FRIENDS Themed Bridal Shower

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Looking for tips on throwing a FRIENDS Themed Bridal Shower?

Having a wedding shower theme makes planning a bridal shower extra fun! Friends is a TV show which is instantly recognizable to most of us, and therefore makes a great choice for a bridal shower theme.

The sitcom is relatable and timeless.

The TV show is all about friendship, making it the perfect choice for a bridal shower theme. 

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The main thing to consider when coming up with your bridal shower theme is the bride’s tastes.

Make sure you check the Bride is a big fan of the sitcom before settling on this choice of theme!

You could get the girls together in advance for a Friends binge, and brainstorm ideas. Ideal for a sleepover! 

Friends Themed Bridal Shower

If you’re a fan of the hit television show “Friends” and you’re planning a bridal shower, why not combine the two and throw a Friends-themed bridal shower?

This is a fun and unique way to celebrate the bride-to-be while paying homage to one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time.

Here are some tips for throwing a Friends-themed bridal shower that your guests will love:

1. Set The Stage

The first step in throwing a Friends-themed bridal shower is choosing the right venue…or at least decorating it to feel like the right venue.

You want a space that feels like Central Perk, (the coffee shop where the friends hang out), or Monica’s apartment, where many of the show’s most memorable moments take place.

If you want to go all out, you can decorate your space with elements from the show, like the iconic orange sofa, a replica of the picture frame on Monica’s door, and even a foosball table like the one Joey and Chandler had in their apartment.

Most of us aren’t that extra, so we suggest getting some backdrops or posters to make it feel like the show.

2. Send Out Themed Invitations

Once you have your venue, it’s time to send out invitations to your guests. Make sure to choose invitations that reflect the Friends theme, such as ones that feature the Central Perk logo or a picture of the friends.

You can also include fun quotes from the show (“Could we BE more excited?!” “The One Where ____ Gets Married” etc.) or ask guests to dress up as their favorite character.

These Friends themed invites will let everyone know what to expect from your Bridal shower.

Plan Fun Activities

No bridal shower is complete without fun activities, and a Friends-themed shower is no exception. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • “The One With the Quiz”: Create a quiz that tests your guests’ knowledge of Friends trivia. You can make this like “The Lightning Round” or set up like a bridal shower jeopardy game.
    The winner could receive a prize, such as a Central Perk mug or a Friends-themed t-shirt.
  • “The One With the Photo Booth”: Set up a photo booth with props that reflect the show, like Central Perk coffee cups, a lobster, or a smelly cat.
  • “The One With the Phoebe Buffay Karaoke”: Set up a karaoke machine and have guests take turns singing some of Phoebe’s most memorable songs, such as “Smelly Cat” or “Two of Them Kissed Last Night.”
  • “The One With Friends Bingo”: Create bingo cards with Friends-themed items.
    As guests spot these items during the shower, they can mark them off on their bingo cards. Stick some classic Friends episodes on and play Friends bingo. Tick off events on the show as they happen such as ‘Joey getting confused’ or ‘Chandler being sarcastic’.

    This set even comes with a ‘smelly cat’ print as an extra decorative piece.
    You can also use the bingo set to make up your own drinking game, such as drink every time Joey says ‘How You Doing’ or do a shot whenever there’s a celebrity guest star.
    You can even make this like a bridal shower scavenger hunt as well.
  • “The One With the Monica Geller Cooking Challenge”: Set up a cooking station with ingredients for a dish from the show, such as “Monica’s Mockolate” or “Rachel’s Trifle.” Have guests work in teams to see who can create the most delicious version of the dish.
  • “The One With the Ross and Rachel Quiz”: Put together a quiz that tests guests’ knowledge of Ross and Rachel’s relationship throughout the show.
    The winner could receive a prize, such as a “We Were On A Break!” t-shirt.

FRIENDS Themed Games

Games a great way to break the ice and help everyone get to know each other better. 

Who Said It Friends version– This game features quotes from the show, and you have to guess which character said it.

FRIENDS Themed Food + Drink

Friends themed food and drink adds a fun conversational point to your event. Developing a Friends themed menu is your opportunity to get creative! 

Central Perk Coffee

Set up a coffee bar with different types of coffee, flavored syrups, and whipped cream, just like the one at Central Perk.


Paying attention to the smaller details, such as these cupcake toppers, will make the bride feel extra special! These super-cute ones are available from Etsy.

Joey’s Pizza

Joey is well-known for his love of Italian pizza. Display some New York-style pizza alongside his classic line ‘Joey Doesn’t Share Food’ with this fun sign from Etsy.

Wine Labels

If the bride is a wine-lover these Friends labels will be a sure-fire hit! Available from Etsy.

Phoebe’s Famous Cookies

Phoebe’s super secret chocolate chip cookie recipe by “Nest-le Toll-housé”. Monica worked so hard figuring these out!


Turn the most simple cake into a Friends themed dessert, with this ‘Pivot’ cake topper from Amazon. You could even play a prank on your guests with this hilarious print from Etsy, referencing the notorious trifle Rachel made. Just to remember to reassure your guests there isn’t beef in the cake!

Ross’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

The “Moist Maker” anyone? One of the most memorable food moments in the show was Ross’s sandwich made of Thanksgiving leftovers, complete with a layer of gravy-soaked bread.

“My Sandwich?! MY Sandwich?!”


Serve punch or cocktails in giant coffee mugs for that Central Perk feel. These mugs from Amazon are great and could even double up as party favors. You could also offer a classic coffee option for those who aren’t drinking alcohol.

Phoebe’s Ice Station

Remember the hilarious episode where Phoebe is in charge of cups and ice? Re-create the moment with Phoebe’s ice station, featuring lots of different varieties of ice, and a lot of red cups!

Joey’s Meatball Subs

Joey’s love of meatball subs is well-known throughout the show, so why not serve them at the shower? You could also offer a vegetarian option for non-meat eaters.

FRIENDS Themed Decor

Decor is your chance to really display your theme. Stick to purple and white color throughout.

Amazon Friends Decoration Kit

This decor set from Amazon has everything you need for a Friends themed bridal shower, including balloons, sashes, banners and cupcake toppers. 


Go all out with a Friends style backdrop. This will be perfect for taking photos in front of. Available via Amazon, this Central Perk backdrop can be purchased in a selection of sizes to suit your space.

This DIY Welcome sign from Etsy is a gorgeous addition to your Friends decor.

FRIENDS Themed Party Favors

Finally, make sure to send guests home with fun favors that reflect the Friends theme. Party favors are a fun little keepsake from the event. Etsy and Amazon are a treasure trove for Friends themed small gifts! Consider giving out Central Perk coffee cups, Friends-themed keychains, or even a recipe book featuring some of Monica’s favorite recipes.

Extras For Your FRIENDS Bridal Shower

Make the event extra special with some additional nods to the Friends theme. 


Download the theme tune and play it as the bride enters for a fun way to kick off the shower! Spotify and YouTube also have Friends themed playlists available, with plenty of upbeat 90/00’s tunes to get the party started. Make sure you have a singalong to Smelly Cat at some point!


Matching Friends themed clothing is a fun way to coordinate, and you’ll have a nice keepsake after the day. We love these matching Bachelorette shirts from Etsy. Don’t forget a Friends style sash for the bride-to-be.

Photo Props

Props are a great way to encourage everyone to take more photos. This set from Amazon has 40 different props.

Place Cards

Add a sense of occasion with these Friends themed place cards. They are available with pre-set options, such as ‘Monica’s Candy’ or ‘Ross’s Fajitas’, or you can create your own. Available from Etsy.

A Friends-themed bridal shower is a fun and unique way to celebrate the bride-to-be while paying homage to one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.

By choosing the right venue, sending out themed invitations, planning fun activities, serving themed food and drinks, and sending guests home with fun favors, you can create a bridal shower that your guests will never forget.

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