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RND Power Solutions has lots of awesome accessories for your electrical devices. Here are some of our favorites… (oh, and there’s a discount at the end.)

1. Super Sonic Fast High Speed Car Charger with Quick Charge

High Speed Car Charger
comes with 2 USB ports, each with 2.4 amps, and a Quick Charge station with one USB-C port with 3 amps, and a USB port with a 3.6 amps. It also has built-in protection against power spikes over-heating and over charging. Such a great on-the-go charger, and can charge multiple items at the same time.

2. Apple Certified Dock for iPhone


This Apple Certified Dock
Dock is great for standing your phone up while you’re on your computer, next to your bed, or using while Face-timing, reading, or any other activity you want to do while not holding your phone. This stand fits just about any Apple device with or without a case as well.

But it will also charge, and sync your device to your MAC when plugged in! So it’s a charger, AND a dock. It is also adjustable, and can lean forward, straight up, or lean your phone back a bit for easier viewing. Definitely a popular one for Face-timing, watching videos, and playing music, handsfree!

And finally, probably our favorite product…
3.  The Wall Power Station

Wall Power Station
comes with 3 AC power ports, and 4 USB ports, and also features a pull out shelf. We are always fighting for the best outlet in the house to charge our phones, and this device helps make those no more. Just plug in this Power Station, and you can charge up to 7 phones at once! Not that we do, but it’s possible. It also features 2 shelves. One pull out shelf, to hold you phone while charging, and one top shelf to do the same.

This RND Wall Power Solution also has a “built-in protection against power spikes protecting your devices from overheating. And you can mount it to any vertical 2-socket outlet or three prong plug in any outlet space.”

RND Power Solutions has so many more products, it was hard to pick our favorites, so be sure to check out the rest

AND our What the Girls Say readers get 10% off…just use code RND10GIRLSAY at check out.


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