Vivitar Fitness Tracker

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Is your mom into fitness?  Checking on her health?  Then this Vivitar Fitness Tracker would be a perfect gift.  And it’s affordable! 

This Vivitar Fitness Tracker does it all.  From monitoring your heart rate, to counting your calories burned…it can even sync to your smart phone so you can read your incoming calls and text messages right on your wrist! 

The Vivitar TYL- 5300 tracks all of the following:

– Heart Rate
-Exercise Time
-Target Goal

It also has these features:

-Sleep Mode
-Phone Notifications

If you want to use your phone with your tracker, just download the free Vivitar Fitness App to pair.  

This Tracker band looks very sleek in its black form, is comfortable to wear, and has a battery life that lasts for weeks.  The battery lasts even longer when the heart rate mode is turned off.  

It is easy to switch between modes, with just a tap on the screen.  If you’ve ever wanted an “all-in-one”  fitness tracker band, that is super affordable…You’ve found the perfect one! 

See the Vivitar Fitness Tracker Here.

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