Couples Painting Date Night At Home: Paint & Sip Couple’s Edition

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Looking for a fun at home date idea? How about you set up your own couples painting date night at home? Whether you’re wanting to do a cheaper version of a Paint & Sip, or just looking for a fun way to mix up your date nights, this is a perfect date idea for you!

DIY Couples Painting Date Night At Home. Paint & Sip From your house, for the perfect at home date night.

We are so excited to have Tracie Kiernan from Step By Step Painting sharing with us how to set up the perfect Paint and Sip At Home Date Idea!

Tracie has some really great step-by-step tutorials to paint a beautiful painting just like the ones you see at a “Paint and Sip” event. She helps you save tons of money by being able to do this date night at home.

We asked her to share with you how to set up your very own couples at home paint night so you can add this to your At Home Date list, and save some money!

Step-By-Step Paint And Sip At Home

Hi everyone, this is Tracie Kiernan! I’m an artist and a blogger over at Step By Step Painting. I create free online painting tutorials and I’m here to let you know about a trend I’m seeing!

So many people are having paint nights, at home! More specifically, couples are having paint dates! 

two blank canvases on easels with wine glasses for at home paint and sip night

Yes! Spending the evening at home painting is such a splendid idea for a date night. I’m here as a guest to show you just how and why to set this up.

You may be thinking that you and your partner are not artistic or you’ve never painted before. You’d be surprised! Step by step painting instruction, like the ones you do in a sip & paint studio, is such an effective technique that it makes anyone feel like a Bob Ross.

And, best of all, you can do this all on a budget at home! It may even be cheaper than going to a studio. 

set up for couples date night at home paint night with painted canvases

Three Reasons Why You Should Have A Painting Date Night- At Home!

I’ve come across couples that don’t have any art skills whatsoever and they’ve found absolute enjoyment in this hobby. There’s something beautiful about learning to paint together and I’ll list some of the amazing benefits here. 

paint on a plate with paint brushes

1. Painting is a Great Stress Relief 

There is no secret that painting is extremely relaxing. Put on some music and get lost in the process of mixing colors and stroking them on the canvas.  

Painting can be very therapeutic and after a long day you both can benefit from the rewards of art! 

2. Painting together is fun & social 

These paintings can take upwards of 2 hours to make. Yikes! But don’t worry, it won’t feel like that. How often do you get to sit down together for that long and engage in an activity

Making art is a social activity! You and your loved one get to talk, laugh, get paint on your noses and overall enjoy yourselves.

3. Painting at home allows you to take your time and paint at your own pace

My husband and I love going to paint studios for date night but they usually feel kind of rushed. Painting at home allows you to take as much time as you need to render your painting and add as many details as you need. 

two easels and wine glasses with canvas

Have A Painting Date On A Budget 

Sometimes setting up this kind of paint date is intimidating because you don’t know what supplies to get. Or maybe the costs are holding you back. 

Really, you don’t have to go all out and buy the most expensive stuff. 

Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Walmart are my go to places for paint night supplies. Michaels usually has sales on their art supplies around holidays. Hobby Lobby has that 40% off coupon that everyone adores. 

And, since canvas painting is such a popular hobby right now, you can even get paints, brushes and canvases all at Walmart!

Pick up a cheap bottle of wine, have some fun appetizers and you’re good to go! 

Did I mention you can get free tutorials online? That means you’ll only be paying for the supplies! 

paint supplies for couples paint night at home date

How To Set Up Your At Home Painting Date Night: Materials You’ll Need

You’ll need the basics: canvases, brushes, paints and easels. I often get asked exactly what to buy because sometimes when you go to a craft store and stare at the art aisle, it’s absolutely overwhelming! 


Canvases can be bought at just about any craft store and even Walmart! 

The standard paint studio canvas size is 16” x 20”. However, for painting at home I find the 11” x 14” to be a much easier size to work with. 

I prefer “stretched canvases”, the ones where you get to paint the sides. Also, these canvases are primed and ready to go so you don’t need to add primer or anything to them. 

set of canvases


You can get acrylic paint brushes for fairly cheap and often they come in bundle packs.  

Look for a pack that says synthetic or made for acrylics. A lot of times the pack will say they are made for other mediums such as watercolors and oils. Those are fine as long as you see “acrylic” or “all media” somewhere on the labeling.   

You’ll most likely be using different shape brushes. I recommend either looking at your tutorial to find out exactly what size brushes you’ll need or getting a bundle pack with a nice variety. 

paint brushes in jar


The type of paint used for paint night is “acrylic”. It’s water based paint that dries like plastic. It will stain clothes but easily comes off of your hands. 

This kind of paint has a wide range of price points ranging from craft paint to professional artist paint. 

Since we are talking about doing this on a budget, Craft Paints are a popular economical choice for DIY Paint Nights. I find them very friendly for the beginner painter because they flow nicely and come in a wide range of colors.

paints set up for couples painting idea

If you want to use artist paint but you’re still on a budget, you can try the Artist Loft Brand at Michael’s which is a great beginner paint and easy on the budget. 


I always tell my readers that Hobby Lobby has the best paint party easels. I love their little beechwood table top easels and you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg for them. 

You can also paint flat on the table without an easel. Set up a table cloth to catch the paint drippings so you won’t have to worry about getting paint on the table. 

canvas on ease with wine glass

Anything else?

You’ll need palettes and water cups. I use paper plates to pour my paint onto. For water, I use a glass jar or old Tupperware. 

How do we do the painting?

There are so many free online painting tutorials and videos on YouTube. 

Or you can check out my blog Step By Step Painting which has tons of free tutorials in a blog & video format. I now have over 100 painting lessons to choose from.

Simply go to the website on your phone, tablet or computer and select which painting you want to do. Each tutorial has a materials list, complete step by step photo directions and a video to guide you along! 

The best thing about this is you can go at your own pace! 

painting tutorial of how to paint a love truck with paints and canvas

Deciding What To Paint

As for what to paint, that is up to you and your partner! 

I have a few “couples paintings” where the design is intended to be joined together like this sweet tropical sunset painting.

two canvas make one photo with sun set and beach

But you don’t have to do couples paintings. You can do something that has a special meaning to you and your significant other. 

painting of three hearts on a string

You can even turn a painting into a couples painting by dividing it in half. 

Speaking of turning paintings into something, a lot of my followers love getting creative and doing their own twist on paintings! There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing the design, colors and elements and it adds a whole new fun element to your personal paint party! 

canvas of hot air balloons painting

Easy Landscape Couples Painting 

Here is an example of a couples painting I recently designed and it’s perfect for a paint date! 

completed paintings of moon, lake and trees for a step by step tutorial for couples paint night at home

It is a super easy landscape painting with a moon, trees and turquoise water. You can paint stars in the sky with constellations forming a heart. 

The best thing about this painting is that it can be done with budget friendly materials!

Here are materials you’ll need…

  • Two 11 x 14 canvases  
  • Acrylic Craft Paints (Apple Barrel Craft Paints are great for budget friendly paint nights)
  • Painters Tape (not required but it helps with this painting)
  • Paint brushes (only two different sizes needed) 
    • 3/4” Flat Wash Brush 
    • 4 Round Brush 

Here is a quick preview of the steps. You can see a full tutorial here! 

First you will be doing your painting the same way. The steps for the sky & water are very easy and simply require you to paint straight across the canvas and then blend colors downwards. 

canvas with blue tape

Then you will put your paintings together and sync your moon, trees and water reflection!

hand painting moon on canvas
couples paint and sip date night canvases
couples painting step by step tutorial
Couples painting of moon, lake, and trees

Trust me, you CAN do this one step at a time! I will guide you through it. 

That’s it!

There is so much novelty in doing a paint date night! I highly recommend it for all couples no matter your level of artistic skills. 

You get to have a beautiful piece of art hanging in your “nest” as a memoir of your paint date. Enjoy painting those happy trees together! 

Hand painting a couples painting canvas for at home date night

Now that you know how to set up your own Couple’s Paint Date Night At Home, we’re sure you’re going to want to make this a regular thing! Be sure to check out all of Tracie’s paint tutorials and make this a night to remember.

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