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For those avid GoPro users, PolarPro has some awesome lens filters to help take your videos to the next level…

We personally love to use our GoPro on all of our vacations, and especially for our underwater adventures…I mean, capturing your snorkeling/scuba diving adventures?! So cool!  So when we went to Australia, and were swimming around the Great Barrier Reef, our footage turned out a bit cloudy.  

Man, do I wish I had this awesome

Red Snorkel Filter!

This filter snaps right onto your GoPro, and allows you to take super clear, underwater video and pictures. 

And if we aren’t IN the water, we are ON the water…fishing, on the boat, relaxing on the lake, paddle boarding in the ocean…  

So this Polarized Lens becomes our best friend.

With this polarized lens, it reduces the glare, and helps with color saturation, to make our videos pop.  

These filters just snap onto the existing lens of your GoPro, and help filter your videos.  

If you’re looking to up your game a little more, check out the Venture Filter 3-Pack.

This pack comes with a Polarizer, Neutral Density, and Graduated ND8 filter.  

Polar Pro has so many great products to help make your videos the best! Check out all they have to offer HERE.

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