Kitcheneed Silicone Barbecue Grilling Gloves

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These Kitcheneed Silicone Cooking and Barbecue Gloves are perfect for the cook or BBQ enthusiast in your life.

These BBQ gloves are perfect for cooking, grilling, pot holders, camping, opening hard to open cans/jars, and more. They are made of 100% pure Silicone. This kit includes a basting brush as well. Kitcheneed comes with a lifetime guarantee!

They are also made with better wrist protection, as the gloves go higher up on your wrists to help protect higher up as well. The added star designs add extra protection for extreme temperatures.

It also comes with a built on loop tab so you can hang them so they are easy to grab whenever you want them.

You can buy your Kitcheneed Cooking and BBQ Gloves

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