text reads "questions to ask your crush" and shows a man and woman talking over coffee.

Questions To Ask Your Crush

Want some good Questions To Ask Your Crush? So you have a crush on someone and they’ve started talking to you – that’s great! Building a strong friendship is the first step towards a potential relationship. But in order to build a strong friendship and connection, you need to talk. Unfortunately, that’s not something that …

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text reads "cute things you can text someone in the morning" and shows a woman looking at her phone in bed.

Cute Good Morning Texts To Send

Ready to learn some cute good morning texts to send? Did you know that starting your morning off on a positive note can actually affect the rest of your day? Starting your morning off right can help you to be more constructive throughout the day, help to keep you motivated and positive throughout the day, …

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text reads "love letter for her" and shows a written letter with pink flowers on top of it.

Love Letter For Her

Writing a Love Letter For Her and need some help? Gone are the days when people poured their hearts into a letter and sent it to the love of their life. Nowadays, a quick text is how we say “I love you”. But really, let’s be honest, there’s no romance in that. If you’re really …

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image reads "couple affirmations" and shows a man embracing a woman from the back as they smile sitting on the couch.

Couple Affirmations

In need of Couple Affirmations? Here are a few that can help! Loving someone feels good. Being loved in return feels good. So when you love someone, it’s important that you let that love be shown. Daily words of affirmations are a great way to not only keep the love between you and your partner …

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