Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

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In need of things to talk about with your boyfriend?

When you’re spending long hours with your boyfriend after school or work, it can sometimes be hard to find things to talk about.

At some points it may seem like you’ve already talked about everything – which can lead to awkward silences. (You’ll never have those with these couples question games.)

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And while some silence in a relationship is okay, conversation is important too.

Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

So what should you and your boyfriend talk about? Here are some topics that we think every couple should discuss regularly:

The Daily Grind

At the end of a long day, most of us could use someone to vent our stresses and frustrations to.

Your boyfriend is the perfect person to do that with.

What was good about your day? What was stressful about your day? Is there anything that you need to work on tonight for the next day?

Maybe your boyfriend can help you come up with some solutions for a problem you are facing at work or school. 

As a couple, you should talk about everything.

Let him come home and tell you about his day, and you do the same. This will help you to release anxiety that can build up over the day, allowing you to enjoy the night together without the stresses of the day weighing heavily on your mind. 

Our Family

Whether you have a positive relationship with your family or a strained one, it’s important to let your boyfriend know what your family life is like.

After all, if you are to stay together for a long time, he will likely become a part of that family.

Let him know what he’s getting himself into.

What is your relationship with your parents like? What was your childhood like? What do you admire about your family? What would you change? Do you have brothers and sisters? What about extended family? 

You and your boyfriend should each know about each other’s families before you actually meet them.

This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. After all, they say when you date someone that you’re dating their family too – so let’s talk about what that looks like. 

Your Past

No one should ever be binded to their past but it’s important that you share your past with your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend is someone that you should be able to confide in and who will accept you for anything – good or bad. 

We all have things that we are proud of and things that we aren’t so proud of in our past but it’s important to be honest and upfront.

If your boyfriend finds out that you’re lying to him about the past, it can break trust and stain your relationship.

So just be honest. 

There’s lots of things you can talk about regarding your past.

Your upbringing. Your childhood. Your school life. Your friends. And of course, your relationship history.

Again, being upfront and honest about your past is the best method moving forward.

If your boyfriend doesn’t accept you for something, he wasn’t the right one for you anyways.

Your Professional Life

Whether you’re in school or working, it’s important to talk to your boyfriend about your professional life.

If you’re still in school, you can talk about things like what subjects you are taking and where you hope they will lead you.

What kind of career path are you looking to take in the future? 

If you’re currently working, it’s important to talk about that too.

Where do you work? What’s your relationship with your boss like? Are you happy at your job? Is this your forever career? How would you like to advance your career in the future?

Your boyfriend can not only be there to listen, but can also be there to help you move towards your future career goals.

Your Future

It’s important to talk about your future career, but there’s lots of other things that you can talk about in your future too.

More specifically, if you were to have a long term relationship, what does that look like? 

Do you plan on moving in together? When would you like that to happen? Where would you want to live? Do you want to get married? Do you want to have children? How many would you like to have? What age would you like to have them?

It’s very important that you and your boyfriend take the time to talk about your future together.

This is how you see if your goals align. You may find that they don’t.

For example, maybe you want children and he doesn’t.

For some people, that could be a dealbreaker. In such a case, it’s better to know this information early on in the relationship so you can save yourself from major heartbreak down the line. 

Your Relationship

Every now and again, it’s important that you do a relationship check-in.

How is your relationship doing? Are you both happy in your relationship? Is there anything that’s been weighing on your mind? Is there anything that you would like to change about the relationship?

Is anyone having any insecurities or doubts? What do you love about the relationship? Do you spend enough time together? How can you make more time for one another?

Basically, this is just a time to make sure that your relationship is on track and how you can work to make it stronger.

Checking in on your partner’s feelings is important and helps to prevent any built-up resentment.

Make sure that you are open enough to hear your boyfriend’s critiques and feelings without becoming defensive – and then use them to advance your relationship in a positive direction.

Your Intimate Life

If there’s anyone that you should feel comfortable talking about sex with, it’s your boyfriend. Whether you have reached that stage of your relationship or not, it’s important that you talk about it.

Before you ever have sex with your boyfriend you should know about each other’s sexual histories.

You should also make it a point to talk about STDs, safe sex, and your comfort level.

If you are saving yourself for marriage, that’s great! But make sure your boyfriend knows that.

If you are having sex, you can have a check-in on this topic too.

Are you both happy with your sex life? What would you like to see change? Is there anything your boyfriend can do to turn you on? And visa versa? Are there any fantasies you’d like to fulfill together?

In order to be 100% fulfilled in your relationship, it’s important that you are comfortable talking to your boyfriend about sex. Be open with each other – trust us, he’ll thank you!

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More Topics To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

  1. Hobbies and interests you both share
  2. Travel plans and dream destinations
  3. Your favorite movies or TV shows
  4. Current events or news stories that interest you both
  5. Music preferences and favorite bands or artists
  6. Childhood memories and experiences
  7. Your favorite books or authors
  8. Future goals and aspirations
  9. Family history and traditions
  10. Your favorite foods and cuisines
  11. Personal strengths and weaknesses
  12. Your views on different philosophical or ethical topics
  13. Memories from your relationship so far
  14. Your favorite sports and teams
  15. Childhood dreams and aspirations
  16. Your favorite places to visit in your hometown or city
  17. Your thoughts on different social or political issues
  18. Work or career goals and aspirations
  19. Your favorite games or activities to play together
  20. Different forms of art you appreciate (e.g., painting, music, sculpture)
  21. Your favorite memories with each other
  22. Personal development and self-improvement goals
  23. Different exercise routines or fitness goals
  24. Your favorite things to do on weekends or days off
  25. How you both relax and unwind after a long day
  26. Different relationship goals and expectations
  27. Travel experiences you’ve both had in the past
  28. The role that spirituality or religion plays in your life
  29. Different cultural experiences or traditions that you appreciate
  30. Your thoughts on different forms of entertainment (e.g., movies, TV, books, music).


Communication is key to any successful relationship and your boyfriend should be someone that you can be open and honest with about every aspect of your life.

Open the lines for communication between the two of you and you will see your relationship flourish. 

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