Fun Things to Do in Tyler Texas

We took a fun trip to East Texas and found a charming city called Tyler. Tyler, Texas is just a couple hours from Dallas, making this a perfect weekend getaway from Dallas, Texas. If you’re looking for a fun little weekend trip away from the city, Tyler is the place to be! It’s great for both adults and kids. Here are some fun things to do in Tyler Texas!

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Generation Tux Review…Spoiler…We LOVED them!

Did you know, you can rent your bridal party suits without ever stepping foot in a store? No fittings, no going to the store to pick your favorite, going back to the store to get fitted, going again to pick it up, and still another time to drop it off? You can do all of this in the comfort of your own home! Here’s our Generation Tux Review…

You may have never thought about using an online tux rental service for your wedding, but the reality is there are some great benefits of using an online tux rental service for your next formal event or wedding. We discovered Generation Tux, an online tux rental company headquartered in Kentucky, that offers reasonable pricing and many options to get the best tux of your choice for your wedding, or even next formal event.

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All About Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers & Sam’s Club Bulk Flowers

So you’ve heard about Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers and how they can save you so much money on your wedding floral budget with their cheap wedding flower packages? Well, we’re here to give you our Sam's Club wedding flowers reviews and share with you how we saved hundreds of dollars on our wedding flowers!

We had an outdoor wedding and reception, (see all our wedding details here) so we didn't need very many decorations, but of course every wedding should have beautiful flowers! When we started seeing prices florists are charging for your wedding flowers, we almost decided to just make them ourselves by going to the local farmers market. 

But, we also knew that putting together flower arrangements, bouquets, boutonnières, etc would be a lot of work on the day or day before the wedding as well. So when we discovered that Sam’s Club Club has pre-made wedding flower bundles, we were sold! 

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Save Money on Your Wedding Bar with Total Wine & More

Having an open bar for your wedding can be a very expensive part of wedding budget. When it comes to all of the other details of your magical day, you can usually sneak in some amazingly frugal ideas and stocking your own bar is just one of the awesome ways to save loads of money. It turns out to be a lot cheaper bringing in your own alcohol, than to hire a fully stocked bar.

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Chicco Car Seat NextFit ix- Newborn to Preschool

*Updated July 8, 2019 -*2 years in and the Chicco NextFit ix Convertible Car Seat is holding up amazing! We have had 2 kids in this seat now, and we cannot recommend it enough.

Car Seats these days can be so hard to shop for.  You're going to want the safest and best for your little one.  There are so many rules and regulations about car seats, that sometimes it can be hard to figure out what is best.  And kids outgrow everything so much faster than you want them to!  The saying "don't blink" is a serious thing! They grow so fast that you are going to want things that last a long time.  You don't want to have to buy 4 different car seats per child, and every time you turn around your child has outgrown their seat.  With the Chicco NextFit ix Convertible Car Seat, you'll be able to use this seat from newborn to their preschool years!

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Our Dream Wedding Wrap-Up

We did it! Our Biggest Adventure Ever, and we are now Mr. and Mrs. 

The day was as crazy and as fast as it could have been, but it really did end up being the perfect day. It was definitely not without lots of bumps and things gone wrong (we’ll have another post all about that!), but all in all, no one noticed, our friends and family had a blast, and B and I are now married! Couldn’t ask for anything else. 

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Wedding Planning with Heritage Hill

B and I are just about one month out from our wedding day, which is insane! It has come up so fast, even though by the time we get married, we will have been engaged for just over a year and a half. Crazy!

We have had such a blast planning the wedding of our dreams, and I have to credit a lot of that to our perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue in Southern California, Heritage Hill in Murrieta.

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All About Amazon Wedding Registry

Signing up for a wedding registry is one way to ensure that you get items that you want for your wedding gifts. While you'll be grateful for any gift that you receive, it's important to both you and your guests that your wedding gifts are something that will actually be useful and something you like. This is why it's important to set up a wedding registry. This is an easy way for your wedding guests to purchase items for your wedding gift that you need, want or actually will use in the future.

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner for You

Every couple who thinks about hiring a wedding planner wants to make sure the person is professional and qualified to plan their wedding. Having a planner by your side to navigate the sometimes murky waters of planning your special wedding day can help alleviate some stress and take some tasks off your shoulders. With that being said, many couples are left wondering how to choose the right wedding planner.

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Spring Date Ideas

Spring is finally here!! And we are bringing you some fun Spring Date Ideas.
After a long and cold winter season, it’s important that you get out to enjoy some date nights or days with your significant other or spouse. After all, it’s a great way to get some fresh air and sunshine together and enjoy some happiness after being cooped up for a long winter season. It doesn’t matter what type of couple you are, each of these spring date ideas will give you a way to enjoy each other’s’ company no matter what your style or idea of date night is. Make a list and check each one off before spring is over! Is the weather not quite warm, and it still feels like winter? Check out our Winter Date Ideas!

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3 Ways to Embrace Minimalism as Newlyweds  

Your big day is not far off and you can’t wait for your new life to begin. It’s understandable that right now you’re focused on planning the perfect wedding, however this article is meant to provide helpful tips on how to live intentionally after you have said your I do’s. Going into your marriage with intention will give your relationship strength and you’ll create a home life you love!  While minimalism can mean many different things to different people, the concept remains the same: to live more simply, striping away what doesn’t make you happy and making room for the things you value. These tips are meant to inspire you but a minimalist life will look very different for each couple.

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10 Things to do in Provence, France

Contrary to popular belief there is more to France than just the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Versailles. Other areas of France have just as much culture and history to offer as fair Pari. One of the most beautiful, rustic, and well preserved areas of France is Provence. And we’re going to show you 10 things to do in Provence, France.

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