Make Your Drawings Come to Life with the IDO3D Drawing Pen!

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*Redwood Ventures was gracious enough to send us these products for free for our review.  As always, all opinions are our own, and we really do think these will be great gifts to give your loved ones.

Here’s an awesome gift for those crafty kids on your list. It’s the IDO3D Drawing Pen by Redwood Ventures. These 3D pens are so much fun! And best part is, you can create whatever you want. No more sticking to just the paper, these 3D Drawing Pens help you draw right off the page! Draw up, sideways, around, and down. This new art form is sure to be a blast.

This IDO3D Drawing Pen is similar to the AtmosFlare, but it is kid friendly. We received this kit above, and it comes with 5 3D Pens, a 3D Pen Light, a Guidebook, and 3D Building Accessories! The colors include; Green, Purple, Orange, Red, and Blue. It also comes with a plastic sheet, so you can take your drawings right off the paper! It even COMES WITH Batteries!! Yay!

An awesome thing about this company, is they offer FREE lessons online at

And IDO3D comes in a different variety of kits, and there’s a super affordable one for $7.99. You can get this starter kit if you just want to test it out and see if you like it. But if you’re anything like us, we like to go big and make sure we have all we need to jump into a project, so we definitely recommend this kit!

Open up their creative world with this IDO3D Drawing Pen set!

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