters.  So, I rounded up some great Finding Nemo and Finding Dory Gift Ideas for your loved ones.  

Up, Up, and Away – Bucket list Orlando

I had always thought of hot air balloons as something out of a movie.  There’s something adventurous, magical, romantic about hot air balloons.  On very rare occasions, while I was growing up, we would see hot air balloons flying above our city, early on some Sunday mornings on our way to church.  They were always magical and so fun to watch.  The beautiful colors and patterns, and the way they just appear on some random mornings, and not seen again for a while later, are what made them so interesting.  It was something I had put on my bucket list…something I wanted to do one time in my life.  However, it had always seemed like a far fetched dream.  One of those “maybe one day” dreams. 

The Best of Gatorland – Bucket List Edition

When you think of Gatorland, you may this it’s strictly a zoo full of…gators of course! And you get to walk around looking at the different kinds, see the exhibits, maybe catch a gator show, and you’re out.I actually thought something along those lines as well…that is until I learned that Gatorland offers so much more!

The Ultimate Girlie Girl’s Gift Guide

Gift Guides are always so much fun for me.  Every holiday, I try to find the newest and best gifts to get my family.  I love discovering new gifts and ideas to get.  But sometimes, the gift guides you find out there are so general.  Some girls may not be into makeup, or sports, or books, etc… So, I am working on breaking some of these down.  

Here is a great list of items for the Girlie Girl on your list! 

Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club and Lodge

Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club and Lodge is our top recommendation of where to stay while we were checking out the Best in Orlando.  Whether you are a golf fan or not, this resort is a perfect place for luxury and relaxation.  From the moment you enter the gates (or the neighborhood really), you feel like you are in a whole other world than the hustle and bustle of the city.  The beautiful building with rich decor, amazing golf course, and all the amenities, are enough to call this a dream hotel.  It’s a perfect luxury getaway with a surprisingly affordable price.  

The Lights Fest & Promo Code

The Lights Fest Promo code is below!
If you know me, or you have followed this blog, you know I am all about Bucket Lists!  I love finding once-in-a-lifetime adventures to continue adding to my list, and not just adding to my to-do list, but adding it to my DONE list!  

The Best of Orlando

We just got back from a 10-day Summer Vacation in Orlando, Florida.  Our family went almost 14 years ago, but our youngest sister was just 4 years old.  Our parents decided to take her back this year, after her high school graduation, and I am not on t pass up a trip, so I tagged along with one mission…to find the Best of Orlando.  And I think it was a huge success!  

Best Gifts for Teenage Boys

Teenage Boy Gift Guide – Need ideas for what to get a Teenage Boy for a gift for Christmas, his birthday, or any other occasion?  The best gift idea for him? We’ve rounded up some great Teenage Boy Gift Ideas for you here. Teenage boy gift ideas for boyfriend, son, nephew, brother, etc.  Here are some great Gift ideas for Teenage Boys.


If you thought that teenage girls were hard to shop for, you should try shopping for teenage boys! They can be particular, and definitely not easy to shop for. I always find using gift guides to mark recipients off of my shopping list helpful, so here’s some high-demand gifts to get for the teenager in your life!

Top Disney Backpacks For Back to School

Back to School time is already here…didn’t we just start Summer?!  Well, we’ve rounded up 50 Awesome Disney backpacks just for you.  

Get one for your kids, get one for your teens, or get one for yourself…there’s lots of great ones below!