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“Finder’s Key Purse”

One of our favorite accessories that all of us girls love, is our “Finder’s Key Purse”. Ever spend too much time digging around in your purse looking for your keys? Well, no more! With the “Finder’s Key Purse”, you slip this key chain on your keys and hook it onto your purse, “for an easy find every time.” And they come in so many different designs. The pretty decorated piece sits outside of your bag, so it’s like an extra mini decoration on your purse. When it’s time to grab your keys, you just grab straight for the hook, with no more fumbling in your purse looking for your keys.

Another awesome product from “Isn’t This Clever”, is the “Key’P It Up Purse Hangers” purse hanger with the key finder. It also has a Key Finder like the ones above, but it doubles as a purse hanger. You can use it to hang your purse on the table, bathroom stall, or anywhere else you wish you could hang it. No more having to set your purse on the floor, or try to balance the stars on your knee during dinner. Just hook it to the table and hang your purse on it, under the table! Every woman who carries a purse should have one of these.

Pepper Spray Key Chain

But that’s not all this company has…they have a new safety line for women as well. This includes a Key Chain Pepper Spray, a Key Chain Panic Alarm, with a super bright LED flashlight and a Drink Test Kit. The Pepper Spray is a mini and attached to a key chain for easy access. So now, when your loved one walks out to the car alone, they’ll be armed with Pepper Spray and not just keys between their knuckles. And this pepper spray is “46% hotter than other brands” and can incapacitate for up to 45 minutes! There’s also a safety lock so there are no accidents.

Key Chain Panic Alarm and LED Flashlight

Another product is the Panic Alarm Key Chain. It is 20 decibels, so can be heard from a ways away. It also has a bright LED flashlight for those nights when she may need it.

Drink Test Kit

And finally, the Drink Test Kit. This kit comes with 20 tests and can check your drink for common date rape drugs, before you take another sip. Yes, we’re taught to always watch your drink, but in instances when it can be questionable, she can just pull a card out of her purse and see if it has been messed with.

Safety should always come first, and thanks to “Isn’t This Clever”, you can help the women in your life be just a little more safe.

We’re so glad they introduced these great and important products to us!

Check them out HERE!

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