My Alert

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My Alert, by SC Direct,
is an awesome product that helps people who are hard of hearing, deaf, blind, or heavy sleepers, became better aware of their environment. My Alert alerts people to visitors, phone calls, and potential safety threats such as an intruder in your home. Just set up each transmitter to where you would like alerts to come from, and program them to the receiver. You will start to be alerted in no time.

My Alert
transmitters can alert you to a doorbell ringing, door or window opening, and your telephone calls. You can place as many transmitters you want around the house. They also have bed sensors that can alert you to these things.

The My Alert Receiver can be set to alert you with a loud sound, bright flashing LED’s or a powerful bed shaker, to let you know what’s happening. You can add transmitters to your cellphone, landline, doors, and windows, so you never miss what’s going on.

If you have a family member you’re a little worried about, this is great for piece of mind.

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