12 Months of Dates

This year, on our first Christmas of being married, B and I decided to start doing experience dates for Christmas instead of physical gifts. So this year, I’m doing 12 Months of Dates!

Every year, it’s so hard for me to come up with stuff I want, since we’ve started living more of a minimalist life. With us picking up and moving from California to Texas just a month ago, we ended up selling all of our furniture, and lots of our other stuff and only packed what we could fit in the jeep and the boat.

Winter Date Ideas

Looking for great Winter Date Ideas, but you want to stay indoors? We’ve got you covered! Need some Winter Date Night inspiration? We have some fun date ideas all ready to go. Don’t let the cold keep you locked up inside and bored out of your mind. Here are some fun winter dates you can enjoy with your sweetie!

Best First Date Ideas that are Fun, Creative, Cute, and Casual

First Dates can have you feeling all of the emotions. You’re excited, anxious, nervous, happy, and scared all at the same time…the unknown can be torturous, but the excitement that this might be your person makes you happy to go. 

But then all the questions start coming. “I need first date ideas! Where should we go? What should we do? What are we going to talk about? Oh no, what if he doesn’t like me? What if I embarrass myself?!”

We’ve all been there and have felt all the feelings. First dates can actually be really fun, and they can be as casual or as adventurous as you feel comfortable.  We have some of the Best First Date Ideas that are Fun, Creative, Cute, and Casual for you to choose which is best for you!

Why Amazon Alexa is the Best Third Wheel for Date Nights

Did you know Amazon’s Alexa can be a great addition to Date Night? And not just for playing music.

Alexa can be your own personal assistant helping you plan and execute date night without the worry of having an assistant in your home doing your date night. 

And, it’s all free! Here are 6 ways Amazon Alexa can help add to your date nights:

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Fun Hobbies for Couples: Couples Hobby Ideas to Enjoy Together

Looking for great Ideas for Fun Hobbies for Couples? Being in a new relationship is fun and exciting. You’re learning about each other, going on new dates and experiencing new things as a couple.

But what about when you’ve been together for a couple years? Sure it’s still exciting and you probably have found some things you both love together and separate.

101 Date Night Ideas To Try In 2024 (That Aren’t Dinner & A Movie)

These Date Night Ideas will have your creative juices flowing. Check off each date below and create the Ultimate Date Night Idea List to conquer. Break out of the monotony of the dinner and movie date. Try out something new and creative from this list. We have more than 100 romantic date night ideas.

Spring Date Ideas

Spring is finally here!! And we are bringing you some fun Spring Date Ideas.
After a long and cold winter season, it’s important that you get out to enjoy some date nights or days with your significant other or spouse. After all, it’s a great way to get some fresh air and sunshine together and enjoy some happiness after being cooped up for a long winter season. It doesn’t matter what type of couple you are, each of these spring date ideas will give you a way to enjoy each other’s’ company no matter what your style or idea of date night is. Make a list and check each one off before spring is over! Is the weather not quite warm, and it still feels like winter? Check out our Winter Date Ideas!

Couples Game Night-Fun Games for Couples to Play at Home

Couples Game Night always makes the best Date Night, and it helps save money too! When you’re strapped for cash and don’t have the money to go out for date night, staying in and having a fun and competitive game night, with couple games to play at home, is always a good idea.  B and I have just started to get back into Game Nights, and I forgot how much fun we always have. So, if you’re looking for a fun date at home, here are some of our favorite games for date night.

A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Fun

Why does it always seem that Prince Charming turns back into a frog right around Valentine’s Day? Whatever. He had issues anyway. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a total bust though. This year, why not get the girls together for a girls’ night in? Even if you’re not single, a girls’ night around Valentine’s Day can be so much fun.

Fall Bucket List for Couples

Fall can be such a romantic time of year.  The leaves are changing, its time to get cozy with some apple cider and a comfy blanket, and there are some really great date activities you can do.  Here are some of my favorite.